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Angel of Music

The piano was his life.

Whenever he played it, he felt like he was flying, always lost in the graceful melody that flowed from it. He would close his sea green eyes and sway with the music; his pale fingers glided over the keys. They produced a magical sound from the instrument, instantly putting anyone who cared to listen under an enchanting spell. Many adults would listen in awe, wondering how a child at such a young age could play such beautiful songs. It was amazing.

No matter what he played, he played it with a passion that no one knew existed. Whether it was Bach or Chopin, a popular pop tune or a song straight out of his head, he never failed to amaze his siblings. They would walk into the living room and find their little brother on the piano, playing something completely new. They were completely baffled; they never took him to lessons because they couldn't afford it. How had their baby brother learned how to play so quickly and at the age of seven? They never figured it out. Neither Temari nor Kankuro had any musical talent.

Well, little Gaara learned everything by ear. He would listen to something and if he liked it, he would try and play it. He'd play around with the notes before finding the tune, after, he'd add the base. Practiced it a few times and in about a day's time, he had learned a new song.

It was astonishing, yet, there's only so much a boy could do, for he couldn't read or write music. His siblings had already told him several times that he couldn't take lessons.

So he went to the school music teacher for lessons instead.

Uzumaki-sensei was very kind and gentle. She never forced him to do something he didn't want to. She taught him the basics and let him progress at his own pace.

She was very surprised at how quickly he picked up and learned. It surpassed many professional piano players. He had something new to play every time she saw him.

He went to the music room every lunch hour.

Not that she disliked his company. He was very quiet and emitted some sort of aura that told others to go away. He never really talked much, even when being asked questions. She found his company interesting, and very welcome. For every time he came, he had a new song to play for her, it was very enjoyable.

He also sang very well. No, very well couldn't even begin to explain how mind blowing his voice was. When he sang while he played, it mesmerized her.

She had asked why he never wanted to play with the other kids. He had only told her that they didn't like him, because he was weird. She decided not to push any further on the subjected, not wanting to scare him away.

Gaara, on the other hand, also rather liked the teacher's company. All she did was sit at her desk across the room while he played the grand piano. He didn't need to befriend any of the other students for he didn't want to befriend them. He liked how his life was at the moment.

The redhead was heading to his usual destination at noon; the music room. He walked down the hall casually, two kids in his class spotted him. They sent him glares and stuck their tongues out at him. He simply ignored it.

"Look, its Panda-kun, what's he doing here?" he had heard them whisper. He ignored them too.

When he reached the door, he heard something faint; a voice.

That voice was singing.

It was soft, gentle, like a child's voice. Yet, it had a powerful element that could rival almost every adult singer out there. Becoming curious, he looked through the window in the door and spotted someone. He saw a boy standing in the center of the room, facing the risers and away from where the other stood behind the door.

The boy had beautiful golden locks and he looked slightly taller than the pale boy. Was he in the same grade? Gaara has never seen him before, his curiosity only grew. He leaned his ear on the door to listen to what the boy was singing.

The tune rang a bell of familiarity in the boy's head. He opened the door silently and slipped into the room. He stealthily sneaked to the piano bench. He pulled it out and sat down. He readied his fingers and began to play the correct accompaniment to the other's singing. Before long, he was singing the harmony whenever it seemed to fit.

The blonde jumped slightly, since when did someone else walk in? he simply shrugged off the fact, grateful that he had someone else to sing with.

They were completely synchronized. They played and sang as if they were the ones who wrote the song. It felt like they've known each other for the longest time. It was magnificent, extraordinary. The redhead thought it felt so right to play with this other boy he had not even said hi to. He basked in the feeling.

He played the ending chord, hearing the other stop singing, and exhaled. He turned his gaze to the blonde boy, who gave him a foxy grin. He had gleaming sapphire eyes and three marks on each which made him look like he had whiskers.

Before he could react, he heard faint clapping in the direction of the door. He swivelled in the bench and stared bewildered at none other than Uzumaki-sensei. She was smiling like an idiot at the two boys who put on quite an amazing show.

"Wow," she said, "you guys make quite a duo. That was amazing!" The two boys looked away sheepishly, faces flushed light pink. She chuckled, "I have to go back to the office to get some stuff. Why don't you guys introduce yourselves while I'm gone?" with a wink, she slipped out the door once again.

An awkward silence fell over the two left in the room. Gaara swiftly bent down and picked up his lunch bag from where he dropped it beside the piano bench. He straightened to find the other boy sitting on the riser patting the seat next to him. The redhead proceeded to trot up to the tanned boy and plopped down beside him.

"Did you learn how to play by yourself?" he asked. His voice was slightly scratchy and he spoke loudly. It was nothing like his gentle singing voice. It was intriguing.

He nodded and opened his bag. He took out a bento box and looked at the blonde once more. He was staring back at him with a brilliant smile. He looked away again, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"That's so amazing, and to top it off, you can sing well too!" he exclaimed, moving his arms all over the place. "I'm so jealous."

"Thank you," muttered the pale boy. He looked down at his rice. "But your singing is so much better than mine. I should be the jealous one."

He heard the other giggle, "you really think so?"

He nodded.

Another giggle, "well, thanks!" the redhead returned his gaze to the boy beside him. His smile had never left his face; it glowed, radiating right off his skin. "So, what's your name?"

"Gaara," he replied after a short silence.

"Gaara," he repeated, "that's a nice name. My name's Naruto, it's nice to meet you!" he beamed once more.

"You too," the redhead murmured in reply while returning his attention back to his uneaten food. They ate in silence, a comfortable silence. Gaara would have enjoyed the continuation of the quiet room but Naruto had other ideas.

"Ne, Gaara?" he called playfully.

The said boy looked up from his food to find the deep aqua eyes staring intently into his own turquoise ones. They stayed like that for the longest time, mesmerized by the colour of the other's orbs.

Finally getting annoyed at their little staring contest, the redhead's imaginary brows furrowed as he snapped, "what?"

"Mom was right," the blonde smiled as the other stared at him in complete confusion. He continued, "You have really pretty eyes." His smile only grew.

The pale boy's eyes widened in shock, nobody has ever complimented his eyes before. Due to the dark circles and the odd colour, many people thought they were frightening. His fellow classmates called him Panda-kun because of his accursed eyes. They threw twigs and leaves at him, demanding he eat them. So, he had come to hate his eyes, and yet, this boy beside him had just told him they were pretty.

Heat rushed to his cheeks and ears as he turned his attention back to his mostly eaten lunch. "Uzumaki-sensei is your mother?" he asked in hopes of changing the subject.

He nodded, "yup. Mom says a lot of things about you. But now that I've met you, I think I agree with everything she said." Apparently, the blonde boy wasn't going to drop this.

The redhead scowled and hesitantly asked, "What did she say?"

The other boy looks up in thought, before saying, "That you have pretty eyes, fluffy hair, and a cool tattoo on your forehead." He pointed at his new friend's head to emphasize. He continued, "That you sang and played piano very well and..." he suddenly clamped his mouth shut, looking somewhat embarrassed to say the rest.

Again, curiosity seemed to win over as Gaara urged him to finish what he had begun to say. Naruto pursed his lips, cheeks dusted with a very light shade of pink. The pale boy soon became annoyed and demanded the other to continue.

The blonde haired boy seemed to struggle to find the words, but soon gave in and blurted, "You look like an angel when you do."

It would be an understatement if he said that he'd only been taken by surprise at the statement. He was completely flabbergasted. His mouth gaped slightly and his blue-green eyes were wide with bewilderment. He couldn't believe it. So, first this boy told him that his deadly eyes were pretty, and then he goes ahead and tells him he's an angel? His thought process was completely jumbled at that given moment.

Finally coming back to his senses, he glared at the boy his sun kissed skin, hardly aware of the burning heat that rushed to his face. "Do you agree with that too?" he asked in a whisper.

Now it was deep blue eyes that widened. He was surprised that he didn't get made fun of yet. But the slight shock soon passed as he nodded and replied, "Yes, I do. I think you like an angel when you play piano and sing." He looked up in thought once again. After a short while, he added, "You're like an angel of music." He beamed, looking particularly proud of his choice of vocabulary.

"An angel of music…" he repeated, unable to process the overwhelming compliment he was just given. Minutes later, he decided to give up on why and accepted it with a small smile of his own. "Thank you."

Naruto blinked for a minute, seemingly dazed by something. Gaara furrowed his non-existing brows before getting the other's attention once more. "Naruto, what are you thinking?"

The said boy only gave a foxy grin and said, "I really like it when you smile, you should do it more often."

The redhead's eyes widened the hundredth time today before he looked at his empty bento box, face flushed. "Whatever," he grumbled.

Meanwhile, by the door to the room, looking through the window was the music teacher, Kushina Uzumaki. She was grinning like an idiot at the cute scene that the two nine-year-old boys had just put on. She had this small feeling in her gut, that this was the start of a friendship that would last more than a lifetime. She smiled to herself at her cliché thought but the feeling stayed even as she entered the room.

The angel of music will no longer be alone.


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