What I Do At Night

Summary: Short drabble about Lily Luna Potter and how she deals with her families fame. One shot.

Pairings: Canon.

Warnings: Hints of Squib Hugo.

Disclaimer: Yes, I own Harry Potter. This is why Fred isn't actually dead. * sarcasm *

Characters: Lily Luna Potter

Most girls my age are probably asleep right now, or shopping, or straightening their hair. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one doing this.

I would blame my brothers, but that's harsh. Their over protectiveness is a factor, though. Added to my inability to go anywhere without being photographed by the wizard paparazzi, or having to dodge the odd 'advada kedavra' from a rogue follower of 'You-Know-Who.

This all means that I come to do this at half three in the morning.

Sitting on a dark avenue near my road, against the wall of an old building. Because I need to clear my head, don't I?

I've done this every night since I was eight, when I first found myself on the receiving end of a hex. I couldn't get to sleep, so instead of waking mum, dad, James or Albus, I went for a walk.

'Fresh air does wonders to your system' Uncle Charlie was always saying, so I took him at his word. And it was true.

Then first time I slept out, I was ten. Albus had left for Hogwarts, and so had Rose. I felt more alone than ever, although I suppose there was Hugo. New never really counted him.

I found myself in my usual spot, my arms wrapped around me, and a giant bar of chocolate for comfort. I ate the lot, and then fell fast asleep. Although not from crying. The daughter of Harry Potter does not cry.

At Hogwarts, it was harder to sneak out. James had dads invisibility cloak, and Albus had the map. Most of the time it took a large, open window in the girls bathroom, my broomstick and a very powerful invisibility spell to get outside.

I hadn't done it for ages now. Slept outside, I mean. It wasn't done for a sixteen nearly seventeen year old girl to sleep outside.

But tomorrow I was going back to Hogwarts. Tomorrow I was entering my final year of education. Tomorrow was going to be my first time in Hogwarts without either my brothers or cousin. Tomorrow seemed a very frightening day.

Tonight, however, tomorrow seemed a long time away.

Tonight was a full moon. Dad had told me stories about Uncle Remus, a werewolf who would have been transforming tonight. He was Teddy's dad, and I knew he missed him.

But I wasn't scared of werewolves.

The night seemed to have its own magic, and I was breathing it in, freeing myself from all the fear and angst building up inside me. With every breath, new strength flowed through my veins, new magic surged through me. I was no longer scared of tomorrow.

And with that thought, I looked up and spotted a lone star in the sky. It twinkled at me knowingly. Looking closer, I could see it was more than one star, and I knew every one of those stars names.

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Tonks, Fred, Albus... The family I had never met. I knew that they were watching over me, full of pride. I had a lot to live up to, as the expectation of the youngest witch in the family, something Hugo could never reach.

I looked up at my lucky stars. I wasn't just Harry Potter's daughter, I was Lily Luna Potter, new-age marauder, keeper of secrets and a person in my own right.

'Mischief managed,' I smiled.

This wasn't what normal girls do at night. Mind you, I wasn't exactly a normal girl.

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