Plot line: Something I would have loved to see during the episode Shelter although it's a tad bit OOC I think since Fitch is the shy type.

Inspiration: No clue.

Warning: Anger, violence and Stone getting told off because I for some reason can only like him for his body.

Disclaimer: Still not mine :( Do you think fanfiction would be all we had if I owned it?

Detective Louis Fitch always hated hearing his coworkers fight. 90% of the time it was a selfish reason, being that when they fought he was forced to hear about the personal problems of people he could care less about. This time his annoyance wasn't centered around his own desire for solitude though.

He'd been listening to Detective John Stone sling remarks about how all Hispanics needed to go back to their own country while Detective Ariana Sanchez who was of Cuban descent tried to defend herself and her heritage. Her remarks were getting weaker as the morning progressed and Fitch, although more than aware that she could fight her own battles, was concerned.

After Stone made a remark that had Sanchez retorting with "Maybe you wish I was back in Cuba working in a textile mill instead of here as your partner!", Fitch snapped.

When the other detectives saw him rising from his chair, an expression that could make the devil back down on his face, they knew there would be trouble. Sanchez backed a few feet so she was out of danger zone. Fitch's partner Washington remained glued to his chair, eyes as wide as saucers and Wendy, the new intern backed towards the door with a small gasp.

Stone had enough nerve to ask "What's your problem man?"

"Your racism disgusts me!" Fitch snarled in response.

"You know, that was a private argument." Stone retorted, a tinge of smugness in his voice.

"Then why did I feel publicly humiliated?" Sanchez asked from where she was sitting at least twenty feet away.

Stone didn't seem to have a response for her so he turned his attention back to Fitch. "Like you're any better than I am! You hate everybody regardless of race!"

"Not everybody, just you." was the cool collected response he got. The audience almost laughed being that this was the most truthful and direct response Fitch had given in a while.

"I never did anything to you when I first arrived and yet you instantly disliked me." Stone said "Don't I at least deserve an explanation?"

"Yeah doesn't he?" Washington piped in only to be silenced by a glare from Fitch.

Fitch took a deep breath to dissipate his anger completely. As much as he wanted to take out his gun and shoot Stone right there, the man did deserve an explanation. "You were and still are too intent on getting into your partner's pants just so you can make her another notch on your belt. That much became fully obvious when you didn't care whether you insulted're degrading her!"

"Who are you, her father?" Stone asked annoyed before it dawned on him. "You love her?" he shot Fitch an incredulous look "You two are not compatible with your age difference and...she would never return the feelings."

"You're inside my mind now?" Sanchez asked glaring at Stone.

"Well I uh, I assumed I was speaking how I thought you'd...wait you like him?" he looked at her incredolous.

"I like men who respect me and treat me as something other than a notch in his belt." her gaze softened as it landed on Fitch, "age is just a number."

I know it's short but I swear it seemed so much longer when I wrote it down in the notebook. I hate when I do that...anyway if anyone still reads Detroit 187 fics tell me what you think of this one. Corrected Stone's immaturity so now I think it's fine, thanks for pointing it out.