Okay, now that that's out of the way…


Teacher Teacher 8…? Yeah, 8…

Kimiko had been sitting in the woods with Chase for a little while, he had fallen silent since she had said Hannibal told her he was using her. Like, DEAD silent.

She was beginning to get worried; Chase wasn't the type to just get quiet. He usually led into that and left you waiting to hear what he had to say but… now… he just wasn't saying anything!

"Chase…?" she finally ventured to say his name.

His face was pale, but Chase replied sternly, "Hannibal wasn't lying to you… I had been using you." Kimiko gasped and tears welled up in her eyes, but Chase continued. "I had been planning on breaking your heart and leaving you for dead, but… That was before…" his voice died off as he looked away from her and at the ground.

"Before…?" Kimiko urged him to finish, despite the single tear trickling down her cheek.

Chase swallowed and whispered, "Before you broke mine… Kimiko…" Chase turned his head to face her and he said softly, "I'm in love with you…"

Before he could stop her, Kimiko had pounced on him and immediately begun making out with him.

Chase groaned to himself as he felt his member surge violently. He grew stiffer and longer each time their tongues met. He couldn't help it, Kimiko…did things to him. No other way to explain it.

Moaning and panting as their tongues did the tango, Chase was carefully stripping all his clothes off. His armor was troublesome; it had the audacity to stop their kiss for seven whole seconds! The bastard!

Their shirts weren't so bothersome, they each just tore the other's shirt in half to remove the unnecessary garments.

"Ounh…" Kimiko moaned into Chase's lips as he bit down on her lower lip and ground his teeth against it while she ran her tongue along the front of his teeth.

Chase chuckled softly and dared to part their lips. Kimiko let him pull away, stealing a lick at the pink tongue still hanging from his mouth.

Chase lowered his head down to her abdomen. Her pants were already gone, now there were those troublesome panties to deal with.

Clenching hold of her breasts and squeezing tightly, Chase tore the panties apart with his teeth. The fabric ripped to shreds, Chase now had access to her tender regions. And boy did he go at it!

"Anh!" Kimiko yelped as she suddenly felt Chase's tongue wriggling around inside of her core. "Chase, that's dirty! Don't!" she whimpered as he continued kneading her breasts and sucking and lapping at her core. (Tempted to just write the fricking word down…)

"Oh…! Annh…!" Kimiko's moans were sickening. They were driving Chase mad!

His member throbbing and dripping with anticipation, but Chase couldn't take his lips away from the increasingly wet hole.

"Mmph…" Chase mumbled into Kimiko's pink flesh, "Tasphes…pho…good…"

Chase slid his tongue along the slippery pink hole, bottom to top, and purposely let his moan escape his lips as he did. Kimiko moaned as well, it was an addicting feeling, his tongue in between her legs like that.

Chase's finger twisted suddenly and they caught Kimiko's nipples in a sexual tug-of-war. Kimiko cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain and wrapped her legs around Chase's neck, forcing his lips deeper into the special area.

He wasn't complaining, though. He went right ahead and stretched his tongue into her core as far as it would go. Moaning intensely, twisting her nipples, and now blowing into her hole, Chase's member was practically screaming at him to satisfy it already.

Chase remembered something that he had brought with him and immediately rifled through his armor to find it. He continued licking and blowing, pinching and twisting, as he pulled out a staff that needed only a tap to make it its full length.

Chase, though increasingly distracted by the woman whose fluids were starting to run down his chin, managed to get the staff to stretch out. He held the staff and, with more force than necessary, shoved the staff into Kimiko's anal.

She screamed out at first, but once she felt Chase's hand continue to pinch and kneed and now his member to slide teasingly against her wetness Kimiko began riding the staff now shoved up her ass.

Sure it hurt, but because it was Chase, it was worth it.

"Ooaah!" she cried out loudly as Chase attempted to help get the staff in further.

Grunts, pants, and moans left their vocal boxes as Chase slid his meat up and down against her wet, oozing pink core. Up and down, up and down; Kimiko was going mad from the feeling of it!

But it was when Chase began teasing her by merely putting the tip just in between the folds of skin that Kimiko began begging for it.

The soft squish of his meat against her wet, tender flesh was heard as Kimiko whimpered, "Please Chase, do it, please…!"

Chase smiled at her and whispered, "When I do. Beg me not to stop…"

Kimiko barely nodded her head before the enormous, foot-long, throbbing, pulsating, veiny, stiff as wood member was thrust into her for the first time. Chase had said it was eleven inches, hadn't he? This certainly wasn't eleven!

Kimiko screamed out in pleasure and moaned loudly, "Yeess! Yes Chase, yes! Oonnhh! Chase, don't stop!"

A loud squish as the thrusting began.

"Don't stop!"

Their bodies rocking as the member thrust in and out, in and out, and continued to slam into her cervix. His (I'm just gonna type it. Screw it,. I warned you guys.) Chase's dick felt like it was getting wider inside of her with each thrust.

The thrust of it going in and out, the reaction of her body tightening instinctively around it, her incessant moaning and crying outs of his name, all of it was driving Chase mad.

"More!" she screamed.

Chase obliged. He grabbed a firm hold of the staff and began thrusting it along with his dick. Harder and harder he went. Her juices beginning to ooze around it and bubble out of her, Kimiko was screaming with pleasure.

Chase kept grunting every time he pushed it back inside her cave. It felt wonderful!

Her muscles were tightening, his thrusts were becoming more violent and more forceful, the staff being shoved further than what was safe, Kimiko was going to orgasm.

She clutched Chase's back and moaned loudly as he shoved into her faster and faster. As his tempo increased, so too did the heat building between them. Soon enough Kimiko was screaming to him and his body released his seed into her just as they both collapsed on top of each other in a sweaty, sex-fiends heap.

As they lay there panting, Kimiko whispered, "You teach all your students how to do that?"

Chase chuckled and replied, "Only my favorites…"


Yes. That's the end. Teacher Teacher is over and done. You wanna finish it, go right ahead. But as for me, I'm done!

I have to say, I felt my first lemon was better…

Dunno, maybe that's just me..

But I've read my share of lemons, and I felt like this one was just poorly written.


Maybe you guys could tell me if you agree or not..?

That story was, again, just my try at it. The idea had been done before, but I wanted to see how my version of it would turn out.

Obviously, I should never write something with this idea ever again…