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The long day of classes at the DWMA had ended, and for Soul Eater Evens, it was very overdue.

"Alright, let's go home. A cool guy like my shouldn't have to spend all of his spare time stuck in a stupid classroom."

His partner wrinkled her nose in irritation as she started pounding him on the arm, "Soul! You overslept, were late for class, and then you slept through class!"

He nodded, grinning lazily, "Yeah, pretty productive day."

"You're going to get us stuck in remedial classes again," Maka grumbled, stopping her assault on the weapons arm.

"Whatever, as long as we keep collecting souls like we do, they could care less about my grade."

"Well I care Soul! When you do bad if reflects on me as a miester!"

Soul felt his mouth open with a sarcastic reply, but he wasn't truly paying attention. While he put his body into auto-pilot, he watched as her cheeks turned slightly pink from anger. It was one of his favorite sights. Anytime she blushed, he couldn't help but think of how cute she looked. Though, he would never admit that aloud, ever. Shaking himself out of his internal thoughts, he turned his mind back to the argument. Weapons should never become attracted to their miesters. It was one of the first things taught to Weapons at the DWMA. It was also the most broken rule in the academy's history.

A soft 'ahem' drew the bickering partners attention and quieted them. Glancing back, they found themselves staring at the descending figure of Death the Kid.

"Hey Kid!" Maka waved, smiling, "Where are Liz and Patty?"

"Hello Maka, I sent them home already. Soul, may I speak to you in private?" The young Reaper asked politely.

Soul shrugged, "Yeah, no problem, Maka, I'll catch up with you."

Kid waited until Maka was out of earshot to begin.

"Soul, I want you to understand, this is very difficult for me to say."

Soul raised an eyebrow, waiting for Kid to continue. "Alright, what's up?"

"You see, I've recently found myself paying attention to a certain female. At first, I noticed nothing uniquely remarkable about her. Yes, she was pretty and smart. But I've known plenty of people like that, and none have drawn my attention. But then, I noticed, she is perfectly symmetrical. And I mean perfectly. I'm sure if I were to measure her, she would be equal on the right and left. And…"

"So what's the problem?" Soul asked, cutting off the Reaper before he could lose himself to his ramblings.

"Well, I am currently unsure if I actually have an attraction to his girl, or if it is simply my obsession for symmetry that drives my interest in her."

"Uh huh." Soul drawled out, "I guess I can see how that could be a problem, so who's the girl."

Kid cleared his throat again nervously. "Well, that's why I wanted to talk to you. You see, the girl…well it's Maka."

There was a moment of painful silence.

"Maka" Soul repeated tonelessly.

"Yes" Kid continued, "I wish to peruse a relationship with her, to discover my true feelings for her and possibly court her, should those feelings prove true."

"My partner. You want to ask out my partner."

"Yes" Kid smiled, glad Soul seemed to understand. "And I was hoping for your blessing and advice."


Kid's smile slipped, "I'm sorry?"

"No. Do not ask out Maka."

Kid's smile returned, "Oh, I see. I don't believe you understand my intentions. I wish nothing more than…"

Soul cut him off again, "No, I understand, You want to ask out my miester. I'm telling you, no."

Kid's smile once again faltered. "Well Soul, I really don't believe it's up to you. I simply was hoping to gain your approval."

The two males stared each other down for a moment, before a evil smirk crossed Soul's face. "You know what Kid, you're right."

Kid nodded, "Good, I'm glad you can see it form my perspective."

Soul nodded, still smirking. "Oh yes, I can. Now I want you to see it from mine. Maka is important to me Kid. So important, I would die for her. She is my miester."

Kid nodded, "I understand."

Souls smirk grew, "I'm glad you do. Because if you ask my miester out, I'm going to cut you Kid." Soul held up his hand, his index finger morphing into a small scythe blade. "I'm going to cut your hair. I'm going to make you asymmetrical, just like the first time we met."

Kid paled and took a slight step back, "Why…why would you do that?"

"Because" Soul flicked the small blade with a loud ping, "if you can live with being unsymmetrical, then I can live with you to asking Maka out. Now tell me Kid, is this that important to you? Because if it is, then just say the word. You get a haircut, and we can go catch up to Maka."

Kid's remaining color drained from his face. "You know, now that I think about it, perhaps it is just that Maka is quite symmetrical. I don't believe that attractions really had any part in this."

Soul nodded, "I'm glad you've come to that realization. I guess we should get going now."

Kid nodded, already starting to back away from the Demon Scythe.

"Oh, and Kid" Soul called out, "I'm glad we had this talk."

"A-anytime" Kid stammered out, turning away and walking off briskly.

Soul let his hand turn back to normal, smiling. Now it was time to catch up with his miester.


"Oi!" Soul called as he approached the retreating figure of Maka, "Tiny-tits!"

Maka stopped, whirling around. From the distance it almost looked like she had chopped her arm down into empty air. Was she so used to Maka chopping him that it had become a reflex?

"Ah… shit." Soul muttered as his vision registered the book Maka had flung at him at near super-sonic speeds.

With a crack, he was knocked back to the ground, the book now a permanent addiction to his forehead. Somewhere in his mind he wondered why he let her beat him like this, but it was too small for a cool guy like him to bother with. Getting shakily to his feet, he stumbled over to where Maka was patiently waiting for him, hand out held for her precious book.

"Nu uh" Soul smiled, holding the book up high. "it's mine now."

"Sooouuuul!" Maka whined, jumping up and down, unable to reach his height, "Give it back"

"You're just going to hit me with it" He countered, starting back towards their apartment, keeping the hopping miester at bay.

"I won't, I promise!"

"You're going to hit me with another one then.

'Damn his mind worked fast'

"Fine" Maka pouted, crossing her arms in front of her small chest. "You really are a bully."

Soul glanced at his partner, her cheeks slightly pink from the exertion of trying to retrieve her book. She looked horrifically cute. Soul felt his face twitch into a smirk.

"Ah whatever" he tossed the book back at her as they reached the apartment, "s'no fun if you aren't whining."

She smiled, hugging the book to her chest. Truthfully, it was one of her favorites, and ironically, it had been Soul who had bought it for her. She blushed slightly as she remembered the feeling of euphoria she had gotten when he had randomly tossed the book on her bed one night, a small bow sloppily tied around it. She had started to thank him, but he had given her a gruff 'Don't worry about it' before retreating back to his cave. She had read the entire book that night, blush mad throughout most of it.

As the door of their apartment slammed shut, she was brought out of her memory and back into the real world, suddenly remembering why Soul had had to run to catch up with her, and incidentally forced her to Maka-Chop him.

"What did Kid want?" She called out as he entered the kitchen.

Soul stopped what he was doing, which happened to be drinking milk straight from the carton, a crime punishable by a Maka-Chop. "Nothing, just some guy stuff."

"Like what?" Maka pressed on, entering the kitchen just as Soul slipped the milk carton back in the fridge. He smiled at his small victory.

"Wanted to ask me some advice about a girl" Soul answered truthfully.

"Oh!" Maka smiled, eager for gossip, "What girl?" She knew it would have to be quite a girl to catch the eye of a Grim-Reaper himself, not to mention that Kid's need for excessive symmetry was quite hard to come by.

"Can't tell ya" Soul smirked, heading back into the living room and plopping down on the couch. "It's a secret."

"Please?" Maka pleaded, following him out, "I won't tell anyone."

"Nope" Soul closed his eyes, already starting to drift off.

Maka frowned, "Fine, but do I at least know her."

His eye's flicked back open, showing amused red irises, "Yeah, now shut up."

Maka was silent for a moment, and Soul thought he was safe from more prying questions. He was wrong of course.

"So, what did he ask you?"

Soul groaned, opening his eyes again to find Maka perched on the edge of the couch, looking down on him. "He wanted to know how he should handle a situation with a girl."

Maka was far from satisfied with the answer. "Well, what's the situation?"

Soul's eye twitched, "Kid likes a girl, or thinks he does, so he was going to ask her out." Maka nodded, "But, the girl has a guy friend who's really close to her, so Kid wasn't sure if the guy liked the girl or not. So he wanted to talk about that."

"So what did you tell him?"

Soul ground his teeth, Maka was so damn nosy, "I told him to leave it be."


"If the girl already has a guy, she doesn't need another one. I mean, yeah."

Maka twisted her head to the side, watching Soul closely. "But…are the two dating?"

Soul shook his head, glaring into space.

Maka looked thoughtful, "Well, if they aren't dating, then I think Kid should ask her out. I mean, he should at least try."

Souls glare intensified. "Well, to late now."

Maka shifted off the couch, "No it's not. I'll just call Kid and tell him what I told you. I'm sure he'd be better off with a female perspective that whatever nonsense you told him."

"Yeah yeah tiny-tits, you do that" Soul grumbled, glad she would finally drop the subject. Closing his eyes in peace, he relaxed for a total of three seconds when his stupidity hit him. "Wait? WHAT?"

Leaping from the couch, he crashed down the hallway and into Maka's room, snatching the cell phone form her tiny hands.

"Idiot! You can't call Kid." Soul growled.

Maka stared dumbstruck up at her partner, his eyes wild and his chest heaving. "What the hell Soul? Why not?"

Soul's mind tried to kick into overdrive, but it failed to even start. Mouth slightly open, he tried to start his mind again, but the engine refused to even turn over. He also might have flooded it. Without any mental guidance, he felt his mouth open.

"Because, Kid wanted to ask you out!"

Maka's mouth dropped open as Soul's brain functions started to kick back in. But before he regained full control of his flight reflex, his mouth opened again.

"And I don't want that!"

And then he was gone. Flying down the hallway and into his room. Only pausing to slam his door shut before launching onto his bed and pulling on his headphones.L

Leaving a very confused Maka in his wake.


Soul stayed sulking silently in his room until he heard a gentle rap on his door. When he didn't respond, the rapping grew more insistent.

"Soul" Maka called out softly, "Dinner's ready."

Soul grunted in reply. He wasn't hungry in the slightest, but he doubted even with the awkward situation he had created would be enough to drive Maka away from his door. So with a sigh he swallowed his pride and forced himself from the bed and out into the bright light of the kitchen.

The pair (Maka) ate in silence, Soul staring angrily at his food, and Maka staring at Soul.

"Would you stop looking at me" Soul finally snarked, breaking the silence.

Maka looked away quickly, not realizing she had been. Soul noted the furious blush that crept into her cheeks. Even through his embarrassment and anger, he felt himself go slightly giddy. He loved when she blushed.

"I'm sorry" Maka apologized quickly, sneaking a glance at him, but he was still steadfastly staring at his untouched plate. A drastic comparision to her now empty one.

"S'alright" He assured her, pushing away from the table. "I'm gonna go to bed already." Blush or not, he was eager to escape her presence for a while.

"But I made dessert!" Maka protested, pointing to Strawberry Short cakes she had left out on the counter.

"I don't like strawberry" Soul replied, continuing on.

"I know, yours has extra whip cream" Maka stated smartly, reaching out and grabbing his wrist pulling him back to the table. "Now come on, at least eat one. I whipped the cream myself."

Sighing, Soul nodded and waited as Maka placed one of the succulent desserts in front of each of them. Again, the pair ate in silence, but thankfully, Soul actually touched his food this time.

As Soul plopped the last piece of the delicacy into his mouth, Maka was unable to contain herself any longer.

"Soul, what did you mean?" She asked softly.

Soul choked on his treat, grabbing his drink and swallowing down painfully. For a moment, he hoped that his sudden near death experience would have distracted Maka, but she simply stared at him, waiting expectantly.

"Nothing" he grumbled, rising out of his chair and heading back towards his room.

"Soul!" Maka lectured, stopping him in his tracks in the living room, "Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you."

Slowly, the Demon Weapon turned around, trying to keep his face calm, collected, cool. "What do you want short-stack?"

Maka glared at him, " I want to know why you scared Kid off!"

"Why, do you like him?" Soul shot back, ignoring the question.

"Why do you care?" Maka yelled back, her temper rising.

"Because, I'm supposed to protect you" Soul roared back.

"Protect me from what? A guy who compliments me from time to time, who treats me like a girl?"

"You don't understand guys Maka, they only want one fucking thing! You can't trust them."

"I trust you!"

"That's different!" Soul yelled, pulling at his hair in exasperation. "You're my miester."

"So what? I can only be with you? That's not fair Soul. You have girls hanging off you all the time! You know, sometimes it would be nice for ME to feel wanted too, to feel pretty!"

"You are pretty!" Soul growled, crossing the distance between the two and grabbing her by the shoulders, "Maka, you're beautiful. That's why it gets harder and harder…" he trailed off, realizing his brain had lost control of his body again.

"Harder to what?" Maka breathe, her large green eyes staring up into his crimson ones.

Every fiber in Soul's being told him to lie. Lie, tell her anything, anything else than what he was currently planning on say. But once again, his mouth opened, and the words tumbled out.

"To not be with you." Soul croaked out, taking control of his body and wrenching his hands away from her. "I like you Maka, a lot. I…I don't want to see you with anyone else." Shaking his head, he turned away from her and started to shuffle away towards his room, his head hung in shame.

"Soul!" Maka called again, reaching out and grabbing him by the arm, forcing him to turn around and face her. "Soul?"

He stayed silent, trying to avoid her eye contact, but failing miserably.

"You like me?" She squeaked out softy, blushing harder than he had ever seen before.

Mechanically, he nodded his head, feeling a blush creep onto his own face.

She stared at him for a moment, before leaning up and giving him a chaste peck on the lips. "I like you too…"

Souls mind went completely blank as her cool lips touched his. For a moment, he didn't know what to do. But then his natural reactions took over. Wrapping one arm around her waist, his other cupped her cheek, bringing her face to his. Without a moments hesitation he kissed her, pressing their bodies together.

He laughed into her mouth as she let out a surprised squeak at his action, before she melted into the kiss, opening her mouth and giving him access. Taking the gift, his tongue skirted into her mouth, and without meaning to, he let out a soft moan.

She tasted of cream and strawberries.

That's it. He fucking loved strawberries now.

He allowed the kiss to last a few minutes longer, before finally pulling away, allowing the teens to breathe, their chests heaving against each other.

"Wow" Maka giggled into his chest.

"Yeah, wow" Soul agreed, pulling her face up to look at him. He cheeks were tinted pink. Laughing, he gave her a small kiss on the nose. "You taste amazing."

Her blush deepened.

"I love it when you blush." He growled, pulling her in for another kiss.

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