Hello! That's right, I'm back :D

So after a four month break from writing anything at all, I decided it was time for the long awaited sequel to 'It's Just Me and You Now'. People are still reading that story now, even though it's been finished for so long!

I haven't skipped loads, a lot of readers were worrying that I was going to make Rory and Jess really old but I haven't! You'll see anyway when you read... off you go then :D

Lorelai rolled over peacefully and slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the light shining through the gap in the drapes. She got a surprise though.

"Gah," she almost screeched, her hand flying to her heart as she sat up in bed. "Rory, why are you sitting there?" she questioned the girl, narrowing her eyes at the sweet face before her.

"I was waiting for you to wake up," she replied with a smile.

"Why?" She rubbed her head.

"Cause it's school!" she reminded her mother. "And I have to get there soon." Lorelai's eyes widened for a moment as they drifted to the alarm clock on her nightstand, only to relax when she saw what the time actually was.

"Sweets, it's only six thirty," she whined. "We have like two hours till you have to be there."

"But me and Jess have a plan."

"Oh really?"

"Yup, he's gonna tell Auntie Liz that he has to be there early and I'm supposed to tell you, then we'll be the first ones there." Lorelai rolled her eyes.

"Not gonna happen," she shook her head. "Come on, let's go back to sleep for a little while." She peeled back the covers on Luke's side of the bed and patted the mattress, but Rory pouted stubbornly.

"No, mommy we have to stay awake! We have to get ready."

"Relax, there's plenty of time," she assured her. "Let me just have a little mommy-Rory time before you go off to school." Rory sighed but allowed her mom to tuck her under the covers, before pulling her closer towards her.

"We have to get up soon though," she warned.

"And we will, I promise," she chuckled. "I can't believe you're starting school today." Rory looked up at Lorelai, a smile taking over her features.

"I can't wait," she grinned.

"Are you excited?"

"Yeah, me and Jess are gonna be in the same class."

"Don't you guys see enough of each other already?" she wondered, and Rory just shrugged her shoulders in reply.

"Is daddy coming home to help us get ready?" she asked hopefully. Lorelai frowned.

"I don't think so, babe," she said regretfully. "But he said if we stop by the diner first he'll make us breakfast and walk over to the school with us." The little girl's face lit up.

"Okay," she smiled. "I'm gonna have pancakes and syrup, with a chocolate milkshake."

"He'll try to persuade you to have banana flavour instead," Lorelai pointed out knowingly.

"I know," she frowned. "Why does he always think I want banana?"

"Well, that's cause when you were a baby you were obsessed with bananas," she told her. "You used to have banana pancakes for breakfast, you know. And every time we went to the grocery store you made him buy you a banana." Rory scrunched her nose up in disgust.

"I was a weird baby," she decided. "Chocolate is so much better."

"Of course it is," she agreed. "Daddy just worries that you're gonna grow up to be big and fat if you don't eat a banana once in a while." The corners of Rory's mouth turned up slightly.

"I guess I could ask for banana pancakes today, but I'm still having the syrup."

"I'm sure that will make your dad very happy," she smiled. "Now come on, I think we should get up so we have extra time for breakfast."


"Come on, we have to hurry," said Rory impatiently as she tugged on both her parents' hands. They were only a few minutes away from the school and the girl was getting excited.

"Will you quit pulling me along?" Luke complained. Rory pouted and let go of their hands, choosing to walk in front of them instead. Lorelai moved in closer to Luke and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"I can't believe we're doing this already," she said quietly, causing him to turn his head to look at her.

"Doing what?" he wondered.

"Taking her to school. It doesn't seem like two minutes since we were potty training her." Luke looked down at the little girl walking in front of him; he couldn't believe how much she'd grown, and how quickly too. He knew it wouldn't be much longer until she was in high school, and he intended to make the most of his daughter's childhood.

"I know," he agreed. "She's great though, I can't believe how well she's turning out to be." Lorelai chuckled a little bit.

"We're just awesome parents," she nodded.

"Finally!" Rory exclaimed as she looked up at the school building before her. "Come on, we've gotta go inside." She grabbed her parents' hands again and dragged them through the doors. Luke sighed but shared a knowing smile with his wife.

"Okay Ror, we have to find your classroom," said Luke, looking around for some kind of direction. Rory jumped on the spot impatiently; she just wanted to get there so she and Jess could find a good seat together.

"Let's just follow these people," she decided, pulling him along. Lorelai followed, and they soon found what they were looking for. Rory grinned widely as she looked around, and it only intensified when her eyes landed on her cousin slash best friend.

Jess spotted her from where he was standing but he made no move to greet her, and that made Rory confused. "Jess," she called, but the boy turned his back and continued his conversation with his new friends.

Luke watched the interaction, wondering why his nephew was ignoring his daughter; usually they were inseparable. He saw the sad look on Rory's face when she realised he wasn't gonna talk to her and she slowly turned around and made her way over to an empty desk, setting her backpack down on it.

"Did you see that?" Luke asked his wife, who nodded in return.

"Yeah, he found new friends though, that's just what kids do," she shrugged as she smiled sadly at her daughter's fallen expression. She didn't want her kid to be the loner in school, no parent would wish that upon their child, but it looked like that was how it was shaping up to be.

"He shouldn't act so rude, he could at least say hello." He caught Jess' attention and gestured for him to come over, watching as the little boy shuffled over to him.

"Hi Uncle Luke," he greeted, giving his aunt a smile also. Luke gave him a small nudge in the shoulder and Jess narrowed his eyes at him. "What was that for?" he whined.

"Why are you ignoring Rory?" he questioned, causing Jess to sigh.

"She's a girl," he shrugged. Luke rolled his eyes.

"You just realised that?" he deadpanned. "Anyway, you were together last night, what's changed since then huh?" Jess lowered his voice.

"I can't talk to girls at school," he admitted quietly. "All the other boys ignore the girls so that's what I have to do too." Luke sighed tiredly.

"Well now you made her sad, so you have to apologise to her." Jess glanced over at his cousin and a frown set on his face, just as his new friend called him over.

"I'll say sorry tonight," he promised. "I gotta go." With that he shot off in the direction of his friends. Luke ran his hand over his face and turned to Lorelai.

"Why are kids so awkward?" he asked her.

"I bet you hated all the girls when you were that age, Lucas," she teased. "Anyway, I'm gonna go see if she's okay, then we can head off." He nodded and watched her slowly approach their little girl. "Hey sweets, what's the matter?" Rory shrugged her shoulders.

"Jess is being a jerk," she confided. Lorelai brushed her fine hair from her face and smiled softly at her.

"He's just found some new friends, babe, you'll meet some too," she enticed. Rory shrugged again. "You will, believe me."

"Okay," she mumbled.

"Good." She kissed her forehead. "Daddy and I are gonna get going now, are you sure you're gonna be okay?" Rory nodded and threw her arms around her mother.

"Bye mommy, I love you."

"I love you too, hon. Have a good day." She nodded again and jumped out of her seat, running straight into her dad's legs.

"Love you daddy."

"Right back at ya." He gave her a hug and a kiss then the young parents watched her trudge back over to her seat alone. "She'll be okay," Luke assured his wife, noticing her concerned expression.

"I know, it's just kinda sad seeing her on her own." Luke took her hand and gave it a squeeze before guiding her out of the classroom. Lorelai glanced back briefly to find an Asian girl approaching Rory with some crayons, before offering her one and sitting down next to her. She smiled to herself then allowed Luke to pull her away.


"So what are your plans for today?" Luke asked Lorelai as he poured her coffee in the diner.

"Well Mia let me change my hours so I can work around Rory's school schedule," she explained. "So I start at nine and finish just before three, then it gives me time to head over to the school and pick her up."

"That's good," he nodded. "What are you doing after that?"

"I dunno," she smiled. "Why?"

"It's usually quiet around three in this place, there might be two stools going spare," he said flirtatiously.

"Oh really?" she went along with it. "Will there be coffee?"

"There's always coffee."

"Then I'm there, make sure there's a fresh pot," she reminded him.

"Anything for you, Crazy Lady." Lorelai grinned and polished off her current cup of coffee.

"Okay, I really have to go if I wanna be on time for work." She leaned across the counter and gave him a quick kiss, before picking up her coat. "Don't forget about the porch rail," she warned, and Luke rolled his eyes.

"I won't."

"Good, love you."

"Love you too," he replied as he watched her saunter out of the diner. He smiled to himself and picked up his rag, proceeding to wipe the counter down for the next lot of customers.


That afternoon, Lorelai strolled slowly towards the school after finishing her shift at the inn. She had plenty of time to spare until school ended, but she had missed Rory so much that she couldn't wait to see her again.

She approached the building and weaved between the groups of parents chatting amongst themselves. They were all at least ten years older than she was, and she felt a little self conscious as she found a spot near the door to wait for her daughter.

Not ten minutes later, the doors flew open and a young woman led a large group of children outside. Lorelai scanned the crowd for Rory's familiar face and grinned to herself when she found it, with an equally large smile on it. She smiled to herself further when she noticed her daughter holding hands with the same girl that had offered her crayons that morning.

"Mommy!" Rory called excitedly, tugging on Lane's hand to get her to follow her.

"Hey sweets," replied Lorelai, holding her arms out for her to run into. Rory eagerly obliged and abruptly collided with her mother's middle. "Did you have a good day?" Rory nodded and released her grip on Lorelai, turning towards Lane instead. "Who's your friend?" she nudged.

"This is Lane," she introduced. "Lane, this is my mom." The small girl smiled shyly and pushed her glasses further up her nose, and Lorelai couldn't help but smile to herself at how sweet this girl seemed before she had even spoken.

"Hi Lane," Lorelai greeted her. "Did you have a good first day?"

"Yes thanks, Mrs...um..." she paused when she couldn't remember Rory's surname.

"Lorelai is fine," she assured her. "I don't do all that 'Mrs' stuff." Lane nodded quickly, but their conversation was cut off when Lane heard an all too familiar voice.

"Lane Kim, it is time to go home, come." Lorelai took Rory's hand and watched as assumedly Lane's mother ushered her child over.

"Yes momma," the little girl obeyed, before quickly turning to her new best friend. "See you tomorrow Rory." Rory frowned.

"Bye Lane." She waved goodbye and the Danes girls watched the strict parent drag her daughter off towards their house. "Lane's mom is mean," observed Rory, narrowing her eyes suspiciously.

"She's not necessarily mean, babe, she's just a little stricter than your dad and I are with you," explained Lorelai. "I'm telling you, you've got it easy." Rory smiled and noticed her teacher finish a conversation with another group of parents, before heading in their direction.

"My teacher's coming over," she said in a rush.

"Huh?" Lorelai looked up just in time to come face to face with her daughter's teacher, who was politely holding a hand out for her to shake.

"Hello, I'm Mrs Hamilton," she introduced herself. Lorelai reached forward and shook her hand.

"Hi," she replied. "I'm Lorelai Danes, Rory's mom." A flash of surprise crossed Mrs Hamilton's face, but she quickly recovered and tried to act nonchalant.

"Oh, Rory's mom," she nodded. "Your daughter's very bright, you know." Lorelai smiled proudly and squeezed the little girl's hand, trying to shake off the fact that this woman had just judged her because of her age.

"I know," she gushed. "I swear she outsmarts her dad and I all the time, it's mind blowing."

"That's cause you two are always wrong," Rory added.

"Okay Miss Smarty-Pants, not everyone has brains the size of Texas." Rory stuck her tongue out at her but couldn't help but smile.

"Well she's certainly something, I think we're gonna have a lot of fun in the next year." Rory nodded in agreement.

"Right, we'd better go see your dad, he'll be waiting for us," said Lorelai.

"Yes, don't let me keep you."

"It was nice to meet you," she said politely.

"You too, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Mrs Hamilton," Rory waved. The woman said goodbye then started to walk away, leaving just the mother and daughter.

"Come on, let's go bug daddy to give us a late afternoon snack." The girls headed over to the diner, where they could see Luke cautiously glancing out of the window, obviously looking for his girls.

"There you are, I was wondering what had happened to you," he greeted them when they entered the establishment.

"Hi daddy!" Rory squealed, jumping up into Luke's arms.

"Hey Ror, did you have a good day?"

"Yeah, I made a friend."

"You did, huh?"

"Yep, she's called Lane and she lives in the antique store," she told him. Luke's eyebrows shot up in recognition of the family she was talking about.

"Oh yeah, I've seen her mom around a few times, she's um..." he trailed off.

"Mean," added Rory with a nod.

"Over the top," Lorelai contributed. Luke shot her a look, knowing that whatever they said in front of Rory could possibly get back to the lady in question.

"How was your day?" he asked his wife, while he put Rory on her feet.

"Okay I guess, it was the same old stuff," she shrugged. Luke leaned in to give her a quick peck on the lips then made his way behind the counter, picking up the coffee pot along his way.

"What are you having?" he asked his daughter, noticing her eyeing Kirk's omelette a few stools down from where she was sitting.

"Um, can I have one of those?" she wondered. "Please?"

"No, I'll be home for dinner tonight so you're not having anything big," he declined. "How about a raspberry muffin?" The girl scrunched her nose up.

"Do you have double chocolate instead?"

"Almond is my final offer," he bargained. Rory twisted her mouth thoughtfully before nodding resignedly.

"Fine," she sighed. Lorelai sipped her coffee while she watched the exchange; she loved the relationship Luke and Rory shared, it was more than she'd ever had with her father and she was glad that Rory had a strong male presence in her life.

"One almond muffin for Rory," Luke said to himself as he plated it up. "What about you?" Lorelai looked longingly over at the selection of pies just waiting for her to dig into.

"Which pie do you have today?"

"Apple or cherry."

"Hmm cherry," she decided. "Make that extra large." Luke nodded, gave it to her then went off to attend to his other customers.

"Your slice of pie is bigger than my muffin," Rory observed as she peered over at Lorelai's plate.

"That's cause I'm bigger than you." Rory pouted.

"This is disgusting," she scrunched her nose up at her almond muffin, but took another bite anyway cause she knew her dad wouldn't give her anything else.

"What's up with you?" asked Luke as he returned to his spot behind the counter.

"This tastes funny," she complained.

"You asked for it."

"No I didn't! You said I couldn't have double chocolate." Luke sighed.

"You coulda had raspberry," he reminded his daughter. Lorelai's personality was shining through in Rory, and he was noticing it more and more every day.

"Can I switch?"

"No way, you've already eaten three quarters of that already," he declined, moving to refill Lorelai's coffee cup. Lorelai chuckled at Rory's attempt to get a brand new muffin, but quickly stopped when she caught Luke's pointed glare. The bells above the door jingled and Liz entered, dragging a whining Jess along with her.

"But mom, I can't talk to her," he said quietly.

"I don't see why not, Jessie," she replied impatiently. Jess glanced over to the counter, noticing that Luke and Lorelai were watching the exchange curiously, while Rory turned away and focussed on the remains of her muffin.

"I'll whisper to you," he told her, gesturing for her to bend down so she could hear him. "I can't talk to Rory cause I ignored her at school today cause I found different friends that are boys," he whispered. "And boys don't talk to girls at school but she got upset and Uncle Luke got mad and said I have to say sorry."

"Okay, stop rambling," she stopped him. "Why don't you go apologize to her then?"

"She hates me now," he admitted sheepishly. Liz had to laugh.

"Jessie, Rory doesn't hate you. She's your cousin, she loves you, and I bet if you go say sorry she'll want to be your friend again." Jess looked unsure. "Go on," Liz nudged him in the direction of the counter.

"Okay," he mumbled. He slowly stepped towards the counter under the watchful gazes of his Mom, Aunt and Uncle, then stopped next to Rory's stool. "Hi Rory." The girl didn't reply, she just continued to eat her muffin.

"Rory, Jess is talking to you," Lorelai prodded. Rory frowned but turned her head to look at her cousin anyway.

"I'm really sorry about what happened at school," he said ashamedly.

"You didn't talk to me all day," Rory reminded him. Luke and Lorelai shared a look, and Luke shook his head tiredly.

"I know," he muttered. "But all my friends don't like girls, so I can't like girls too."

"That's silly."

"I can't talk to you at school, but I will at home," he resolved. Luke decided to interrupt.

"Jess, you're being ridiculous," he said. "You and Rory have been friends since you were one, and I don't see why that has to change now that you go to school." Jess looked down at the floor.

"I guess we could still hang out at school," he decided. "Like at recess and stuff."

"What will your friends say?" asked Rory. Jess shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll tell them they gotta be nice to you." Rory's smile grew gradually and she jumped down from her stool.

"Okay," she grinned. The kids linked hands and ran towards a table, climbing up onto the chairs and chatting animatedly with one another.

"Kids," muttered Luke as he shook his head.

"Gotta love 'em though," Lorelai said.

"Can't help but," he agreed.

"Did Rory have a good day at school?" Liz inquired, sitting on the stool that Rory had just vacated.

"I think so," nodded Lorelai. "She was a bit upset when we left but I think she was fine once she made a friend."

"She made a new friend?"

"Yeah, they seem to get along really well. What about Jess though, he's turned into Mr Popular," she chuckled.

"I know, all he's talked about since I picked him up is who he met today, it's kinda cute actually."

"I'll bet. So how come I didn't see you when I picked up Rory?"

"I was running a bit late," admitted Liz. "I got there ten minutes after I was supposed to and poor Jessie was standing there with his teacher waiting for me."

"You should have called; I would have taken him with me."

"See I didn't actually think of that at the time," she laughed. "Would have worked out better if I had." Liz looked over to the kids. "I'd better get going; TJ will be waiting for us."

"Okay, I guess we'll see you tomorrow then." Liz nodded.

"Come on Jessie, time to go home."

"Just five more minutes," he pleaded from his seat.

"You'll see Rory tomorrow at school, now come on." Jess sighed in defeat before getting up from his chair and uttering a quick goodbye to his cousin.

"Bye Jessica," bid Lorelai. The boy narrowed his eyes at her the way he always did when she called him that, but waved to his Aunt and Uncle anyway. "Rory and I should head off too," Lorelai said after Liz had left. "The movies aren't gonna watch themselves."

"You're ditching me for a couple of movies," joked Luke. She smiled at him sweetly.

"I'm sorry, the bond between me and the VHS will not be destroyed by anyone, not even you."

"I'm hurt," he deadpanned.

"You should be." She got up and leaned over the counter to kiss him goodbye. "See you when you get home."

"Don't make too much of a mess while I'm not there," he warned. "Cause you'll be cleaning it up if you do."

"Me, mess? I think you have me mixed up with somebody else," she teased.

"Yeah right, and don't feed Rory any junk food, we're having dinner in a few hours."

"Yes Lucas, can I go now?" He gestured towards the door and Lorelai grabbed her purse. "Time to go, Ror," she called.

"Okay, bye daddy."

"Make sure your mom doesn't get up to any mischief," he told her.

"You got it," she attempted to wink before skipping out of the diner after her mother. Luke watched after them and smiled, before going to refill everyone's coffee.


"Babe, can you zip me up?" Lorelai asked Luke a few nights later. They were getting ready for Friday Night dinner in their bedroom and she was taking ages, as usual.

"Sure, turn around." Lorelai turned so her back was facing him and he slowly pulled up the zipper on her dress, his knuckles grazing her skin as he did. "All done," he announced. Lorelai smiled and turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. In turn, he planted his hands firmly on her hips and leaned down to kiss her.

"Hmm, do you think my parents would mind if we just sent Rory to dinner and we stayed here?" she wondered.

"I think they'd notice," he nodded. "And I'm sure they wouldn't be happy with us sending their five year old granddaughter to Hartford by herself."

"You make a valid point."

"But as soon as we get back from dinner and put Rory to bed, I'm all yours," he offered. Lorelai grinned.

"I look forward to it," she said, before going in for his lips again. Rory chose that moment to enter the room, immediately wincing at the scene before her.

"Yuck, yuck, yuck!" she exclaimed, covering her eyes with both hands. The young couple pulled apart and Luke rolled his eyes.

"Rory your timing is terrible," Lorelai complained, removing her arms from around her husband's neck and playing around with his tie instead.

"Why are you always being gross?" she asked. Luke chuckled and batted Lorelai's hands away from his collar, walking over to his daughter instead.

"Cause we know how much it annoys you," he joked as he picked her up and swung her around a few times.

"Daddy put me down!" she squealed. Luke complied and she pouted up at him.

"What's that for?" he asked sternly.

"You're mean."

"What did I do?" Rory looked up at him for a moment, seeming to contemplate her answer.

"Kissing and stuff," she mumbled. Lorelai giggled and held her arms out to her daughter.

"Come here, sweets." Rory sauntered over to her mom and allowed her to wrap her arms around her. "I love you so much, you know."

"Mommy," she complained.

"It's true!" Lorelai pulled away and started playing with Rory's hair instead. "You look very pretty in your dress too." Rory beamed proudly at the compliment.

"Thank you," she smiled. Lorelai patted her head.

"Go find your purple headband, it'll look really good with this dress," she told her. "And get your coat on."

"Okay, no kissing while I'm gone though," she warned, and Lorelai nodded in reply. The couple watched their daughter leave before Luke stepped over to his wife and kissed her again.

"Didn't you hear the boss just now?" joked Lorelai.

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her," he muttered before cutting off her smile with another kiss.


"Come in, come in," Emily greeted the three of them at the door. They gave their coats to the maid before making their way into the living room where Richard was waiting for them.

"Grandpa!" squealed Rory, running towards the man and jumping into his lap.

"Hello sweetheart," he chuckled. "Tell me, how do you like school?"

"I love it," she grinned. "I wish we could go to school on Saturdays and Sundays too." Richard smiled to himself.

"I used to think the same thing when I was at school," he mused. Lorelai and Luke took a seat on the couch as Emily handed them their usual drink choices, before they all took their attention to Richard and Rory's conversation.

"Did you love school too?" Rory inquired.

"Oh of course I did," replied Richard. "The best days of my life were spent at school."

"Really?" interrupted Emily. Richard looked over at her, noticing her expectant expression.

"Besides our wedding day, Emily," he assured her. Lorelai looked between the two before clearing her throat. "And the day you were born of course," he added.

"Hmm, just checking you hadn't forgotten about that day."

"Lorelai, I will never forget about it," he told her.

"I guess I am pretty memorable," she nodded, before they were interrupted by Rory.

"Mommy, what are your favourite days?" she wondered. Lorelai smiled at her.

"The day you were born, of course. And when your dad and I got married." Rory scrambled off of Richards lap and went to her father instead, climbing onto his and leaning back against his chest.

"What about you, daddy?" Luke looked to be thinking for a few moments, gaining a slap on the arm from Lorelai. "Our wedding day, and the day I met you," he decided. Rory furrowed her brows.

"The day I was born, you mean," she corrected him. Luke glanced up at Lorelai momentarily before taking his attention back to their daughter and nodding methodically.

"Sure," he agreed. "The day you were born." He looked at Emily and Richard, who were both staring at their granddaughter.

Rory was unaware that she didn't meet Luke until she was ten months old, or that he wasn't her real dad. Neither Luke nor Lorelai had mentioned Christopher in front of their daughter, and on the rare occasion that they did discuss the man in question, it would be upstairs in their bedroom after Rory was sound asleep.

"Rory, I bought a new book a few days ago, would you like me to show it to you before dinner?" Richard asked, successfully changing the subject and diverting Rory's attention. The little girl nodded enthusiastically before following her grandfather out of the room, while the other three adults let out a sigh of relief that they had avoided talking about Christopher Hayden once again.

After dinner, and after Richard had read to Rory from his new book, the five year old fell asleep and Luke took her up to her room, which was formerly the nursery. He returned downstairs to overhear Emily asking Lorelai a question.

"When are you going to tell Rory about Christopher?" Both Luke and Lorelai tensed up at the mere mention of the name.

"I don't know, mom," she replied, and Richard could tell she didn't want to talk about it.

"But when Luke adopted Rory we said we'd tell her together when she was old enough to understand," she insisted. "I feel that she's old enough now, and she's so smart, she'll definitely understand what's going on.

"This isn't something we can just jump into," Luke added in. "We have to think about how she's gonna react and how it's gonna affect her."

"She has to find out sometime, now is as good of a time as any," said Emily firmly.

"Mom," Lorelai cut her off. "Just think about it; we tell Rory that Luke isn't her real dad, then she wants to meet Christopher. She has no idea of what happened when she was a baby, but we know exactly what went on. What if she wants to start going out for the day with him, do you remember what happened the last time he took her out?"


"No mom, I won't allow it. I don't want my daughter going off with some irresponsible twenty one year old that kidnapped her five years ago. It's too risky."

"They could have supervised visits," she suggested. "At least one out of the four of us could be there when they see each other."

"How many times do I have to say no?" she asked frustratedly. "God, after everything Christopher did, after everything we went through to get him out of our lives. Now you want to welcome him back with open arms and he doesn't deserve that. He doesn't deserve the privilege of getting to know Rory." Luke put his arm around Lorelai's shoulders in an act of comfort, while Richard placed his hand on Emily's knee, silently telling her to drop the conversation.

"We won't do anything you don't want us to, will we Emily?" he asked his wife, and she simply shook her head in reply.

"Mommy?" a tiny voice asked from behind them. They all turned to see Rory standing at the bottom of the staircase, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"Hey sweets, what are you doing up?" Lorelai questioned.

"I heard shouting, what were you arguing about?" she innocently wondered.

"We weren't arguing Ror, we were just having a discussion," Luke told her.

"Sounded like arguing." Emily frowned at her granddaughter's perception.

"It was nothing for you to worry about, babe," assured Lorelai. "Now what do you say we go home and get you to bed?"

"Okay," she nodded sleepily.

Once they were at the front door and they had their coats on, Luke took Rory out to the truck while Lorelai hung back to talk to her parents.

"Look, uh, will you promise me that you won't do anything regarding the Christopher situation?" she pleaded. "I'm not ready to deal with that yet, Luke, Rory and I have a really good thing going and I don't want him coming into the picture and messing it all up."

"We won't interfere, Lorelai," Richard put his daughter's mind at ease.

"Thank you," she said gratefully. "I just...I don't trust him. He's twenty one now; I bet all he does is drink and party."

"That's probably all you'd do if you didn't have Rory to think of," Emily countered, and Lorelai nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, but I guess we'll never find out, huh?" She looked out to the truck to see that Luke was waiting patiently for her in the driver's seat. "I'll see you next week anyway." She gave them both a hug before going out to join her family in the car.

She loved her life exactly how it was and there was no way she was going to let Christopher Hayden come in and ruin it all for them.

So...I can tell that it's gonna take me a while to get back into all this, but bear with me and I hope this wasn't a disappointing start...it's only the beginning though, I have some things planned for this story.

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