Break the Ice




There was something spectacular about the feeling of fresh ice underneath my figure skates.

Really, it was magical.

Lol okay, that was a little dramatic. But it's true. I lovelovelove ice skating, it's just, like, my thing. Every body has a talent, you know? Ice skating just happens to be mine. I'm going to be an Olympic champion one day because of it, even if Tsunade says I still have along way to go.

"Sakura, show me a twirl." Tsunade, my coach, called from the stands as she watched me skate. I flew into the air to show her what she wanted, nailing the landing on my way down.

LOL JK. I fell flat on my ass during that jump.


"Walk it off."

"Where's the sympathy?" I grumbled, picking myself up and trying to regain any dignity I had left after a fall like that.

Tsunade was one hard-ass coach. Like, after my mom passed away and she took over my training, she told me straight up that she wasn't going to baby me. Every compliment I got from her was no exception. But I think I was doing pretty good today.

"Lift your legs more on the jump."

Hn. Everyone's a critic.

"Alright, Sakura, bring it in. There's someone I want you to meet out here."

"One more minute?" I pleaded, twisting and turning on the ice like a ballerina. Hell, I WAS a ballerina. I took dance after school every day to help me with my figure skating routines.

"No. Now."

"Bossy!" I grumbled, finally coming to a stop and skating abck to where Tsunade was waiting for me. She was standing next to a boy about my age, with dark hair and eyes and a scowl on his face.

"Sakura," Tsunade was smirking. That never meant anything good. "Meet Sasuke Uchiha, captain of the Konoha Leaves."

"And the Konoha Leaves are...?" Oh, God. I'm getting a really bad feeling at the pit of my stomach. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

"Konoha's top ice hockey team." Sasuke supplied, not looking at me but more like glaring at the wall behind me. Well, he seems friendly.

"Cool?" I said, confused. Was there even a reason for him being here?

"Sakura," Tsunade's smirk is really starting to scare the fuck out of me. "In order for you to gain more of a competative air towards figure skating, I want you to spend two months on the Konoha Leaves ice hockey team. My friend Jiraiya is their coach, so..."

I blocked the rest out.



I should've known those words would be the beginning of the end.

"This is so not fair! I do NOT need to join a hockey team!"

Tsunade stopped her ranting and quicked an eyebrow at me. Bitch. I can only raise both eyebrows, so I can't do that smartass sarcastic look.


Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "So that fall back there was just coincidence?"

I nodded. "Yes."

"Do the jump again, then."

God I hate her.

I stomped back onto the ice and positioned myself for the double-air twirl that I epically failed at last time. This time, I managed to get both spins in the air, but came crashing down on my ass again. I don't know what it was that I'm doing wrong.

Back behind the rink walls, Tsunade smirked sadistically. "See, you need to work on your balance. Juggling a hockey stick and focusing on the game will help you do that, Sakura. Which is why I've recruited Sasuke and his hockey team to help you."

I snarled at her, skating back off the rink. "I don't need their help."

"Do you want to be an Olympic champ or not?"

Dammit, she knew my weakness.

I sighed, because, even though this is a terrible idea bound to backfire, I really did want to be a champion. And I couldn't do that unless I make the jump. The competition that will decide whether or not I make it into the Olympics is in less then three months, and I'm way behind...

Sigh. As much as I don't want to do this, I know it will work. When has Tsunade ever let me down?

How the fuck am I supposed to put this on?

It's saturday morning (SIX A.M. DA FUCK?), and I'd just been dropped off by Tsunade at the private Konoha ice rink. Basically, the private one is just like the public one I use, only it's bigger, and colder, and cleaner, and all-around less ghetto and worn-in. And you have to pay to get practice time in the private rink.

Sasuke met me at the doors, and led me to the changing rooms, but after that he kind of just left me here...I was grateful for the privacy and all, but he could've explained how to put on all this fricken gear. And to make it worse, I'm already wearing my normal skating attire; Black tights, heavy socks up to mid-calf, red cotton shorts, under armor and a long-sleeve t-shirt that said 'SEXY BEAST' across the chest.

Yeah. I know I'm awesome.



"Hn. Why are you still wearing your figure skates?"

"Is that irritation that I sense coming from you, Uchiha?"

"Go put on the hockey skates."

Oh yes, he was definately ticked off. Well, Sasuke's been acting ticked off since our first meeting, so one can only guess he wasn't too keen on me being on this team either. But I'm a bitch by nature, so I think I'll just piss him off more for the hell of it.

"Ewww," I whined, putting on my best girly-girly act. All I had to do was act like Ino does when she wants her dad to buy her something. God, I'm so glad I have her as a best friend right now. "But they smell, and they're moldy. Besides, those skates are fit for boys feet. They'll never fit little old me!"

Was that a vain throbbing on his forehead? Ohohoho, where's my camera!

"HEY TEME, WHOSE THE NEW GUY?" I heard someone scream at the top of their lungs. I finally peeked behind Sasuke, who was hovering on the ice in front of me, and saw the rest of the team wandering around doing what-not. The loud mouth who screamed at us was hovering by the goal, stick poised in front of a puck as if he were about to score.

Sasuke sighed, glared at me, and turned to face his team. "We've got a new teammate. Temporary. Sicne Jiraiya's not here, I'm going to introduce her."

"Her?" There were scattered whispers bouncing around the rink.

"WHY IS THERE A GIRL JOINING THE TEAM?" Someone had the balls to yell.

Sasuke looked about at his breaking point (I swear to God his eyes are swirling red), so I cut in for him.

"I'm a figure skater, and I need work on my balance. My coach thought joining a hockey team before my next competition would help me nail my routine in front of the judges!" It felt weird to have to yell like this, since I'm normall so soft-spoken. Shizune, my assistant-coach, says I'm a perfect lady through-and-through. I take it as a compliment.

The boys were quiet for a moment, then, after what seemed like an hour of awkward silence, they broke into laughter. I saw Sasuke send a nasty smirk my way.

Well shit. That can't be good.

"What?" I asked defensively, hating how my voice seemed to raise an octive.

"G-girls can't play hockey!" One boy, who was laughing so hard he was in tears, yelled at me.

"Yeah!" Another added, glad to join in on the Sakura-spirit breaking, "It's an MANLY MAN sport!"

Is he joking me? A MANLY MAN sport? Oh my GOD, these guys are so sexist!

"Excuse me?" I crossed my arms over my padded chest. "Girls can do anything boys can do! And we can do it better!"

My words just sent them into another fit of laughter, though.

"Well," Sasuke smirked, staring me down. I met his gaze head on. Like hell I was gonna let these losers intimidate me! "I'm not to sure myself that you have what it takes to be on this team, Sa-ku-ra."

I scowled. "Ew. Don't say my name like that, Sa-su-GAY. And that sounds like a bet."

He raised one eyebrow. Prick. "Oh really?"

"Really. How about this," OHMYGOD, AM I ABOUT TO SEAL MY FATE? "If, by the end of these two months, I can beat you in a one-on-one game of hockey, this entire team has to dress as girls for a day, and you have to let me pick out your outfits and do your make up and everything." I grinned, content with my offer.

Sasuke smirked, "And if I win?"

"Che. You own won't." I hope I didn't just jinx myself. But hey, I AM SAKURA THE MERCILESS. I have every right to be a cocky little shit.

"Call it insurance, then, if I do."

"Well," I thought about it, but came up empty. "What do you want?"

His smirk turned smug. "If I win, you have to give me a long kiss, on the lips, and announce that men are in every way superior to women."

"I accept." There was an obnoxious 'OOOOOOH' from the Konoha Leaves. What kind of name was the 'Konoha Leaves' anyway? That doesn't exactly strike fear in my heart. It makes me think of rainbows and sunshine AND PRETTY THINGS HA TAKE THAT YOU STUPID UCHIHA!


Sasuke sauntered towards me, trying to be intimidating to impress the Leaves but failing epically because I kept my poker face on. Sakura's poker face looks like this: -_-

Even though in her mind her face is like this: ;}

Oh yeah, I'm good.

Back with the plot, Sasuke's face was inches away from mine.

Smirk. "I hope you keep mints in your purse."

Sadistic cackle-grin. "Good idea. You're going to want to freshen up if you plan on wearing my pink ice skating dress." The one with the little bows on the hem. I am SO forcing Uchiha into it.

Bitch better not rip it with his fat booty...

Sasuke frowned. "Hn."


"What kind of comeback is 'hn?'"

"Hn. Everyone, get to you positions!"

Well, that was rude. He just kind of turned away from me and started yelling orders at his team. DID WE NOT JUST MAKE A CLEVER BET, UCHIHA? YOU NEED TO GET BACK HERE SO THAT I CAN SAY ANOTHER WITTY COMEBACK AND STRUT AWAY EPICALLY.

"Sakura, go play right defense with Naruto." Sasuke told me, all like 'CAPTAIN MODE ACTIVATED.'

"Uh...okay." I said, because I didn't want to look like I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. And I kind of do-I know which way is right, and which position defense is. I just, like...don't know how to play hockey.

Just keep the puck away from the goal. That the net thingy, in case you were wondering.

I KNOW WHAT A GOAL IS. And-wait, doesn't having voices in my head make me crazy?

We've been over this. The answer is YES. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.

Jeezus. No need to be rude. But...I do gots one more question...


What's a puck?

You're hopeless.

I sidled up next to a boy with a tuft of spikey blond hair peaking out from his helmet. I'm guessing this Naruto.

"Hiya!" He grinned sunnily. I would've blushed if I hadn't recognized his voice. This was the dick that shouted 'LOL HOCKEY IS MANLY MAN SPORT GIRL NO PLAY!'

Tch. "Hey."

"You never told us your name, ya know!" Naruto comment good-naturely. He didn't seem to be holding any prejudices against me because I'm a girl, but you never-WHY IS HE STILL GRINNING AT ME LIKE THAT WHEN THE PUCK IS FLYING TOWARDS THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD?

"Look out!" I shouted, lifting my stick in the air to swat the offending puck away. Much as I don't like any of these guys, Naruto's face is too cute to have a wild puck forever ruin it.

Swatting the thin ball back onto the ice, I slid it underneath some random guy's legs (did that dude just try to tackle me?) and hit it with as much force as I could muster towards the other goal. Some dude with longish white-blue hair and purple eyes caught it and scored.

"Holy shit." The guy whose legs I slid the puck between cursed. He sounded surprised. Honestly, so was I. Who knew I could play hockey?

And here I thought you were all talk!

Pfft, yeah!

Naruto and random boy #1 looked at me incredulously, then, perfectly in sinc, their faces broke out into grins.

"I'm Kiba." The other boy said. He was looking me up and down appraisingly. "That was an awesome shot. You haven't played before, have you?"

"No," I informed them, with my own grin. "But I do play alot of sports, so I have strong muscles."

"Like what?" Naruto asked eagerly.

"Um, I do ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, figure skating, of course, I'm on my school cheerleading team..." It was hard to think in this sweating, heavy helmet. "I take yoga classes with my friends, and I play tennis for my school, as well. I go to the Konoha Institute for Gifted Teens, so we have alot of sports..."

"Damn, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said appreciatively. Kiba let out a low whistle. "Is that all?"

"Nah, there's more." I said, still trying to think. My parents had such high hopes for me, and Tsunade liked me in the best shape possible without me ending up with a six-pack. She said figure skaters should be delicate and lady-like. I'm not allowed to play soccer or baseball or sports that could possibly get me too buff. "I take piano, ballroom dancing and French lessons...there's more, but I thin kwe should get back in the game before Sasuke pops a vein..."

Indeed, Sasuke was glaring at us with the heat of a million suns. May the force be with you, Sasuke.

Naruto rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at his captain. "Aw, don't mind the teme. He's just a hardass when it comes to new players. We've been a team since we were like five, ya know? We're practically a family!"

"Oh," I said, shocked, "I actually didn't know that...sorry for intruding-"

"Don't be," Kiba waved me off, already skating back to his offesive position so we could start with another face-off. "You can be like our little sister!"

The thought brought a warm flush of pleasure to my cheeks. I didn't have any siblings, and my dad is always off on business. He runs this big electronics company, Haruno Inc., and I understand that he needs to work so we can keep up our lifestyle (which is pretty luxurious, considering how some other people live), but sometimes it just gets...lonely without anybody around.

"Hey," I suddenly called out, something occuring to me that I hadn't thought of before. "How long is today's practice?"

I was met with identical smirks from every one of the Konoha Leaves nine members. But Sasuke was the one to ease my curiousity.

With a vicious smirk, he said, "It's all day."


Several hours and bruises later and I was finally alone in the ice rink. Everyone had already gone home, their pads either thrown around the changing room or actually locked away in one of the tall yellow lockers.

I decided to stay and study up on ice hockey. Today I did mediocre, if anything. Turns out my epic move from this morning was just a fluke. But I managed to keep the puck from getting past me and into the goal, so that had to count for something, right?


Neji, the assistant-captain (HA. Only assistant! Ooooh, I hope he feels degraded), told me that I had talent, but that didn't mean shit unless I could hone it and become a superspecialawesome player like him.

Bleh. So this locker room, unlike the one at the public ice rink, had a shower. I took advantage of this, stripping down and snatching my watermelon-scented soap and hair products from my gym bag. It has rainbow polka dots. Be jealous.

Tsunade informed me that, because of a dinner date, she would be late picking me up. I had about an hour to kill after my shower, so I slipped on one of my skating dresses and put on some make up and stuffed my aching feet in my figure skates.

It was one of my favorite dresses, and I smiled slightly as the silky mint-green fabric glided across my stomach effortlessly. It was sparkly, with translucent sleeves. My dad gave it to me for my sixteenth birthday last year.

Finally, after pulling my long pink hair into a semi-fancy bun, I turned to walk back onto the ice...

And ran smack into Gaara Sabaku, the Konoha Leave's goalie.

And their eyes met across the empty locker room-

The sweaty, smelly locker room. So romantic.

Why do you always have to ruin these things?

"Um...hi." How many awkward encounters must I endure before God realized picking on Sakura is no longer funny?

Gaara nodded at me, eyes wide. He gulped, as if I was Jack the Ripper and I was coming for him.

I attempted a half-smile. "Sorry, did I scare you?"

"Slightly." His voice sounded tight, but I guess that's just because he barely uses it. I haven't heard Gaara talk once all day. Kind of a feat, when you count how many times Naruto screamed in his ear.

I felt slightly bad for the ginger.

Lol ok not really.

Gaara was smirking down at me down, in a way that told me he knew something that I didn't.

"What?" I snapped, tired of these boys and their cockyness. I couldn't wait to wipe the floor with Sasuke, then they'd pay...

"I have a proposition for you." Gaara said, all high and mightly. He held his chin high, I'll give him that. In fact, he had good posture in general.

"Do you do ballet?" I blurted out, recognizing his proud stance as the same one the guys in my dance class use. His earlier statement went right over my head.

Gaara blushed ten shades of red. "Shut up. Do you want to hear my proposition or not?"

I shrugged. "Sure."

Smirk. "I'm offering to be your temporary ice hockey coach every night after practice, on the condition that you excempt me from the bet when Sasuke loses."

Sadistic smile-cackle combination. "I like the way you think. You've got yourself a deal, Mr. Sabaku."

Scareface/happy smirk. "Excellent. Let's get started."

OHOHOHOHOHOHO. Sasuke Uchiha, you are going DOWN.

From: Ino To: Sakura

wake up forehead

From: Sakura To: Ino

bitch. my body feels like lead D;

From: Ino To: Sakura

yeah yeah yeah it's so hard to be sakura.

get over it. I have news! :D

From: Sakura To: Ino

go to hell. it's 7 am.

From: Ino To: Sakura


From: Sakura To: Ino

damn you.

From: Ino To: Sakura

mwah ;)

I've been practicing with the Konoha Leaves for one week now. We've had full day practices from last saturday all the way to yesterday, which was friday. I was looking forward to sleeping this weekend away and re-charging for next week, but the Pig had other plans.

"Oooooh, Sakura! Try on this dress, it will look SO good on you!" Ino said, pulling a random garmet off a nearby rack and grinning at me. She's so sadistic. The bitch knew I've been at hockey practice all week, but STILL woke me up at the crack of dawn so she could get to the stores before all the sale stuff got picked through.

"I hate you." I mumbled. I was so tired this morning. Ino barged in my house and dressed me and did my make up while I was still asleep.

She gave me a cheesy smile. "You love me, and you love shopping. Now go try this on." Ino shoved the aforementioned garmet at me and steered me towards the dressing rooms.

"Bitch." I mumbled as the changing room door was shut and locked behind me. All I got in response was Ino's usual sadistic cackle.

Oh well, I thought. As long as I'm in here, I might as well try on the dress. Ino tended to have pretty good fashion sense.

It turned out to be a tight, strapless, hot pink dress that was covered in sequins and went down to mid-thigh. On anyone else, it would've looked tacky and gross, but on me it looked absolutely precious. I grinned. Ino would be so jealous, she could never pull off dresses like this-

Just as that thought ended, someone slipped under that gab between the floor and dressing room door and plopped down on the built-in bench. He gave a sigh, "Oh, God. That was close-"

Oh. My. God.



"What the hell are you doing here?"

We said the last part in sync, which I think was pretty awesome.

"I'm shopping with my best friend." I told Kiba, smacking the side of his head.

"OW! What was that for?"

"Why are you running around breaking into girl's dressing rooms?" I demanded, crossing my arms over my modest chest.

Kiba blinked, grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry. I'm hiding from my sister. She's a maniac when it comes to shopping!" He whispered frantically, peaking underneath the door to make sure he wasn't followed.

"I know the feeling..." I mumbled bitterly, thinking of Ino and her psychotic self waking me up at seven a.m. this morning.

Kiba glanced back at me when I spoke, back under the door, and then back at me. He seemed to do a double take.

"Wow, Sakura. Who knew you were hiding such a hot body underneath all that padding?"

I blushed the same shade as Gaara's hair. "Shut up! G-get out of here so I can change!" I shouted nervously, unlocking the door and shoving Kiba out of it.

"Wait, I'm sorry, my sister will-" The door slammed in Kiba's face and locked with a snap.

Not a second later, I heard a female voice say loudly, "Kiba, so this is where you've been hiding!"

Goddammit I'm evil.

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