An/ So this was Co-written between myself and Centuri Eagle, it's taken us a couple of weeks and has had a great evolution since the beginning, and we are both now happy to present it to you for your reading. We hope that you enjoy it :)

And just for reference, all italicized text is memory flashbacks...just to avoid possible confusion as you read.

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The Day that we Met

Chapter One

"I have to say, Shayera...I had become worried that you two would never get back together." Diana, the Princess of Themyscira remarked as she took a seat next to Bruce in John's humble Detroit apartment. "But I am so glad that the goddess Aphrodite has blessed my two friends with true love once again."

Sitting opposite to where the Princess had just placed herself, were John and Shayera the latter curled up against her now fiancé and, on her insistence, her 'Promised one'. Despite the size of the apartment it easily housed the other founding members of the Justice League as well as their significant others, even J'onn was accompanied by his new partner and was to the pleasure of everyone else present, at ease.

"Thank you, Diana. I think I was kind of worried myself for a while there," Shayera agreed but she noticeably snuggled closer to John who was all too happy to accommodate her. "But now, everything is alright."

Bruce gave a small smile as he retrieved his glass of gin and tonic, the smile momentarily being shared with John who gave him a smile in return.

"I'll agree on that." Clark smiled as he wrapped an arm around Lois who since having learned Superman's real identity had become friends with the other founders instantly. Truth was the rest of them were more than happy that Clark finally had someone he could lean on. Clark lifted a glass of milk to the couple, and Lois joined him in the impromptu toast with her glass of red wine. "Here's to you two: It's been a long time coming."

Wally skidded into the room with a handful of half eaten cake, talking with his mouth full and spitting crumbs everywhere "Tell me about it! You two should have been..."

"Hey, hotshot...stop spreading crumbs everywhere." John groused.

Shayera nudged John in the ribs "Don't be such a neat freak..." She added more quietly just so that John and perhaps Clark with his super hearing could hear her "Aren't you glad we bought two cakes now?"

John chuckled and pulled her a little closer "I'm glad I proposed to you."

"I bet you're even gladder that I decided to yes..." Shayera said softly as she leaned into him fluffing her wings slightly to ease the cramp that was settling in.

A moment later and they were sharing a small kiss which their guests found adorable, all except Wally.

"Hey guys, seriously?"

Shayera mock frowned as she pulled away "Shut up Wally."

Wally smiled brightly "But seriously, I am way happy to have you two back together. And, I'm really pleased for you guys."

The other's in the room shared Wally's sentiment, giving congratulations and smiles all around. Still smiling John took a swig of his beer before setting it back down on the coffee table.

"We've had a lot of bumps on the way," He said glancing at Shayera "I think we have to give you our thanks for sticking by us through everything."

No one noticed but John focused on Bruce as he said this, the Batman having been more informed on some of the couple's more trying complications.

"What's a relationship without its obstacles?" Clark asked with amusement, after all it had taken considerable time for him and Lois to begin a more steady relationship.

"Boring I guess," Wally chimed as he dumped himself onto the floor and began devouring his second large helping of cake "I remember when you guys were fighting allof the time. It was funny to listen to you two sometimes, but even I didn't want to hang around for some of your louder spats for too long."

"Only because you used to say something stupid." Shayera interrupted "Besides it wasn't thatbad."

Diana snorted in obvious disagreement at the Thanagarian's words "Ha! Ever since the first day that we all came together you two went at it like cats and dogs."

" During the Imperium Invasion?" Clark asked "No, there was no time for squabbling then. Besides, Shayera and I were paired fighting the invaders together most of the time during that."

"Oh yeah," Wally remembered. "But after that...that's when it started."

John shook his head with a knowing smile and said, "Nope! You're both wrong."

Everyone glanced at him and he smiled cleverly. "It started before the Imperium came."

Bruce raised an eyebrow "You met before that?"

John nodded "Yep! You didn't know?" He looked to Shayera for confirmation but she merely grunted, too content for the moment to do anything. John sighed but continued to lightly stroke her wing regardless.

"I guess we met about..." He paused in obvious thought "...about a month before J'onn summoned us all to fight the Imperium. You remember don't you Shayera?"

"Of course I do..." John beamed until Shayera continued "You interfered with my City."

"Whoa!" Wally exclaimed "Now she's sounding like Bats." He grinned glanced at Bruce's icy glare and his grin faded immediately.

"No, I didn't..." John denied and began to tell the story to his eagerly listening audience, none of them aware of this first fated meeting between the star-crossed duo:

I will never forget the day that I met Shayera. Now of course, she was 'Hawkgirl' then, but when I first got to see her…I got to see her with her mask OFF. Yes that's right. Let me tell you how it went…

I had just gotten back from outer space with fresh warrants from all over the galaxy for the apprehension and subduing of my old nemesis Sinestro. I had traced him to Midway City and pretty soon I spotted him flying down low. He was in furious pursuit of someone flying to evade him. They were zigging and zagging all around and between the downtown city buildings. I was too far behind to see clearly who it was Sinestro was shooting at with his yellow energy, but I did see him blast the person down. That's when I swooped in and engaged him…

"Go John! Go John!" Flash cheered.

"Well," John admitted sheepishly. "Somehow in the scuffle that ensued Sinestro and I managed to knock each other unconscious when our energy beams collided head-on. He recovered first while I was still passed-out on the ground. Well, I tell you what I don't know what would have happened to me had Shayera not been there and taken him on while I was momentarily vulnerable.

"Go Shayera! Go Hawkgirl!" Flash cheered some more.

So there I was…waking up from being knocked out, but it was her voice that I remember hearing first. She was softly asking if I was alright. And then when I opened my eyes…there she was! Heavenly beautiful, and with wings!

So, you know, in my dazed state I took one look at her and I seriously thought that she was just a graceful angel sent down to take me into the next life.

Shayera snorted at this description of herself but quickly narrowed her eyes into a glare as Wally chuckled…obviously about to make a remark but closed his mouth upon seeing her expression.

"If you don't mind?" John asked amused.

The way she smiled at me when she saw that I was alive…well it was like all of heaven itself was grinning down at me. Such a genuine, honest, beautiful smile. Her presence really made me feel at peace with everything. Anyhow, I really really thought she was an angel. Actually, in my mind I was starting to hope that she was my personal angel, sent just to look out for me…so I asked her:

"Are you an angel?"

At that…well, she gave off the most delightful laugh I had ever heard. I started laughing too, although I wasn't sure what I was laughing at.

Diana smiled and Bruce slightly rolled his eyes.

"Keep this up and we're all gonna need sick bags," he said with an almost smile, grimacing when his Amazon companion elbowed him in the ribs, it wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't blessed with the strength of Gods.

We were there, on that quiet street in the middle of night, laughing like two little kids. Me, flat on my back, not even concerned that I was dead (or thought I was anyway.) She, kneeling next to me, laughing at my absurd question, but I think she was also just relieved that I was okay.

I eventually sat up.

I know we never took our eyes off of each other the entire time. Not only was she beautiful and kind but somewhere deep inside me I got the feeling I had met her somewhere before, even though I could also swear I had never seen her face in all my life. Still, somehow, she seemed familiar to me.

There was no interruption this time but Bruce did share a knowing look with the newly engaged couple, having a full knowledge of their experience with the Absorbracon and the Shadow thief.

My hand touched the side of her face and for a moment everything in the world was wonderful. The angel was real and she was smiling at me. What could be more perfect?

But, then…gradually her smile began to fade, as if she were starting to take the moment more seriously. A moment more and she turned her face away from my hand and began to look around. When she found what she was looking for she took a deep breath, stood up, and turned away.

I became afraid that I had violated some rule, and that she was about to disappear without me and I would never see her again; so I apologized real quickly.

"Sorry, Angel. I shouldn't have touched you. Please don't go yet." I pleaded.

But instead, she walked over to an object on the ground, bent down and picked up that hawk-wing shaped mask-helmet. She was dusting-off the fierce looking piece of headgear, and then placing it on her head. She then picked up what I would later know to be the great energy mace she always carries.

When she turned back around again, my majestic angel had transformed into a fearsome warrior. Still awesome to behold, but not in nearly the same way; She looked extremely dangerous.

"Hang on…" Clark interrupted "I never saw you without your mask until…"

Shayera sat up slightly and looked at Clark with a gentle expression "No…I never took it off in front of anyone…it's a Thanagarian cultural thing." She dismissed.

Diana frowned "Then why weren't you wearing it on this occasion?"

"It was thrown off when Sinestro blasted me…" Having seen their expressions and knowing that the next logical statement would be something about it never happening in all the combat they had ever seen her in, she sighed "It had been damaged in an earlier scuffle…I hadn't bothered to repair it." She admitted.

"Can't say that I minded…" John said with a grin. "If I had never seen you without it, well…"

Shayera ignored him but smiled "I repaired it as soon as I got home that evening."

And, so: "I am not an angel, John Stewart," were her very first real words to me.

"Oh," I was waking up to that realization now, and I was wishing I could see her face again. "But who are you then?"

"You can call me Hawkgirl," she said. The name fit of course.

"I take it, then, that you are not from around here?" I asked.

"I am a law officer from the planet Thanagar," she explained. "I became stranded here some months ago after pursuing a criminal through a hyper-spatial vortex. I have adopted this town, Midway City, as my own to protect."

"Oh," I said, while still not completely comprehending. This was all catching me quite off guard. I extended my hand to her "Well, I am Jo…"

"John Stewart, the Green Lantern. Protector of Sector 2814. Yes, I know," she stated as if coolly recalling my biographical data from some newspaper. She continued, "On leave of absence for some time while pursuing a relationship with fellow Green Lantern Katma…"

"What happened to me?" I asked. I had to rub my head for a second. I was still a little bit hazy.

"Don't you remember anything?" For a second, a concerned look shown even from beneath that mask. It felt good to know that despite not really being an angel she was actually concerned about me and was a caring being.

"Well…I remember pursuing Sinestro…" it was starting to come back to me "…and he was pursuing someone else. Yeah, now I think I remember. It was you he was attacking, wasn't it? And, then he knocked you down. That's when I took him on and…"

"And, you knocked yourselves out," she shook her head in faint amusement. "He probably would have killed you if I hadn't been there."

I was kind of embarrassed at that so I have to admit I took the chastising a bit personally.

"Look, Hawklady. I got knocked out trying to help YOU out too," I shot back.

"I didn't need your help!" That's when she energized her energy mace. She waved it in front of herself and I got to see it for the first time all activated with a powerful crackle of lightning.

"You see, Green Lantern," she explained. "Sinestro was falling into MY trap. There is a powerful artifact on display at the Midway Museum. I knew someone would be tempted to grab it so I had it under surveillance and I was lying in wait. That's why he was pursuing me. He couldn't get the artifact and I wasn't going to let him take it. I could have taken him."

"Amateur games," I scoffed. But, then I tried to be a little more conciliatory, as I was still quite attracted to her, even though her attitude was putting me off."

"Yep, that was the old Hawkgirl," agreed Clark with his slight Midwest accent. "Always rarin' for a brawl."

Shayera stuck out a playful tongue at him.

So I said: "Instead of trying to take him on yourself, why don't you contact me and I will…"

"No, Mr. Stewart" she interrupted. "In the future, why don't you leave crime fighting in Midway city to me. Your services are not really needed here."

I was of course absolutely incredulous. I had been fighting bad guys all over the galaxy with the Lantern Corps. And there she was, this rookie, albeit beautiful rookie, telling me on my own planet that I wasn't needed there.

"I wasn't telling you that you weren't needed on Earth," Shayera corrected with a smile. "Just not in Midway!"

"You tell 'im, Shayera" Diana chimed in with smiling agreement. "That was that typical old Marine John. Always picking on us new girls!"

Shayera and Diana enjoyed a quick high-five across the couch. John bit Shayera on the neck in retaliation and she squealed and laughed.

"Get a room, Lantern." Bruce advised with a smile.

"This is theonly room," John sweepingly gestured indicating the single room studio apartment.

"Great," replied Bruce as Diana was playfully looking at his neck. "So how did you resolve this stand-off with Hawkgirl?"

What I did was, I said, "You can't really think you can take on the power of Sinestro alone, do you?"

"Yes I do. You will be contacted if I think you are needed," she said at that point. "But you WON'T be needed," she added. "…And now, I will thank you to depart from here. I mean, that is if you think you are finished making a mess of things. Now, good evening."

With that she flapped her wings. That's when I really saw her in flight for the first time. She looked absolutely a sight to behold with her wings fully spread. Once again she was angel-like in appearance, if not exactly angelic in her demeanor. I stood there confused and frustrated by her, but also very captivated.

And that was it! She was soon gone and out of sight before I could make a reply or say goodnight or anything.

I really never got her out of my mind from that point forward. When I saw her again when J'onn called us all I was quite speechless around her. I did not know what to say. Hahaha. I don't think I said anything to her until after the Imperium was defeated. Actually if I remember right it wasn't until she cornered me in the Watchtower during our first tour that either of us said anything to each other.

To be Continued.