Early in the morning the party was over. It was after many more toasts, a lot more drinking, and several more stories about the good old days when it was just the seven of them and how they all met. But it became time to go. Bruce managed to tear himself away from Gotham for an extra hour but eventually he left. Diana went with him. J'onn escorted his partner home. Clark and Lois tried to help John and Shayera straighten up a little, but they were shooed out the door with hugs, well wishes and congratulations.

Last was Wally. He was resting on the floor with his head back on the seat of a chair snoring and drooling. Shayera nudged him awake.

"Hey," she prodded. "Metabolism boy! It's time to go."

"Huh, what?" Flash responded groggily but being pure him, he was quickly up to speed. "What? Everybody gone? What a buncha lightweights."

"Right…" Shayera smirked. "You think you can get yourself home safely?"

"Yeah," Wally tussled his own red hair. "It's all already out of my system. Just one thing to do before I leave."

And before Shayera or John could say, "No." or "Don't" Wally became a tornado of busy-ness and before fifteen seconds were up the apartment was straightened up and cleaned, including the dishes.

"Ah, Wally. You didn't have to do that!" Shayera admonished.

"Oh it's the least I could do for munching up two of your cakes. Good night, love birds. See you in the Tower." And, with that, he waved over his head casually and let himself out.

John, caught in mid stride just shook his head in amazement.

"What a character. It's too bad about the cake. It was my favorite kind."

"Hey. Wally forgot to throw out one of the cake boxes," Shayera noticed. She trotted over to the counter and opened it. "Well, what do you know. Look!" she said while holding up the box. "He left two whole slices."

"Ha! What a character," John repeated.

Shayera delicately cut one the slices into a smaller portion and gently pried off the small piece before feeding it to John. He gave her a lopsided smile and touched his hand to her face, the exact same way he had all those years ago when he thought she was his angel.

"You still are an angel, Shayera."

She smiled a little and he noticed the hesitation in her expression, but before he could question it she hastily shoved another chunk of chocolate cake into his mouth and changed the subject.

"I have seen in some wedding videos how it is sometimes traditional for the bride and groom to smush cake into each other's faces. You wouldn't do that to me would you?"

"No. Never," John responded. "That would be a waste of good cake. This is good cake." He commented as he licked some more cake off of Shayera's thumb.

"Good." Shayera then took the last bit of cake in her fingers and swiped John's nose with icing. "I notice you didn't ask if I wouldn't do that to you."

"That's because I already knew the answer," he said with a laugh. Shayera deftly licked the tip of his nose.

"Yummm…you are chocolaty good," she laughed. Examining him more closely she said, "You know…I had forgotten that you used to call me Angel when we first started seeing each other. Usually it bothers me when people make that reference to me."

She glanced away anxiously before returning her emerald eyes to his "After all the damage I've done, to you and…well everyone. I hardly deserve to be considered an 'angel'. I'm relieved that you can consider me a blessing, even if you don't know what you're saying."

"I know exactly what I'm saying, and you are more than a blessing Shay," John sidled closer to her, sliding his hands to her waist. "You saved me from Sinestro that day. You saved us all…later on. I don't think I ever even thanked you, I don't think any of us did…thank you for saving the Earth at the risk of your own birth planet. You area special angel, Shayera Hol."

She wrapped her arms around his back and placed her face into his chest, comfortable and quietly appreciative.

"I am so glad I did save Earth."

After a moment more:

"You know. I never knew you were even attracted to me when we met," John stated. "You were so bad to me. I was so caught up in you, and I was confused, not really understanding how you felt. I was way too rough with you in those early days of the league because of that. That unrequited 'love'."

"Yeah." Shayera leaned back to look into his eyes. "That was the problem. The problem was that I wasattracted to you…too much. And, for reasons I didn't and couldn't understand or confess to at the time, you were a big problem for me John Stewart. Right from the start."

"Really?" John asked with a large grin. "Sorry!"

"Yes, really, handsome. That's why I was always running away from you. I had Hro and my duty and all these things I had to do and then there you were. I said right from the beginning, 'please don't let him want me, because if he does then I will fall'…and I did."

"Yes, you did," John agreed. "You fell… And my fallen angel, no matter what the consequences of keeping you are…I am never giving you back."

She embraced her fiancée again. "Flattery won't get you anywhere."

"No? Well…" John laughed. He held her close. "I will always thank God…for that day that we met."


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