Full summary- What if before Darren, there was a half-ghost apprentice? How would this effect the half vampire side of things? What if Danny didn't get saved by Sam and Tucker after the Freakshow incident? What if it was up to one Larten Crepsley to help the poor boy? Set after episode Control Freaks and before the Cirque du Freak books, but it is in modern day America. Also, Ultimate Enemy has already happened.

Danny didn't get saved by Sam and Tucker after the Freakshow incident, in fact, they think he's dead (don't know how, they just do for the sake of the story).

Danny-What have you done with me THIS time?

Me-*look of pure innocence* what? I don't know what you're talking about.

Danny-Sure you don't.

Me-Do I own you?

Danny-As much as it pains so many people…no you don't. Nobody does accept Butch Hartman and maybe Nickelodeon *grumbles*why anyone owns me is so wrong

Me-Darn, I was hoping you would say something different. What about the Cirque Du Freak? Do I own that? Pretty pleeeaaase?

Larten-No, the privilege of that goes to one Darren Shan. Not my apprentice, some other Darren Shan

Me-Darn it again!

Danny-hey, who's he?

Larten-and who are you? Both of you

Me-(looks at both knowingly) you'll find out

A/N: ok so my idea of half ghost doesn't age as fast, maybe one year in two (half as fast). So Danny will age at the same speed as a full vamp and age one year every twenty if he turns into a full Vampire. But will he survive that long? I doubt it with what I'm going to put him through. I won't follow the books since I think CDF was in Europe and this is in America, but besides that, this is set before Darren ever came into the picture.

Oh and I originally had this written in first person-Danny, so if you see any "I's" or "me's" let me know so I can change it. I'm trying to convert this whole story into third person, but I might get lazy and skip over a part. I don't know how that will work out, but I will do my best.

Edit 11/1/11- just a few mistakes here and there I fixed. If your reading this for the first time, don't worry about it, k? If you are re-reading this, than I have taken out Harkat, and any mention that Danny knows he's half-human. I've also fixed my aging problem that I had in my authors note. I had it backwards, so that's fixed.

Chapter 1- Trapped

Danny stood in the treasure car with four other ghosts. Around him, he was surrounded by the wealth of his master, but the enormity of it was lost on the boy, his job was to only guard the car and that was exactly what he did. It had been almost two years since he had first come under the power of Freakshow, and he hated every second of it. He was conscious of what he was doing now, but didn't really have a say in what it was that he did, Freakshow's Crystal Ball made sure of that. If he was given an order, he had to abide by it, no exceptions. Although, unlike the other minions, Danny was the only one with a free thinking mind and he was currently taking advantage of that fact.

At the moment, Danny was letting his mind wander trying to dig up any memories he could, but came up with the same, broken and confusing things he always saw: a girl with purple eyes, a tall teenage girl with flowing orange-red hair and ice blue eyes that were so familiar, two people in jumpsuits, one a large man in orange, the other a petite woman in blue. There were other people, but they didn't come to his mind as readily as these four did. Danny always wondered who they were; could they have been people from his past? Did they know about who he was? Danny didn't know anything about his life before Freakshow. All he did know about was the fact that he wasn't going to be free from the deranged human until his last breath.

Of course, that didn't stop him from plotting his escape. Danny dreamed of one day flying overhead with no worries, no limitations, and no Crystal Ball. If he remembered anything from his past life, it was the fact that he knew he used to be free, and he longed for that feeling every day.

Danny shook his head, trying to dislodge it of his depressing thoughts; he focused on what he did know.

He knew his name: Danny. He knew his age: 16. And he knew that he was half-ghost. Although, that fact confused him greatly. He didn't know why, but some deep rooted instinct always told him to hide his other half and he didn't even know what that half was! He never changed into that side of him ever, somehow knowing that Freakshow would find out eventually and try to use it to his advantage somehow, and Danny was always looking for ways to complicate Freakshow's life, no matter how insignificant it seemed.

Danny looked up when he heard a ringing in his ear. "Speak of the Devil…" he muttered to himself. That ringing indicated when Freakshow was calling to his minions. It was an odd sound that seemed to pulse from the direction of the staff and could reach as far as those under its control were located. Frankly, Danny found it annoying, but there was nothing he could do about it. As long as he was under the control of that Crystal Ball, he had to obey.

Danny and the other four minions flew to the conductor's car where they all knew Freakshow would be. He stood there expectantly, staff in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, facing the outside window. Where he got the coffee, however, was beyond Danny. His master's behavior always confused him, but he was used to it. After all, besides his fellow minions, Freakshow was the only human Danny really knew. Careful to keep his eyes averted from the glowing red orb, Danny studied his surroundings and awaited his master's words.

The conductor's car was small compared to the size of the other cars; it only had room for the controls, a small seat in front of them, and the furnace in the back. There was a small bed in the corner, but by the way it was haphazardly made, you could tell it wasn't the most used piece of furniture in the room.

When he knew that all of his drones were present, Freakshow turned his attention to them. "Ok, minions! Tomorrow, we will be coming up to the next town. I tell you this, not because I care, which I don't, but I think you should be preparing for the oncoming jobs. Most will be in the same manner as the last town we hit, but some will be from people who aren't ordinary humans. They might give you a bit of trouble, but I still expect the full haul. So go…do ghost's sleep? Whatever, I don't care, just rest up for tomorrow. It's going to be fun." He let out one of his annoying laughs, and the five ghosts in front of him were forced to join in. After a moment more of the weird laughing, he raised his hand and dismissed Danny and the others to their sleeping car.

Danny sighed joyfully when he arrived in the sleeping car. It was a rare thing for Freakshow to allow them any rest at all and Danny was thankful for ever second he got of it. Danny may not have needed as much sleep as would be the case if he were in his other form, he somehow knew, but he still needed rest every once in a while, though the other ghosts didn't. He vividly remembered a few months ago when he had been forced to stay awake for a week and been beaten by Freakshow because he had fallen asleep in midair when he was supposed to be guarding the train.

The young halfa shuddered with the memory, but didn't dwell on it. He needed to sleep and he was being allowed to get the rest he so desperately needed, he wasn't about to waist this opportunity. Freakshow had been sending them out on job after job, and then out to perform in the circus everyday for 5 days strait, he was exhausted. Silently, he floated over to one of the bunks and sunk into the comfortable mattress. At least, it was comfortable for him; he didn't know that what he thought was a plush mattress was actually just a threadbare sheet on top of cold, hard, metal. Despite that fact, however, as soon as his arm was tucked behind his head for a pillow, Danny was out like a light.

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When Danny awoke a few hours later, he sat up and stretched lazily. Looking around at the car, he noticed that the side door was open.

Maybe one of the others went out on a job?

Danny looked at the other bunks to check who was missing. He had barely heard the others talk since they only responded to their master, but he had decided to give them all names. Well, besides Lydia, the tattooed ghost already had a name and she was present and accounted for, standing in the farthest corner from the door. He saw the largest of the group, whom he had named Tiny; sitting with the dwarf he called Charlie. They were just sitting at the moment, since they never took any action that Freakshow didn't tell them to. Seeing them and no one else, Danny concluded that it was Sarah, the contortionist, who was missing from the group, which made sense. The young halfa had noticed right from the start that Sarah was one of the more free-spirited ghosts of the group. Danny would always watch as she tried to act as human as possible, choosing to open the door instead of just phasing through it. It was evident that she fought just as hard as Danny to gain freedom, even if she could only do so with little acts of rebellion every now and then.

He stood and walked over to the door, enjoying the cool breeze created from the movement of the train. He stared longingly out the door and towards the beautiful blue sky, dotted with fluffy white clouds, but no matter how long he stared, he knew that he wouldn't be able to pass the threshold. Freakshow had ordered them all that they were not to leave the sleeping car, ever, unless he called to them. Sighing in resignation, he resorted to watching the landscape below.

The tracks they were currently on were placed high on a hill that stretched as far as the eye could see, giving Danny a birds-eye view of the valley below. The land was green and lush with little flowers with trees dotting the landscape. As he watched, they passed some sort of clearing with tents and trailers. People were milling around, carrying bundles of things he couldn't make out. The people there looked odd to Danny, but all humans did.

He could see one guy who was at least eight feet tall with a tall hat that added another foot to his height. There was also a group of little people (A/N: I know that's what they're called, but how else am I going to describe them?) that wore dark hooded robes and masks and… was that green skin?

Danny turned to the bunk behind him to look at Charlie. The small ghost looked a lot like the little green people in the clearing, if you didn't count the wardrobe and slight glow. The Little People seemed to all move together, as if they shared one mind.

One of them, however, seemed different. He seemed to walk with purpose. He held his head high, with his hood showing a little more of his face, while the others hung their head and wouldn't allow the boy to see more than the mask. It was a lot like the difference between Danny and Freakshow's other ghosts. He still tried to fight, the others either didn't try, had lost the will to escape, or didn't have the willpower to fight.

All of them seemed lifeless. Yes, Danny's companions were ghosts, but something told him that they should have cared about something.

Danny turned his attention back to the world outside, this time turning his gaze back to the sky. It was perfect weather: a few clouds here and there to block out the sun and a nice, warm, breeze blowing: perfect weather for flying. Responding to his thoughts, his feet rose from the ground and melded into a wispy tail. He floated forward, but was stopped by the unseen force that was the Crystal Ball and its influence. He may have had more control over his actions than the others, but he was still tied to Freakshow and his commands, whether he wanted to be or not.

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