The Hitchhiker's Guide to Counterpoint

While our music teacher went on about

the contrapuntal dimension,

Zaphod yawned with both mouths

and asked me, "Have you ever been there?"

Where? ...Oh, the contrapuntal dimension.

I said, "I don't think so."

"Trillian, you've got no sense of humour,"

he said, and proceeded to fall asleep.


So I perused the score

of Bach's fourth Brandenburg Concerto

until Marvin (our depressed robot)

informed me he knew all about counterpoint

could do it all in his head

if he really wanted to

compose a bloody symphony

if he wanted to—

(brain the size of a planet, you know)

waving around his A+

from the last assignment.


Zaphod woke up and said,

"We should ditch this place,

go to that party on Alpha Centauri,

chill out, have a few drinks,

listen to some real music.

First two million there get a free holograph

from the asteroid drummer of Infrarock!

So... wanna come?"


But I said, "No thanks. I like Bach.

This planet's not so bad either."

Marvin rolled his eyes and groaned

as only a depressed robot can groan.