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"OK! OK! I`m up! I`m up!" I say getting off the bed. "What time is it?"


"OK! I`m coming! men."


"What do you two want now?"

I look at my two dogs /wolf...(hybrid?)... sitting in front the door. I walk over and open the door. They gave me a look before running into the forest that surround house. And yes I live in the woods.

"I`ll be out in bit but first I have to change." I say to myself while walking up my room.

I got up my room and switch my cloths which is consider to be a big gym short and a black t-shirt. After dressing, I put my hair up in a high ponytail while walking down stairs. I went to the back door to get my running shoes.

"Ok...let`s go running!" I shout/ fists pumping while looking out to the trees.


After our morning run, its time for school. Oh how I hate school but this week is my best friend's birthday! As I walk, I pass some of my classmates and other people from my school. I was saying hi to everyone I pass even to random people. When I step on the school ground I was in trouble already.

"Hey no pets allow on school ground!" the old men yell out from this one class. I forgot my babies follow me to school.

"They are not on school ground... See look they aren't on school ground I am! see! Look at me." I yell out back to the old teacher.

"Ah ah come on tell your dogs or wolf to go home!" say a girl with blue-green eyes.

I look and wave at her then turn back to tell my babies to go back home.

"Happy birthday Annie" I say while looking at her.

Annie was one of the popular people unlike me. She could have any man/boys fall head over heel to her whenever she wants. Annie was my best and only friend I got ever since I was in elementary school. She always think me a sibling and so do I.

"It`s not my birthday! It`s on Friday and today is Monday." She said while walking to me. I look around before walking to the building.

"Yeah yeah ha" I said to her.

As Annie and I walk into the class, all eyes was on Annie. By the way everyone look it tells me that something is going to happen. Annie was not looking so good. One boy came UP to Annie he seems to be a year older than us. I look at him and he glare. But I didn't because Annie seems to be pissed off so I stay where I was and not move. He turn to Annie after seeing that I`m not moving anywhere.

"Honey why did you leave me all alone on Sunday you promise we go out." He say getting close to Annie.

"I left you all alone because you where f-ing Kina!" Annie said getting mad.

"I was not F-ing Kina!" He yells back at Annie.

"Mike, don't try to lie, you dick-sucker!" Annie said back.

I watch as they yelled at each other until 'Mike' decided to hit Annie. Before he could hit her I step in and punch him in the face. And he fell backward and knockout cold. I look at Annie then to everyone else and they all look shock at what I did. I turn back to Annie and she look mad at the same time happy that I did that. I turn around and look down at Mike who was still out cold. All of a sudden I start to feel like someone was glaring at me with a evil smile.

"Well now I`ll be seeing you after school"

Slowly turning around, I saw my teacher standing behind me. I look to my side and saw that Annie left to sit down. I frown as I walk to my seat at the very back next to the windows and books. I seat behind Annie who was looking at something so I look up to see two boy, two every tall and big boy. I think they are 7 ft tall or higher. I look at Annie who look at me with a smile. I was kinda creep out how she was looking at me.

"What?" I hiss

"Oh no nothing" Annie said turning around.

"Ok class today we have two new students so be nice to them. Why not tell us your names" said while looking at them.

"I`m Halkrath and this is my brother Cetanu. We are step-brothers" The one call Halkrath introduce them.

I look at them then turn my head to the window to look out to the mountain. I keep having the feeling like someone was looking at me so I turn to look around the classroom and saw the new student, the one called Cetanu looking at me. I look at him and tilt my head to the left and he did the same. We look at each other then after what feel like forever I look away to see Halkrath and Annie looking at me. Halkrath was seating next to Annie and in front of Cetanu who seat next to me. I look at them then shook my head and look away. In the corner of my eyes I could still see them looking at me. And I can still feel Cetanu looking at me.

"What!"I grunt while still looking out the window.

"No nothing" Annie said turning around.

"What do you want?" I turn around looking at Halkrath and Cetanu who was still looking at me.

"Oh no it nothing" Halkrath say while turning away from me.

I look at Cetanu who was glared at me. So I glare back at him we stay like that for a while until Annie look over at us.

"Don`t even try to start a fight in here" She say while going back to her laptop. Did I forget to tell you this, our classroom allow us to use laptop as long as its the school laptop

"I`m not trying to start a fight. He is the one who is trying." I say not looking away from him.

I saw Halkrath hand reach out and then hit Cetanu in the back of his head. I could not help but smile evilly at Cetanu.

"Don`t even try to start a trouble here Cetanu" Halkrath say looking at Cetanu then to me. "I`m sorry my brother like to get into trouble sometime."

I nod at him and look away. Annie, I just know she is trying to not smile and laugh. The day was long until it was time to go home. I can't leave yet because I got into trouble for hitting Mike in the face. So I`m here alone in the classroom bored out of my mind. It was not long before I can go home. As I walk down and out of the building I saw Annie, my two lovely hybrids, Halkrath and Cetanu all standing around. Shadow and Light (my two lovely babies) look up and ran to me. I was knock down by Shadow then after I got up Light knock me down, too. I look up and saw Shadow and Light looking down on me with their tongue sticking out their mouth and their tails wagging. Cetanu was laughing at me. I look away from him and look over at Annie, only to see she was talking to Halkrath. She seem happy talking with him. I got up again and look at Shadow and Light. They know its time to go home so they got ready. I look over at Annie who was also ready to go. Halkrath and Cetanu look each other questioningly; so Annie told them what we are going to my place.

"So ya do you guys want to come too?" Annie says looking at the two guys.

"Annie, I don`t know about this. We hardly know them."

"It seem to be fun so why not" Halkrath say looking at Cetanu.

"Hmm I got to agree with that little girl, I don't know if its safe to go with them." Cetanu say while I nodded.

Its seem me and Cetanu both agree with this.

After arguing for 10 minutes straight Cetanu and I agree that it's safe to go to my place...but it my place I should be able to have a say in this...

"Why not make this fun. Lets have a race." Annie said cheerily.

"Why not" " That fine with me" "But i don't wanna run" Halkrath, Cetanu, and I said at once.

We all agree that we were going to run when the light turn green and from there we are going to run to my house. Halkrath and Cetanu seem to be fine it so we walk over to the stop light and waited.


And off we go. We were run nonstop. After 5 min into the run Shadow and Light went back to help Halkrath and Annie. So that mean that Cetanu and I are neck to neck. Ok maybe not neck to neck but close. We were almost at my house when Cetanu decided it would be fun to try and trip me but it didn`t work. I simply jump over his leg and land in front of him. We keep on running until Cetanu trip on his own feet and pulled me along with him. I went down with him. I was so close to my front yard then I`ll win but no Cetanu have to pull me down with him. And he had, HAD to land on top of me... I'm surprise I'm not crush yet. Cetanu quickly got up before me and ran into my front yard. So Cetanu is the winner.

"What the hell I want a rematch" I yell while dusting myself off..

"I win. You lose. Simple" Cetanu say leaning on my tree next to the front porch.

"I want a rematch" I say walking to him.

"YOUR ON!" Cetanu said leaning off the tree.

"Ohh this seem fun to watch. Okay the rematch is a hand to hand fight first one to fall to their knees loses ok" Annie say while seating in the porch. when she get there?

"That might not be a good idea" Halkrath say to her.

"OK hand to hand fight then" I say leaning forward.


"Wait did you not hear me say..."

"GO!GO!" Annie shout from the porch."Hey come and stay over here with me"

"But...Oh never mind" Halkrath said while walking up the porch next to Annie.

I look at Cetanu and he seem to look existed? The two of us got into our fighting stands. Cetanu charge first at me. I easily move out of the way. The two of us walk in circle studying each other. I made the second move. Cetanu move to the right and it was what I wanted him to do. I use my right hand to get a hold on Cetanu shirt and pull him over to me; using his own weight against him. As soon as I pull him in I use a left fist it punch him in the guts then use my right arm to hook on his neck and bring him down hard. As soon as he was down I roll him over to his knees and sat on his back so he won't get back up. I look down at him and smile evilly at him.


Cetanu POV

I was brought down by an ooman. I can not believe I was brought down. I look over to Halkrath who look as surprise as me. The oomen is setting on me as if he was the king. I look up at him and My Paya he is evil looking. Is he a bad blood?

"Ok you win now get off me, Ooma..."I said as I easily push the squishy ooman of me.

"Ooma..?" He look up to me after moving away from me.

"hmm it nothing" I say walking away.

I look over to Halkrath and saw that he was glaring at me. I look over my shoulder to the ooman who was looking at me with a confusing look. I turn around and stood there as Halkrath walk to me and I look up when he was in front of me. Halkrath nodded to me to tell me it was time to go back to the ship.

"Hey Annie what time is it?" the ooman male say to the ooman girl.

"It…OMG I forgot it was my turn to watch the kids" the ooman girl cry out.

"Get on Shadow he`ll take you home…Oh hey are you guys going?" Get on the large four legged creature? They are almost the same size as the creature they all a donkey if not a little bigger.

"Yeah sorry can`t stay to long." Halkrath said as we start to walk away.

I watch from the corner of my eyes to see that the oomen male is helpping the oomen girl get on his pet. I want to see more of the oomen life but damn we have to go back. We walk out of the town it was not far from the oomen male house. As walk farther into the wood the more trees there are. We finally came to a big clearing. Halkrath look at his left arm and at the watch before gaving it a small turn on the side and the ship became visible for us to see. I walk up to the ship and look at my left arm and turn my watch to the right when the a hologram keyboard appeared; I type in the code to open the door. Halkrath walk in before me. I look around to make sure we have not been follow. After a minute or two I walk in and close the door. Halkrath made sure the ship was invisible, he was in the control room. after checking that everyting was fine for a while I went to my room and change out of this fake human skin.

"Cetanu get in here!" Halkrath yell out into the speaker that was connected to the control room.

"What?" I walk into the control looking at Halkrath.

Halkrath didn't look away from the screen and so I walk around control chair that Halkrath was sitting on and look up at screen. In the screen it shows ten Kainde Ameda heading to the small town. I look from the screen to Halkrath. He was already out of his oomen costume. He look at me then nodded to me to put on my awu`asa for battle. After we got change, we went back to the control room to see that the ten Kainde Ameda are down to nine. So one must have been kill by the oomen. I look at the nine Kainde Ameda and its look like they are heading outside of town but why? Won't they just heading to the town just a while ago. Some thing must had happen and the only way to find out is to go out and see for ourselves. I look at Halkrath who had the same idea. As we walk out of the ship I could have swear I saw the two oomen from 'school' running.

"Was it me or did I just saw the two oomen from school running?" Halkrath asked me while looking around for any sign of the Kainde Ameda.

"So you saw it too." I say over my shoulder to Halkrath.


I turn and look to my left. Halkrath and I ran without a second though and ran to where the cry came from. We got to a small river not far from our ship. And what Halkrath and I saw was shocking.

"Die! Die! Die!"


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