I decided to write another Rowdyruff Boys holiday set, and this one is for Christmas…kinda. (It's actually set a bit before Christmas since schools aren't in session on Christmas, but yeah..)

Boomer stared longingly out the window at the pure white bliss that covered the ground. It was perfect for making snow angels– his favorite winter activity (not that he'd admit it to anyone, especially his brothers).

After a several more tedious minutes, the bell rang, and Mrs. Keene let the children out for recess. Boomer raced from the classroom to a faraway, generally unvisited area of the playground. He glanced around a few times to make sure no one was watching then plopped down on the bed of snow. Boomer lay there for a while, just feeling the crumbly snow under him. He then began waving his arms and feet, pushing the snow away. When he was satisfied, he got up to admire his beautiful snow angel. Boomer glanced around again, and lay down next to his first angel to start working on his second one.

"Snow angels!" someone suddenly exclaimed. Startled, Boomer jumped up and took a few steps away from his angel.

"Uh, no, I wasn't," he objected to Bubbles, who was staring excitedly at the angels.

"Yeah you were! They're right here," she insisted. "It's okay, I like snow angels too." With that, she fell backward and began creating her angel. Boomer watched her as she happily waved her arms up and down. After a while, he noticed that he was still standing a few feet away and beckoned for him to join her. Boomer hesitatingly lay down near her and began waving his arms and legs again.

When she finished, Bubbles jumped up to admire her angel, as Boomer followed suit. She grabbed a nearby stick and drew two halos on their angels. "That's my angel," Bubbles said, pointing to hers, "and that's yours. They're watching over us. And all angels need a home." She drew a simple house in the snow and wrote above it "Hous of Boomer and Bubbles's Angles."

"A–and they need friends," Boomer said eagerly, drawing two slightly disfigured birds.

"Right!" Bubbles said. "They also need unicorns to help them get places!" She drew two horses and added horns on them.

"And they need their own Christmas tree 'cause it's almost Christmas!" Boomer added, drawing a tree and adding a few ornaments to it.

"Don't forget the star!" Bubbles reminded him, adding a star to the top of the tree.

"Presents!" Boomer exclaimed, drawing several presents under the tree. Bubbles added her own presents, and labeled several of them as "Bubbles" and the rest as "Boomer."

"And these two big ones– they're from Santa!" Bubbles exclaimed, drawing two presents almost as tall as the tree itself.

"Yeah, yeah! But… Santa only gives presents to good kids," Boomer said, his voice faltering.

"Of course! He has a good and bad list."

"But Butch says we've been bad boys this year."

"Nuh-uh," Bubbles objected. "I heard Mrs. Keene say you've been a good boy."

"Ya did?" Boomer asked, his eyes brightening.

"Yeah! And you have your own angel– that means you have to be good!" she insisted, pointing to his snow angel.

"You mean it?"

"Mm-hmm," she nodded.

"Thanks, Bubbles," Boomer said. Then in a whisper, he added, "You're like my own angel."

"Then you can be my angel!" Bubbles smiled, falling back into the snow and waving her arms up and down again. Boomer watched her for a while, then plopped down again to follow her motions.

By the time the bell rang to signal the end of recess, there were several angels resting on the grounds of Pokey Oaks.