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The first thing to break the shocked silence was the obnoxious laughing of the sandy blonde bride that sat in the front row. Everyone blinked in surprise and stared; if anyone, she should be the most upset. Her laughter filled the chapel until she finally calmed down, gulping air desperately.

"Oh Kami, your reaction was priceless!" she exclaimed through her heavy breathing. She giggled a few more times before repeating, "PRICELESS!"

Gaara managed to shake himself out of his stupor as he asked warily, "Nee-san, did you know about this?"

"Are you kidding?" she cackled, "I'm the one who set it up! If I didn't know, I woulda kicked his ass by now!"

He thought for a moment, before seeing that she had a point. But still, this was pretty extreme, to spoil her wedding like this…

"I know what you're thinking," she warned, "and it didn't spoil my wedding. This was supposed to be a performance dedicated to me, correct? Well, I was thoroughly entertained!" she smirked, "I know how much you missed him these past years, so I got him to come." She nodded at the whiskered teen that stood beside him.

"You're the only one who didn't know, not including the audience," Kankuro piped up with a cheeky grin on his face. "Even Nara here knew about it," he pointed at the smirking groom.

Completely baffled, he stared at his row of family members, then back to his blonde friend. "Is it true?" he asked curiously.

Naruto nodded in affirmative as he beamed at his friend. "I didn't believe she was gonna pull this off either when she told me," he laughed light heartedly, "your sister's crazy!"

"I'm not crazy," she remarked in mock hurt, "I did it for the reactions." Abruptly, she stood and faced the large crowd of bewildered citizens and yelled, "There are tables set up in the courtyard; I'd like everyone to make their way there in an orderly fashion. The food will be served shortly." With that, she herself walked out the church doors with her husband in tow.

"So she did this more for herself than anything," the redhead muttered under his breath before letting out a long, drawn out sigh. The crowd slowly got up one by one and exited the church as instructed.

The taller teen beside him chuckled before ruffling his hair, "that's just how she's always been."

"I guess," he muttered.

They now stood alone in the church in a comfortable silence. After a few moments, Naruto sat down on the riser with an amused sigh, gesturing for the redhead to sit next to him. He eyed the spot hesitantly for a moment before taking the seat next to his friend.

"So, Gaara," he piped up, causing the other to turn at the sound of his name. "How've you been without me?"

He shrugged, "It's been alright. I've made a bunch of friends at SAFABS, became famous and well known, playing multiple gigs. Even with that said, it's not all that great."

The whiskered teen grinned and replied, "It is so! I mean, I've seen you on TV so much this year!"

He shrugged again, "What about you?" he asked, changing the direction of the conversation. "What have you been up to?"

"Well, I got into a fine arts school, but it isn't fancy like SAFABS. And it isn't a boarding school either. But I like it there. I've gotten a few requests to play or sing at weddings and stuff. I also got invited to play in the symphony…"

"Wait," the paler boy interrupted, surprised. "You're performing in the symphony?"

The tanned teen nodded, "Apparently, I get to travel around the world without having to pay for any of the transportation and living costs. It's pretty cool."

"When are you going?"

"In a few weeks."

"Have you practiced any of the music?"

He snickered, "Are you kidding? No way! The music looks a little boring for my section, plus, I'm too much of a newbie to get any harder and cooler parts! This other guy is playing this really awesome solo, and damn, I'm so jealous!"

"You do realize that if you don't practice, you'll get kicked off."

"Nah, they won't kick me out."

"Don't sound so sure."

"They won't! I'm needed to play some of the more difficult stuff, because the other players are terrible. I'm the support and leader!"

"Keep telling yourself that," Gaara chuckled, thoroughly amused by the mock insult that swept across his companion's face.

"Rude!" he called, but ended up laughing along anyway.

There was a short pause in the conversation, and for once, the redhead broke it with the curious question, "How long are you staying?"

"Probably no more than a week," the blonde responded immediately. "I'll be staying at your house in the spare room."

"Oh," how had he not known about this?

"Yup," he chirped.

The silence overcame them once more as they sat quietly, side by side. The paler boy sighed into it, completely satisfied with just having his friend sit beside him.

Suddenly, the other teen pulled him into a tight bear hug.

He blinked in surprise as he stayed still, too shocked by the abrupt movement to react. In a low, quiet voice, the tanned boy murmured, "I missed you, my angel."

He felt his heart swell up slightly at the old nickname that the other gave him many years ago. How long has it been since he'd heard it? He didn't bother trying to figure it out as he hugged him back lightly, muttering, "I missed you too."

The clinking of the rings that sat on his fingers caught the other's attention as he let go of him and questioned, "Are those the rings I gave you?"

He nodded, "Every single one of them."

"I can't believe you're wearing them all," he chuckled lightly as he reached into his shirt and pulled out a small glass vial full of sparkling white sand. Attached to the lid of the vial was a piece of string that created a make-shift necklace. He held it in between his index finger and thumb while shaking it lightly. "Do you remember this?" he asked with a small smile.

Turquoise eyes widened as he caught sight of it. He couldn't believe that his friend had kept that little container of sand for all these years.

Naruto chuckled, "I'll take that as a yes. I couldn't leave anywhere without it, it such a beautiful colour. And you gave it to me, that makes it extra special!"

He felt his cheeks heat up slightly at this small statement as he looked down at his shoes sheepishly. "I see," he grumbled.

"You're cute when you blush!" the blonde commented cheerfully.

His cheeks burned even hotter as he growled, "Shut up."

He laughed in a light hearted manner before grabbing the redhead's pale hand and dragging him up from his seat. "Come on, if we don't hurry, all the food will be gone!"

He quickly snapped into a slight jog, with his friend in tow. Soon enough, the tanned boy was half running with Gaara stumbling along behind him.

The same way they ran around town so many years back.

Hands entwined, fingers interlaced:

An angel and his protector.


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