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As the doctor and Rose went back in the TARDIS, Reinette stayed outside.

"Reinette?" The doctor asked poking his head out of the door.

She shook her head free of her thoughts and hurried into the TARDIS.

"Right, if I can link this to the power supply then I'll be able to power up the ship."

Reinette stared at him blankly.


The doctor didn't seem to acknowledge her upset and turned to Rose.

"Please will you and Reinette return to the ship and place that in its control thingy."

Rose looked confused.

"What bit of the control thingy?"

"The bit which it fits into." He replied and threw a pen drive at her.

"It's a virus now go!" He pushed out of the doors before she could reply

"Right let's look for this thingy" she gasped as the cold air hit her face.

As she ran along the cold gardens Reinette trailing behind, the wind rushed through her ears and made her feel like one of the happiest people alive.

She stopped abruptly at the entrance. The droids were up and stood near it.

Trying to make as little noise as possible she crept alongside the wall, searching for another one.

To her delight there was a door round the back.

"Reinette, they're so thick they've left it unguarded!" She whispered giddily.

Reinette just looked at her.

She sighed and followed her trail.

"Right, this is your home. You know you're way around where now?" Rose asked.

Reinette sighed again.

"This way." She led her along the alley round to the back door. Trembling slightly she reached for her key and placed it into the lock.

Rose stepped in front and opened the door.

"Brilliant! You're old room!" Rose whispered and ran to the fireplace. Reinette followed.

"Right all we've got to do now is find the right slot."

Reinette looked down to see all sorts of buttons.

She pointed to a slot

"That one?" She asked timidly.

Rose tried it.

"Much too small." She replied frowning in concentration.

"That one?" Asked Reinette pointing to an average sized one.

Rose slotted it in and gave a delighted.


Reinette smiled a little, as Rose pulled out the pen drive and skipped over to the fireplace.

"Right that's it for today!" Rose whispered then took her hand and led her out of the back door.

Rose ran out of the door onto the cobles and ran out past the gate.

To her delight there were droids, all over the floor. Dead.

Rose bent down and pulled off their masks, the cogs were still.

"Yep!" She grinned popping the 'p'.

"Let's get back to the doctor." Rose ran on her own this time, and left Reinette walking. The familiar sensations of being on top of the world made her feel like she was flying.

She flew up to the doctor as she got into the TARDIS and pulled him into a breath taking hug.

"We did it!" Rose yelled. Her face turned red from the cold air.

"I can't believe we did it!" She repeated her grin from ear to ear.

As was the doctors.

"I knew you could." He grinned then let her go.

Reinette walked in to find the doctor and Rose hugging. She sat down on the chair.

The doctor surprisingly turned to her and gave her a hug.

"Well done Reinette!" He praised her and let go of her grinning happily.

Rose too gave her a hug.

"Thank you Reinette."

She grinned.

"Doctor I'm going to pack my things." She said timidly.

The doctors face fell.

"Right. Yes of course."

"Just tell us when you're ready." Rose told her gently.

Reinette simply nodded and went upstairs to her room.

It was very immaculate, as always.

Sighing, she picked up her already packed bags and looked around.

It looked exactly the same as it had since she arrived.

There was no evidence whatsoever that she had been there.

She looked at it one last time and shut the door on her room.

Walking down the ramp she knew it would be her last time in doing so.

"I'm ready." She told Rose.

As they opened the door for her she stepped out to Versailles. The same time she had left.

She turned to them both stood in the doorway holding hands.

They came up to hug her both in turn then they left. Reinette looked back one last time at the ship she knew she would never see again.


Years later in 1764, Jean Antoinette Poisson was laid in her deathbed, her husband by her side, when she fell asleep into dreams of the doctor and Rose, the stuff of legends'.

Jean Antoinette de Poisson is dreaming still.

The end.

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