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Brick knew she was looking at his snowflake. From the corner of his eye, he could see she wore a slight frown, her eyebrows were furrowed, and she was obviously frustrated. Her desk was littered with little scraps of white paper, and various crumpled and ripped snowflakes lay about. It gave him this oddly happy feeling to see her this way– to see, for once, little Miss Perfect messing up.

After several glances at the intricately cut out snowflakes on Brick's desk, Blossom finally cracked and asked, "How are you doing that?"

"Doin' what?" Brick replied innocently, trying to keep his smile at bay, as he continued snipping away.

"Your snowflakes. They're all perfect," Blossom muttered.

"You just fold it. Like this. Then ya cut it," Brick demonstrated.

"I am doing that! But it's still not like yours."

"Can't even make a pretty snowflake, hm?" Brick shook his head. "Poor little Miss Perfect…not so perfect after all."

"Hmph!" she turned away and continued furiously cutting at her snowflake. Her jerky cutting motions ripped through the paper and her snowflake fell apart. Blossom stared the wasted papers on her desk, each snowflake more mutilated than the last.

"Do you–" Brick began.

"Don't talk to me!" Blossom burst out, grabbing her scissors and moving to another table.

"Fine!" Brick called after her. "No one wants ta talk to ya anyway."


"What?" Blossom snapped as Brick approached her during recess.

"I was just gonna give ya something," Brick muttered, holding out one of his snowflakes. It was perfectly cut and was lined with sparkling silver glitter.

"Oh…" Blossom was speechless. "It's beautiful."

"It's nothin'. I just borrowed some of Ms. Keene's glitter glue 'n traced the edges," Brick said humbly.

"Thanks, Brick," Blossom slowly took the snowflake. She held it against the sun and gently moved it back and forth so the glitter sparkled a rainbow of colors. "How pretty," she whispered. "Are you sure you don't want it?"

"Nah," Brick answered. "It'd get ripped apart by my brothers. Or Butch'd try to stuff it down your sister's throat–" Brick jerked his head toward where Butch and Buttercup were furiously fighting– "or Boomer's too, I guess. It'd be safer with ya. 'Sides, it looks prettier when you hold it."

"I promise I won't let anything happen to it," Blossom assured him. "I'll put it at the very top of our tree myself."

"Merry Christmas, Blossom," Brick said suddenly, admiring the pretty girl holding the pretty snowflake.

"Merry Christmas, Brick."