Hi. Just a quick one-shot. Dean copes in his own way to Sam's demon blood fetish. Reviews would be appreciated. Thanks, I hope you enjoy!

He staggers into the motel room; a perma grin plastered across his face. Plastered, yeah, you could say that. Alcohol. It's awesome. If not for that delicious liquid, he's pretty sure he wouldn't be able to look his brother in the eye at all these days. It's much easier when his own aren't functioning at their peak potential.

It doesn't matter anyways, he already knows he is alone; that his brother hasn't returned from his rendezvous with the demon skank. So, he'll just collapse on the bed and have his usual, alcohol induced pass out session like he has every other night for who knows how long.

That's just the way he needs to roll these days; the only way he can deal with his brother's need to frequent that damn demon blood bank. No reason to be sober and deal with all that pesky thinking about things stuff when it's so easy to drink it all away into oblivion. Hell, he thinks he may just keep on doing this; see how long it takes until his brother notices that he's been living almost exclusively on a liquid diet. Yeah, it'll be his very own experiment.

Only… huh, well ain't this a surprise? So much for bypassing awkward moment number seventy seven. And that isn't actual disgust he sees in those eyes that bore into him is it? He figures it can't be cuz that would be something like calling the kettle black. That's the saying right? Ah hell, who knows and who fricken cares. This conversation is NOT going to happen when he is pissed to the gills; and little brother over there is high on Hell's version of crack. Nope. Na-da. No way.

"Dean, what the hell man? Better sit down before you fall on your drunk out of your mind ass."

He can't quite formulate a response to that, so instead answers with a customary grunt, hoping that will get his point across loud and clear. He passes by 'contradiction man' on his way to the can and can't help but bristle when his brother's hand grabs hold and halts his movement. You have got to be kidding me. He tries to shrug off the gargantuan's hold on him and when that doesn't work, he decides he is not going to just be manhandled by whoever it is that his brother seems to think he is at the moment.

It's instinct really. Once he looks into those.. huh, disappointed...pissed off... eyes of his younger brother, he seethes with rage and laughs out into the stillness of the room.

"Ged..off.. a'me…"

"No. We need to talk."

And that's what it takes for his last moment of resolve and clear thinking to be shattered and fall to the floor in about a million jagged little pieces. Talk? No, Dean Winchester does not wanna talk. He doesn't owe this stupid oaf one damn thing. Talking? Nah. More like Sam needs to grovel, beg for his forgiveness and then maybe he'll get his assed kicked anyways, for putting him through this gigantic pile of horseshit.

He tries it one more time, to get out of the grip that is starting to make his blood boil. The offending arm doesn't budge, but his does. He doesn't think twice about it this time. He throws a sloppier than usual left hook so fast and rage filled that even he is surprised when it hits its mark, dead on. The arm finally dislodges itself from his and his brother's head snaps back with a grunt, followed by an oh so Sammy-esque sigh. Don't tell me you didn't deserve it. You lying, demon loving piece of sanctimonious crap!

"Better? That make you feel better Dean?"

"Y'h…did… " He fights a moment of dizziness and decides to leave the scene to stumble to the bathroom, just managing to lock the door before his brother starts pounding on it from the other side.


The fists stop their assault on the door and he can't help but feel a fresh sting of pain rip through him. This is what it has come to huh? Brother against brother? One addiction against another? Oh well, too late and too hard to think about right now. He nestles in to lean between the tub and the toilet and closes his eyes; wills himself to concentrate on the buzz that seems to be leaving him faster than ever.

As he starts to nod off; to pass out from the gallon of booze he drank during the night, he mutters to himself and maybe to his brother as well.

"Talk 'morrow… tell me why you betrayed me… again… "

The End. Thanks for stopping by! :)