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Chapter 8

We walked away and I heard Darry grumble that his friends wanted him to be happy, therefore they wanted him to ask Les out. I didn't hear her answer, though. Johnny was pulling me out of the Nightly Double too quickly.


I held the gate open for Johnny and our fingers linked as we walked up the path to the house. I know holding the gate open was kind of pointless as we could walk through it, but walking through things felt funny. We had to walk through the door though.

Johnny giggled, the scene was entirely too familiar. Pony finishing homework, while Two-Bit watched Mickey. Soda walked in to the living room and smiled as well. He must have been thinking the same thing. He walked in and plopped on the couch between Pony and Two-Bit.

"Hey, guys what's say we go play football tonight when Steve and Darry get off work?" Soda said happily.

Pony and Two-Bit grinned and agreed. They watched some more Mickey Mouse, laughing at most of the scenes, and laughing so hard they were almost crying at others. Soon, Soda went into the kitchen and the sounds of food being made echoed out into the living room. Steve came in shortly after, looked to the kitchen and smirked, before plopping onto the spot that Soda had recently vacated.

"Hey, Steve. You up for a game of football after dinner?" Pony asked, Steve looked at him funny and then nodded.

"Sure, Kid. That'll be fun." He smiled. They had been getting along slightly better since we made them watch a sunset.

I sighed and stretched as Darry and Soda walked into the living room at the same time, Soda from the kitchen and Darry from outside. Soda smiled and spoke excitedly.

"Damn, I have good timing. Dinner is done everybody, and Darry after dinner we are 'all' going to go play football." Soda said the last part sternly.

Darry chuckled as the gang ran into the kitchen to eat. "Okay, Pepsicola. That's a good idea, now let's eat."

Johnny and I followed and sat at our usual seats. The gang could have gotten rid of them but chose to keep them there in remembrance of us.

Dinner was quite the event. The guys joked and talked, more than they had been. I smiled, at least they were happy.

After dinner we all made our way to the lot. Johnny and I watched on the sidelines as they played against each other. Two-Bit, Steve and Soda versus Darry and Pony. The game was pretty close, when Two-Bit stopped it.

"Hey, Pony your going to appreciate this. Check it out." He said pointing to the sunset. Everyone stopped where they were and watched.

"This reminds me of a poem Pony once recited while we were in Windrixville." He paused for a breath. "'Nature's green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.'"

His voice reverberated across the field. It was quiet, yet strong; innocent and sweet, yet passionate.

"Johnny." Steve breathed. The gang nodded and agreed. They had heard him. They had faith that we were still here. We had faith that we would stay here as long as they needed us. That was a promise I was willing to keep.

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