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Lucy sighed as she watched her best friend and partner, Natsu Dragneel, as he tried to stop himself from vomiting over her and the train carriage they were.

"Natsu, you okay?" she asked whilst placing a dainty hand on his shoulder. The only response she received was of him groaning as he struggled to control his recurring travel sickness. Lucy sighed again and cast her eyes to the rest of their team, Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster. Both of which were asleep and oblivious to Natsu's condition. She started to stroke his unruly salmon coloured hair rhythmically and continued to comfort him as much as possible.

2 Hours Later

After an hour of comforting her partner, Lucy had fallen asleep with her arms curled around him protectively. By now the train was almost at their stop and Erza was the first to awaken and spot the pair, she ran a hand through her fiery hair and elbowed the sleeping ice mage next to her. Gray yawned and looked to where Erza was now pointing; he sniggered and planned to tease his rival about it later. He turned to the redhead

"Why don't they just start dating already, I mean come on, they obviously like each other?" he complained. Erza just shrugged and continued to stare at the couple.

"You know how dense Natsu is but I guess you have a point, how hard can it be to say three little words." "Maybe you could give them some advice then, if not then I'll just ask Jellal to tutor them" Gray teased. She blushed and looked out the window, they would be at the station soon.

About half an hour later they arrived at the station and the pair began to stir. Natsu tried to stretch but discovered that he couldn't move his arms. He tried to find the obstruction and blushed when he saw Lucy and the position they were in.

"Hey Luce, I'm gonna need my arms back." He murmured sleepily to her. Lucy yawned and rubbed her eyes therefore releasing him. 'So Cute' he thought to himself.

"Gomen ne Natsu" she apologised. Erza grinned broadly "Lucy's a perv!" Lucy automatically started defending herself against her friend's accusations whilst Gray smirked at Natsu who had continued to stare at Lucy.

The group exited the train quickly and another half hour later they arrived back at the guild. As they entered through the double doors the sounds of out of tune singing, heated discussions and glasses chinking together welcomed them.

"Lucy!" Mirajane called over from the bar "come here here for a sec". Lucy left the rest of team with Natsu following close behind her and headed over to where her other best friends Mirajane, Levy and Cana were sitting at the bar. When they reached the counter Levy grabbed Lucy and pushed her down onto a barstool whilst Cana shot Natsu a petrifying glare

"Girl talk, Beat it!" she snapped as she shoved him in the opposite direction. Natsu muttered something under his breath and retreated to Erza and Gray's table.

When the three girls were satisfied they set their sights on the pretty blonde who was now looking quite sheepishly at her feet. Mirajane spoke first.

"Some totally hot guy came in looking for you earlier" Levy cut in "When we told him that you were out on a mission he said that he would come back later, so spill already!". Lucy looked up at them with a questioning gaze "What did he look like? Did he leave his name?" she asked. Cana perched on the chair next to her and crossed her legs.

"Well he was quite tall, about 18 years old, well toned and he had long-ish blonde hair and peppermint green eyes." she seemed to think for a moment before turning to Mirajane "What was his name again?" Mira looked thoughtful for a moment before answering.

"erm... Larry... Liam... Leon... Luke" She sighed in defeat "Sorry Lucy, I can't seem to remember". Lucy shook her head softly.

"It's ok, I'm not sure about the appearance though. I don't think I know anyone that looks like that". The girls nodded their heads in understanding and Lucy felt her heart constrict in fear 'Please Kami-sama, Don't let it be him'. Suddenly the guild doors swung open to reveal a man that fitted the description of the man that had been looking for her earlier.

"Ah Hime, you have returned. Are you ready to come back to us yet?" a deep velvety voice called. The hustle and bustle of the guild stopped and everyone turned their heads towards the intruder.

Lucy just stood there with complete horror and panic painted across her angelic features.

"N-No No! Go away, I'm never going back to that place!" she cried.

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