It Began With Death

**In my book Homunculus is and always was a girl-sorry but I could just never picture him/her as a guy!**

Chapter 1


"See you tomorrow Dana!" I said as I left the library walking down the street my phone rang.

"Eike speaking." I said into the phone.

"I have a deal for you," an all too familiar voice echoed through my ears. I immediately dropped the phone on the ground.

"Well that was rude." The voice echoed through the alley. I looked all around me but I saw no one standing there.

"Who are you? Who's there?" I asked to the empty air.

"You thought you could forget about me, didn't you?" The voice laughed and that is when I saw the silhouette perched on the doorway across from me.

"No. Not you!" At that the figure jumped down in front of me, eyes on the ground.

"Hello," she paused looking up at me with those startling red eyes, "Eike."

"Homunculus." I stated as she smiled.

"So you do remember after all!" She stood there a moment as if waiting for me to answer. "Well then, I believe I made you an offer." She said finally.

"No…" I trailed off confused. Staring at her in her black clothes, hair slicked back, red eyes. It was all too familiar, like a nightmare come to life.

"Oh that's right, I was going too and then you practically hung up on me. Rude really. But enough idle talk. I have a deal."

I shook my head in amazement. "No. I remember the last deal you made me."

She shook her head and gave a slight mischievous smile. "You misunderstood. But that is in the past now. At the moment the past is unimportant. What does matter is your future."

I remember now how odd her speaking manner was. Always slow and almost in fragment as if to let the echoing truly take its effect. "My future? Is this just another scam?"

"Scam? I don't scam, Eike! Be careful with your words." I detected anger even through her smiling red eyes. "Would you like to hear the deal?"

"I guess so…But it doesn't mean I'm agreeing to it."

"Of course not! Now all I propose is that I help you save your life again."

"I shook my head, "I don't think so." I said backing down the street.

"Now Eike, why wouldn't you agree? In turn for my help you get to live a longer life. Who wouldn't want that?" She cocked her head to the side staring at me.

"What's the catch?"

"Catch? I am just trying to help a friend."

"Well I am not your friend! And I don't want your help!" I took a few more steps back.

Homunculus shook her head and smiled. "Very well then." at this I started to turn away but she continued, "But, Eike? The fated hour is 3:14" And with her low chuckle she started to dissolve. That is when, in the twilight of the setting sun, I saw the headlights speeding towards me and blacked out.