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Alek came in.

"Good morning beautiful ladies." He said walking towards me.

"Why thank you Alek. Good morning to you to." My mom said smiling.

She walked over to me and whispered, "He's a keeper!"

Alek Chuckled. "Ready?"

I grabbed his hand and we walked to school.

Today was it's normal hilarious self. Jasmine and Jeremy seeming like they were dating, Amy awhing every time Alek kissed me, me laughing when Blake tried to flirt with me and Alek snapping at him. But I kept wondering why Brian wanted to see me was in the back of my head.

Alek walked me home and we stood in front of the stairs.

"Hey today, you have fun with your friends. You don't have to watch me. Tell Jas and Jeremy that they don't have to watch my mom and just go on a date." I said looking into his gorgeous brown eyes.


"Alek, I'll be fine. All the Order in San Fran was killed, except for Brian's dad but I'm sure he's in hiding." I Laughed.

"Are you sure?" Alek asked with a sad face.

I sighed. "Yes, go have fun with your boys."

"Alright, I'll be here at 10 for training." Alek said leaning in for a kiss.

After a few glorious minutes of kissing him, Alek whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too."

And he walked off.

I went inside. "Hey Mom, I'm home!"

No response.


I walked into the kitchen and saw a note.

'Chloe, working late. I'll be home at 8. -Love Mom.'


I called Amy and we hung out for a few hours. She had a dinner date with Paul at 6 so she left a little early. Perfect. I didn't want anyone to know that Brian was coming over.

I messed around with my hair until i heard the doorbell.

"Hey." I smiled letting him in.

"Hey! I can't stay too long. My dad doesn't know I'm here."

We sat down.

"Look, Chloe I just wanted to say I'm sorry for how I've been. Just everything." He said looking down.

"Well apology accepted." I smiled.

"And I'm fully fine with you liking Alek. And dating him if you want."

"I am! I have been for a little while now."I smiled a huge smile. I couldn't help it.

"Oh... That's cool." Brian didn't look too happy, "I'm just moving on form you, but I still want to have some sort of relationship, as in friends."

"That's what I've always wanted." I smiled.

Brian sighed.

"I guess it'll be easier to over you now. My dad all of a sudden wants to move."

I wasn't surprised. Who wouldn't move if their whole order team was killed.

"Awh. Where to?" I asked

"He's wanting to move to Michigan."

"Ooh, Far away from here." I said.

"Yeah I know. I don't know why. I'll just settle down into a University there. I've always been a MSU fan."

I nodded.

"Well I better get going, before my dad notices I'm gone."

We stood up.

"Brian, Thank you. I really appreciate this." I said.

"Why, your welcome." Brian smiled.

I walked over to give him a hug, but pulled away fast because he was making it a little more friendly.

"Uh... That's not gonna work." I said pushing him off.

"Right. Sorry. Hey can I come back 1 more time to see you before I leave?" He asked.

"Sure." I smiled.

He smiled back, "I'll call you then."

"Bye." I shut the door.

Well that went better than I thought.

Now, I couldn't wait for training. I really wish I hadn't told Alek to hang with his friends. I miss him. Even though I spend Everyday with him. Ehh, who cares I'm going over. It's only 6:30/


"Hello? Alek?" I said walking in.

"Hey Chloe!" Emily said from the couch. She got up and gave me a hug.

"I'm sorry for just coming on in."

"OH! No that's fine." She smiled.

"Is Alek here?" I asked.

"No, he's out with his friends, basketball."

I looked down. Damn!

"Where is everyone?"

"Trevor took them all out for dinner. Come sit down." She said. We sat down on the couch. I saw a book laying open in the spot she sat before I came in.

"Oh, what were you reading?"

Emily laughed. "A parenting book on teen relationships."

"Oh." I said.

"Yeah, with more teens now I have to take care of I figured, might as well."

There was silence.

"Alek really loves you, ya know."She said breaking the silence.

I smiled. "I love him too."

"I can tell, both of you seem like it, you can just tell by the way you look at each other. Just do me a favor and your mom a favor. Be safe or make sure you always have protection when you get sexually active."

Well, this just got awkard. Is she giving me a sex talk?

"Don't worry. I believe in waiting until marriage, because people fall in and out of love, and I'd only wanna do that with someone I know i will be with forever." I said.

"No one ever told you did they? I first met Trevor when I was around your age. We fell in love and have been ever since. When Mai fall in love they never fall "out" of love with that person. So, basically It's like being married."

My face lit up. Alek was mine forever3

My heart fluttered. I was always worried one day Alek n' I would be over, now I never have to worry.

Emily later on explained about Baset's markings. Baset made it so when we fall in love with a Mai we are with them forever. Mai also place markings on other Mai. When a Male scracthes a mark on a females hip, it's like getting engaged in human terms and if the Mai that put his mark on the other Mai doesn't bite the scratch in 3 years then the scratch fades away, which is like calling the engagement off. If they bite it they are together forever.

Emily and I talked for a little over an hour about Mai. I went home at 8 extremely happy. I really bonded with Emily.

On my way home I started thinking about Alek. We were basically together forever. I love him way too much.

My phone vibarted. Alek. Speak of the devil.

'I miss you.' -Alek

I missed him even though we were together almost all day. I replied back.

'I miss you too3 but stop thinking bout me and enjoy some freedom with the guys!' -Chloe

Sometimes I wish Alek was his sweet, caring, thoughtful self all the time. But I'd miss his cockieness too much.

My phone vibrated again.

'To hard not to think about you. It's just not the same with the guys anymore. I want you where are you?'- Alek

I made it home and layed on the couch.

'Just got home Mom should be here any min. OH gtg i just heard her love you' -Chloe

'Love you more!' - Alek

I smiled.

"Chloe?" I heard the door shut.

"On the couch!"

"Hey, sorry I came home late. Ooh talking to Alek?"

"Hah! You caught me!" I laughed.

"Chloe, we need to talk." She sat. This can't be good.

"Chloe, I realize you and Alek are rather close, just please, use protection, be-"

"Oh, mom! Come on I really don't want to have another sex talk tonight! Just if we do, UGH please change the subject!"

I CANNOT have two sex talks in one night.

"I'm sorry Chloe. I just want you to be safe. I bought you these just in case." She reached in her purse and pulled a box of... how am I not suprised, condoms, an flung them at me.

"Okay, I think I'm going to bed for the night.'' I said starting to dart upstairs.

Shutting the door behind me I layed on my bed and read the condom box. Ugh, disturbing.

I pulled out my phone and called Jasmine.

"Chloe! Is everything okay!" Jas answered.

"Haha yes, I'm just calling to talk."

"Oh." She replied.

"So, you and Jeremy?"

"Well, I don't know where it's going, but I really like him." I could here excitement in her voice.

"I can tell you do. Using my mom as an exuse, to be alone together. Saying your protecting her." I laughed.

"Hah, well yeah it's the only way we can be toghether. I haven't seen him in SO long. He told me he likes me!"

"OH! a little kissing?"

"Hahy yes."

"You too are officially dating."

"Like you and wittle Alek." She teased.

We talked a long time. Mainly about her and Jeremy and then me and Alek. She told me how ALek always flips out at Blake for flirting with me when im not there.

"Well, I gotta get ready for training. See yah in a few." I said getting off the bed.

"Training? We weren't training tonight."

"Well Alek said-"

"AWWHH! Alek's training you by himself! He didn't tell me anything." She chuckled.

"Hah okay See ya later then."

I hung up. Alek of course I should have known he would do something like this.

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