Grubbs and Loch

"Come on! You take to long!" I yell back at Loch.

"That's becuase I'm not magical! Like you!" He shouted back.

"Hey! Shush, you said you wern't going to go about telling people. Escpecially you sister." I said dreamily, letting my mind wander to all the good times I had with her.

"Shut it." He growled. I had slowed my pace to a slow jog, which is still a fast sprint. He finally caught up, gasping. "How-do-you-do-it?" He breathed.

"Talent." I wink and run agian. I ran back and grabbed him in my arms and start to run again.

We make it to the cave entrence that we had been digging out. It was nearly finished.

"Wana start again?" Said Loch with a cocky smile.

"'Corse I do." I say, even though I know it has a magical feel to it. I heave out huge boulders while Loch is carrying out little rocks.

"Your so lucky." He grunted.

"Lucky? Are you kidding me? I'm sorry Loch, you don't know the half of it." I shout. I told him I was a mage, that was it. I explained what a mage was. I never told him about the demons, or the disciples. I never told him about my family history of turning into werewolfs, becasue I had that feeling it could a ruin a friendship.

"Then tell me." He said, eyes full of intrest.

"I can't." I say and drop my gaze and go back to lifting the boulders.

"And that's becuase...?"

"Look, stop pushing alright! Your not even supposed to know what you do know. It's dangerous. Extremly."

"Dude, sorry. Hey, I got an idea!"

"Great. Your ideas are never good."

"I say we wrestle. And don't use your magic either, thats cheating. And the loser gives in. If I lose, I'll stop begging to know. If you lose, you gotta tell me."

"Psh, that will be easy. I agree." We spit on our hands and shook.

In a small clearing in the bushes we advance toward eachother. He makes the first move. I try to duck, without magic, and he still gets me. I jump up out of his grasp and pounce on him. He rolled out of the way just in time. I land on my knees and hands. I look left to see him coming at me. I buck up my back as he tried to pin me and roll over. He flew in the air, but hit the ground running. He rocketed toward me and lunged. I was too late. He had me pinned. I lost.