Title: And So Are You
By: Liz
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I own nothing including the characters or the song used.
Note: Out of absolutely nowhere (seriously, I haven't heard this song in years), this song started running through my head over the weekend and it wouldn't leave me alone until I put this tiny little idea down on paper. It's my first attempt at Haven fic so I hope it's not too off or ooc. I am actually working on two proper Haven stories but for the moment, I hope you all enjoy this little N/A moment.

Audrey Parker looked from the pile of paperwork in front of her to the beautiful, clear day outside her office window and then back at the paperwork, letting out a heavy sigh. Work had been so busy lately that she had neglected all of the forms that needed to be filed and filled out and now she was facing a pile several weeks in the making. For a moment, she found herself wishing the phone would ring with news of some new trouble, just so she could get out of the office and enjoy the unseasonably mild weather.

Nathan Wournos re-entered their shared office, a coffee cup in each hand, to find his partner once again staring longingly out the window. "You were always the kid that tried to get the teacher to have class outside, weren't you? Thought you might need this," he added as he placed one of the mugs on her desk.

"Caffeine. Thank you," she said gratefully, taking a moment to inhale the rich aroma of the coffee in front of her. She perked up slightly as the rest of Nathan's words penetrated her fog of boredom. "And that's a great idea. We should totally do this outside."

"These things aren't exactly portable," Nathan reminded her as he patted the screen of the ancient desktop computer on her desk. "And it's a bit windy out there for papers," he added reasonably.

Audrey grumbled something under her breath about dinosaur computers and damn logical partners and Nathan smiled to himself as he moved back to his own desk.
A few minutes later, Audrey was struggling to pay attention to the incident report in front of her when she heard quiet humming coming from her partner's desk. She listened silently for a few seconds before she could no longer control her curiosity. "What are you singing?"

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "I'm not singing," he told her seriously. "I'm humming."

Audrey rolled her eyes. "Fine, what are you humming? I can't place it."

Her partner smirked at her slightly. "I'm sure you know it, Parker. It's a classic."

The humming increased in volume and as she listened, Audrey was suddenly struck by a memory. She was 13 again, listening to the Beatles' White Album over and over again with her foster sister, Beth, itching to skip over Back in the USSR to get to the second song. Hersong.

Nathan's voice brought her back to the present as he sang softly.

"The sun is up
The sky is blue
It's beautiful
And so are you.
Dear Prudence…"

She looked over at Nathan, her cheeks coloring slightly as he winked at her. "NowI'm singing."

She returned her focus to the paperwork in front of her but she couldn't help smiling to herself. Maybe it wasn't such a bad name after all.