Chapter 2


I chuckled aloud as I watched Eike slowly sit up his hair falling in front of his face like so many times before. Even though now his hair was shorter, only in the back though. Just short enough to finally be out of that ponytail. Good. It never suited him.

"uh…Where am I?"

"You're dead. Again" I smiled kicking my legs back forth from my perch on the doorway.

He looked around for me before speaking into the empty air "You killed me!"

"Oh now Eike, no need to be like that. I didn't kill you, whoever was driving that car killed you." I paused for a moment watching him stand up. "Now do you accept my deal?"

"So that's what this is all about. You are going to just keep killing me until I agree."

"Eike," I said calmly, "Do try to listen. I did warn that you would die. And you will continue to die unless, of course. you accept my deal." I waited and he seemed unsure so for good measure I added "Quickly Eike, quickly. If you wait too long you won't be able to go back."

"You pressured me with time last time! That's why I agreed so hastily! And then you used me!"

"Things turned out pretty well last time, don't you think?" I cocked my head and smiled as he turned in circles trying to find me. "Eike if you do want to stay around and see if you live or fade away, be my guest. I never have company for too long and I will be happy for the change."

He buried his face in his hands and then ran them through his blonde hair. I waited, even though I hate waiting. Its terrible. And wasteful.

And just as I was about to speak he got the first word, "Alright. Alright I'll do it but you have to tell me everything this time."

"I told you everything last time as well."

"No you-" he was interrupted by the digipad flung to his feet.

"That is your new digipad. It has the same rules as the last one except now you may also travel to the future."

"The future? But can't that mess up even more than before?"

"We didn't mess anything up. Everything went according to plan." I said stubbornly.

"You- never mind." he shook his head. "anything else?"

"Just make sure you don't get yourself killed too much. On top of someone being after you there is also the chance of you killing your present self by changing something in the future. Any questions?"

"What are you hiding this time? Anything?" He asked suspiciously.

That's when I made the door swing open. "Better hurry Eike, you're almost out of time."

And out went my company. Oh how they do tend to leave so fast.