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Spencer never got to introduce himself to Merril the first time he met her. In fact, it was only during the fourth time while he was talking to Merril did he finally get to introduce himself.

When Spencer saw Merril for the first time, he didn't have time to introduce himself properly, like he would have if he had met Merril under different circumstances. He was more concerned in making sure that Merril wasn't going to get sick because of the rain.

The second time Spencer saw Merril, it was a few days later in the hallway between classes. Someone had accidently bumped into the girl, making her stuff fall out of her hands. Spencer quickly went over to help gather all her things. "Here." Spencer held out her things to the girl.

"Thank you," Merril had replied, while she was focused on putting her stuff back in a way that made it easier for her to hold. "Aren't you in my dorm?" She had asked when she looked the boy.

"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm from Hanover too. I'm-" Spencer was cut off by the bell. "Shoot. We'd better get to class before we get detention. See you around!" He called out as he raced off to class, seeing how he had Murdoch next. He had left Merril behind staring after in with a confused face before she also began to go to class.

The third time they met, Merril was in the common room watching Something Damaged when Spencer came in. Spencer watched the screen for a bit before commenting. "You know, he goes to this school."

"Hum? Who?"

"Julian. He's in the Stuart house. Although I hear he's filming something right now."

"Ohmygosh, really?" Merril asked. "I heard he went to a school in Ohio, but I didn't know it was here! Do you think I'd get to meet him?"

"Yeah, this is his school. He's an okay guy. I've never really talked to him though." Spencer paused for a bit. "You know, I haven't introduced myself yet! I'm-"

"Hey man! There you are! Come on, we have to go! It's almost time for Danny's swim meet." Wes exclaimed as he basically ran out of the room.

"Oh man! That's today? I've gotta go. Talk to you later Merril!" Spencer called as he once again rushed off to go do something.

The fourth time Spencer meet Merril, it was a nice sunny day. Since the weather was so nice, Spencer decided to go outside for a quick walk. While he was walking, he spotted Merril under a tree reading a book. He couldn't help but stop and watch her. Merril was wearing a simple, but elegant-looking white dress. Her hair framed her face perfectly.

It just so happened that Merril chose that moment to look up. She gave the boy a quick smile. Curious as to what the girl was reading, he walked over to her. "Hey. What are you reading?" Spencer asked.

"Pride and Prejudice. It's a wonderful book," Merril responded. "Have you heard of it?"

"I think so… I can't remember what it's about though." Spencer paused. "You know, I just realized I still haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Spencer Willis." Spencer held out his hand for Merril to shake. He wasn't sure why he was being so formal, maybe because he wanted to make a good impression after he left her abruptly so many times before.

Merril shock his hand daintily. "Merril Portman. Pride and Prejudice is amazing. You see, it's about this woman named Elisabeth Bennet…"

And that was the three times Spencer tried to introduce himself, and the one time he finally did so.