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Title: Surviving After All

Summary: Post book. Johnny and Dally didn't survive. Just because they are dead doesn't mean they aren't here anymore.


I shifted against the fence. Looking into the living room window, I wasn't surprised by what I saw. Pony was sharing the couch with Two-Bit, he was lost in a book while Two-Bit was lost in Mickey Mouse. Darry was reading the paper in his chair, not quite ready to start making food. Steve and Soda were laying on the floor on their stomachs, playing poker.

"Seems like the only thing that's missing is us." I turned to Dally, and smiled at him.

"You know that's exactly what's missing." I snapped.

"You've gotten mouthier since you died." He grumbled at me, "And less skittish."

I smiled, "Guess the fear is no longer there anymore. I mean since I am dead I don't have to worry about the pain or if my parents are going to kill me or not."

He smiled back, a real genuine smile. "Yeah, I know. Feels good not to have to worry about your safety. Though I kind of worry about them to be honest."

I grimaced slightly, "Why? They take good care of themselves. They aren't going to forget us but they also aren't going to stop living because we did."

Dally smirked, and then pulled me into his arms, and kissed the top of my head. "Yeah, you're right about all that, Johnnycake, but they are just sort of surviving. They need to really live, Pony used to. You know that better than I do, he used to enjoy life, like watching the sunsets and stars and crap."

I smiled, and turned in his arms and faced the house again. "Maybe they need a little help living again." He nodded before resting his head on my shoulder.

"Come out, little Pony. Bring your brothers, and there wisecracking friends." I felt Dally's chest vibrate against my back as he spoke and smiled when Pony looked up and the out the window.

Pony's pov

I glanced up. Everything appeared normal. Darry in his chair, Two-Bit watching Mickey, and Soda and Steve playing poker on the floor. But I could have sworn I heard Dally's voice, telling me to come outside. I looked outside. The sun was almost setting.

"Come on, guys. There's something I want you to see." I said before getting up and going outside. I heard them grumble before following.

"You are lucky it was commercials, Horsey, because it was my favorite episode of Mickey." Two-Bit complained, "So, what do ya wanna show us anyhow?"

"Yeah, this better be good, 'cause I was beating Soda." Steve grumbled.

I shot him a glare, before turning back to the sun and pointing. "Watch."

I felt Darry put his hand on my shoulder and watched. The sky turned orange and the sun was gold as it sank. The horizon was pink which somehow managed to fade into green which turned to purple. The neighborhood was dusted with shadows and tinted in gold. The sight was breathtaking.

I heard the gang sigh with oohs and awws. I saw a slight flicker of movement at the gate, my eyes focused there. In the last moment of sunset, I saw the two members of our gang that were never going to come back.

Dally had his arms around Johnny. Dally no longer looked dangerous and Johnny no longer looked scared. They looked peaceful and happy. They were watching the sun set as well. They moved towards the sun and slowly disappeared.

I glanced around, the sun had finished it's decent, leaving things looking dark.

"Glory, that was pretty. I wonder what Dally would have thought of that." Soda whispered.

There was a collective gasp from the others, and Soda looked at me fearing I would break down. It wasn't the first time anybody had mentioned them, but considering I had broken down and gone into a vacuum when ever they were mentioned before, the caution was expected.

I smiled, "He and Johnny loved it. They would be glad to know we actually watched it."

They relaxed slightly, Darry's hand on my shoulder tightened. "Ponyboy, they can't have loved it. They didn't see it." He said cautiously.

I turned to him and grinned, "Sunsets are magical Darry. If you know where to look, you can always find the answer you need. Johnny and Dally were here, and they always will be, as long as we remember them."

Darry relaxed and smiled, "I know, little buddy, I know."

As a group we looked back towards where the sun had gone down. It was peaceful, until Two-Bit spoke.

"Aw man we forgot about Mickey!" We laughed and followed him inside.

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