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Teacher Teacher

Chapter aaaaaaONE!

(I have no idea why I just did that)

"I wish to train the young monks." The request was simple enough, but the one requesting it was the difficult part. Chase Young had asked Master Fung if he could talk with him, and that was what he offered as conversation. Master Fung was shocked, to say the least.

"Why?" he asked, staring at the prince of darkness in disbelief.

Chase was fiddling with the cup of tea he had. He swirled the liquid around and around and replied, "Hannibal's attacks are becoming much more violent… He's attempting to kill the young monks…"

Master Fung eyed the evil emperor suspiciously. "And why would this concern you?" he asked, not taking his eyes off the man for a second.

Chase yawned in a boring way. He sipped his tea and then groaned in response to the question. "Isn't it obvious…?" he asked, swirling the tea again. Master Fung didn't speak, Chase sighed in response to that.

Chase grumbled under his breath about how dull the old man was. But his eyes lit up with energy as he replied to the question at hand,

"The monks are too much fun."

Transition music playing… Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…

Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay, and Omi were all outside, playing a game Kimiko had explained to them about. She said it was normally played with cars, but they played with birds because there were no cars near where they were.

"Ha!" Omi suddenly jumped up, pointing, "A yellow one! I am victorious! Yes! Yes!" Omi was cheering happily. A yellow bird had flown by and the game was 'yellow car' bird style. Omi did a little dance.

The way they played yellow car, the one who saw the yellow bird first wouldn't have to do dishes that night. Omi was the lucky winner today.

"Great…" Raimundo grumbled, sitting down on his butt. Clay sighed, but didn't really mind too much that he hadn't won. He almost never did.

Master Fung came out to see his students. He smiled happily at them and stated, "I have news, young monks…"

Everyone turned to look at him.

"You will be getting a new temporary mentor," he said.

Omi jumped up and down. "Oooohhh! Who is it? Is it Master Monk Guan? Is it? Is it? Is it?" he asked question after question, hopping around happily.

Master Fung caught Omi in mid bounce and he set him down on the ground. "No Omi, it is not Master Monk Guan," he said softly.

"Well then who is it?" Kimiko asked, putting out her arms in a surrendering fashion.

"Morning, little ones," the sudden voice behind her frightened Kimiko.

She jumped and turned around as fast as she could. Chase Young was standing there, smirking as he usually did.

Everyone jumped into fighting stances, Omi yelled, "Chase Young, if you have come here for a fight, you have found it!"

Chase only grinned at this and turned his attention to Master Fung and he asked calmly, "You haven't told them yet?"

"I was getting to that," Master Fung said. The monks looked at him, confusion evident in all of their faces.

Master Fung spoke calmly, "Students, this is your new mentor…"

All of their jaws dropped. WHAT?

"Whaddya mean our new mentor? THAT'S CHASE YOUNG!" Raimundo shouted.

Everyone was shouting questions; Chase chuckled in response to the way they reacted.

Master Fung sighed. "Chase offered to teach you how to defend yourselves against Hannibal… He said Hannibal appears to be trying harder and harder to kill you…" he stated.

"But couldn't ya find someone else to teach us?" Raimundo yelled. Chase frowned at that question; that was rather insulting.

Master Fung groaned. "Who better to teach you how to fight him, than the person who's been fighting him for hundreds of years?" he said, rhetorically.

Everyone was still shocked. Master Fung smiled and said, "Have fun…" And he walked off.

The monks all turned to stare at Chase. Chase was smirking at them as usual. It was only now that they noticed he had a container of some sort on his back that had staves sticking out of it.

Chase turned away from them and set the container on the ground.

"Well, I suppose we should get started…" he said, pulling off his armor. Chase grunted softly as he took off the weights on his wrists and then slipped off his gloves. Chase then pulled off his shirt and he turned to the monks and asked, grinning wickedly, "Who's first?"

Kimiko felt her face go scarlet. Chase was the picture of physical perfection! Every muscle was chiseled to perfection. The pecs, the abs, or the six-pack is a better description, all of them. Chase's body was incredible! The muscles weren't over-stressed. There wasn't a single vein obscuring the flawless flesh. When his back had been to them, his shoulder blades had moved around when he dropped his shirt and his muscular back had rippled with the movement. Now that he was facing them, Kimiko saw the perfectly lean, yet built, chest. She had a feeling that if she touched those abs, they'd be rock hard.

Kimiko felt herself getting wet just looking at him. She felt so dirty, but she just couldn't look away. He was so gorgeous! She had never seen this much of Chase before, and once she saw this much, she only wanted to see more. Kimiko wondered what he looked like under those pants. She fantasized of him putting his member inside of her and going in and out and…

Gah! Dirty thoughts! Very dirty thoughts! Kimiko closed her eyes tightly and erased the images she had just created from her mind.

Chase sighed. "No one? Well, I suppose I'll have to choose who to start with…" Chase said when none of them stepped forward, "Omi…"

It didn't really surprise Kimiko that he picked Omi to go first; Chase always had a strange obsession with Omi. She hoped he wasn't gay. That would have crushed her dreams!

Omi approached Chase nervously, and Rai and Clay went and sat on the steps of the temple. Kimiko joined them quickly and they sat and watched Chase and Omi spar for a little while.

Eventually Rai and Clay went inside to get something to eat. But Kimiko stayed and watched.

She couldn't help it. Watching Chase move made her skin tingle with excitement.

The way every muscle worked together and flowed into each other when he moved; the beautiful grace in his force; watching him was like watching a moving work of art. He was just so perfect!

Watching that man thrust the staff at Omi and knock him down and send the little guy flying normally would have angered Kimiko, but seeing him shirtless had changed her views on Chase. She saw him as a god now.

Then she saw how tired Omi looked after a few hours. Omi was drenched in sweat; Chase looked as though he hadn't broken a sweat; not one drop. Omi was exhausted; Chase told him he could go.

"I am going to take a bath and a nap… That would be most rewarding…" he mumbled as he walked into the temple.

Kimiko watched Omi for a little while and she turned her gaze back to Chase. Chase smirked and threw the staff he had been holding at her. Kimiko caught it, but was still rather shocked he had thrown it at her.

"Your turn," he said, picking up the staff Omi had set on the ground.

Kimiko approached him slowly; how could she fight him when she was too busy ogling the man? She had a feeling this wouldn't end well for her.

Chase struck. He aimed blow after blow at her; Kimiko kept blocking them and dodging others. He looked to be getting a little annoyed. She was supposed to be attacking back!

Chase saw an opening and took it. He swept the staff under her feet and he knocked Kimiko down.

"Training requires attacks from both parties," he stated angrily. Kimiko got to her feet, no thanks to Chase, and he ordered firmly, "This time I want you to come at me. Attack."

Kimiko swallowed and picked up the staff. Chase stood still, waiting for her to make the first move. Kimiko struck out at him, Chase blocked. It continued like this for a little while before Chase started striking at her again.

Kimiko had messed up at one point. She tried to aim for him, but had gotten hit in the process. Her staff was already aiming for his chest, and as she fell back, it pulled his staff back with her. Chase didn't let go of it in time; he fell down with her.

Of course, that was right when Raimundo and Clay had decided to come back outside. And to them, it must've looked suggestive.

Chase was lying on top of a tired and out of breath looking Kimiko. He had one arm lifting himself up a little and he was staring down into her eyes, his mouth open slightly as he tried to catch his breath.

Oh yeah, definitely looked suggestive to the guys.

"Hey! Whaddyou think you're doing with Kimiko?" Raimundo yelled, running over but stopping when Chase glared at him.

Chase had lifted himself up as Rai yelled at him and he glared when the boy had run towards him. Chase brushed himself off and grumbled, "We fell…"

Rai scoffed. "Oh yeah, I'm so sure you fell!" he yelled, sarcasm dripping from each word. "If you're gonna teach us, you can't put the moves on Kimiko! That's immoral! And plus, it's an abuse of your position!"

Chase frowned angrily at the boy; was he listening to himself? He sounded like such an idiot. Chase was the prince of darkness; he knew all about abusing one's power.

Kimiko got to her feet and Chase grumbled at her, "We're done here…"

Kimiko felt insulted. Chase was ending their training so early! Omi's training had gone on for hours! This one had only lasted them a few minutes! It hurt Kimiko to think that Chase cared more about how Raimundo saw what had just happened than training her so that she wouldn't die. It cut deep, but Kimiko stayed and watched him train the others.

After Clay had his training session, Clay went inside as Raimundo had to take a bath and go to sleep. All three of them had done that; Kimiko hadn't because she had hardly trained with Chase.

Kimiko watched Clay go inside and she looked back at Chase. She looked sad, but she didn't say anything to him.

Chase sat himself down on the steps next to her. Kimiko could see a thin sheen of sweat glistening off his body as the setting sun shone on it. He looked tired; he was taking quick, deep breaths.

Kimiko smiled weakly at him; did Chase realize just how attractive he really was?

Chase looked at her; he had noticed she was staring at him.

Kimiko wanted so badly to kiss him. Chase was just begging for it!

He touched her forehead.

"You were distracted today…" he said calmly, "I'll expect more from you in two days…"

Kimiko swallowed and tried to force her blush to slow. She prayed Chase couldn't see the color rising to her cheeks as she nodded in response to his command.

He noticed the blush, however. He adjusted his hand so the back of his hand was against her forehead and he spoke, "You're face is red, are you sick…? Is that why you were distracted…?"

Kimiko stammered in response, "I'm n-not sick…!"

Chase observed her for a moment or two. No, she wasn't sick. She didn't have a fever, but her cheeks were still a deep shade of red. A smirk graced his lips; she liked him! Oh this would be fun training! If she couldn't learn to control her emotions, Chase was going to have quite the handful.

He smirked and got up; he walked away and picked up his clothes and armor. He chuckled to himself as he still felt Kimiko's eyes on him.

"The monks are too much fun…"