Grubbs and Loch

"So we found this cave in Grubbs backyard and we thing there might be some gold in it!" Loch explained with fake enthusiasum.

"It's pretty cool, you should check it out with us." I cut in simply.

"Okay, sounds fun!" Bill-E agrees. He's just happy he was invited to do something with the two of us. I feel bad for the kid, but at the same time don't. He might have it hard, but he needs to try to stick up for himself sometimes and make his own desicions.

"So you wana meet at Grubbs place at 3:30?"
"Sounds great!"

"See you there." Loch finishes cooly and walks away, obviously pleased wiht himself.

"This won't be easy, he may look stupid, but he's smarter then he looks." I tell him, his cockyness was getting a bit over the top.

"We'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen?"

"You know, I felt magic in that damned cave and I thought you did too. How can you think nothing will go wrong down there. I'm not saying something will, but we can't ignore the fact that something can."

"Don't be such a pesimist Grubbs, you not like yourselve."

"Fine. I'll stop. It's your funeral." I laugh and walk off to class.

I walk back to my house and wait for Bill-E and Loch to arrive. Loch shows up with his usual arrogant manner and Bill-E shows up with a shovel.

"We already dug it out." I explain

"But we still need to dig up the gold!" He winks and walks out the back door. Me and Loch exchange looks and hold back laughs.

We walk out into the fresh autum night and hope the crunh of the dry leaves won't make Dervish suspisious of us three going into the woods with a shovel...

"Were almost there." Loch says and rubs his hands together.

"Wooohooo!" Bill-E shrieks as he spots the tunnel.

"Yupp...Here we are." I say in a kinda bored voice. "Let me go down first, don't argue." I gave Loch a dangourous look when he tried to object. I climbed down the small cave and tunnel. I walk a bit until I know that it stops and the drop is right below me. I look down, knowing already I won't see anything. I don't move, trying to hear sounds. There is a spalshing noise so I think there is a aqufina or something down there. I feel my way down the side of the rock, with the stalgmites as hand and foot holds. I crawl down the slope and hear sort of a whispering. I almost fell down and hurried the way down, so I didn't worry about falling again. After what seemed like ages, I finally felt the grounds instead of a stlagmite. I catch my breathe before turning around and losing it again.

The sence was breathtakingly beautiful and the cave had a natural glow to it. I felt the magic pulsing slowly in the rocks and was terrifed for a second, then looked around and thought myself dumb. I'm just fine. I look over at another wall and find the waterfall I was looking for. I think of a place for Loch to die and think about him climbing the waterfall and imagine him falling after climbing up it with Bill-E looking for gold.

"HEY GUYS! IT'S OKAY TO COME DOWN!" I bellow at the top of my lungs. I hear movemnt above and know they heard my call. I look around again. Then I hear that whispering again.

"Fughermin, hujob! Kluckdun! Demoin jookolp! Deeseasd toop, fingle gidlerse!" A soft but harsh female voice screamed out in a different language. But I heard one word in it. Demons. Greeaaatt! I sigh in my head. Of fucking corse.

"Look at this place!" Loch yells from behind me and I jump and spin around so fast I got dizzy. "Scare ya?" He smirks.

"Shut up." I growl. I look up and Bill-E is still a ways up there. "Okay, you need to talk Bill-E into climbing up the side of the waterfall for 'gold' and fall there. Then I will make it look like you died. I got you, don't worry." I whisper. Bill-E jumped down from the last stlagmite.

"So where do you think this shiz is?"

"I think it's up in the waterfall. It makes sense." Loch dives right in.

"I agree with him." I support.

"Sure, we can start there." Bill-E agrees happily and walks over to the wall. "You guys coming?"

"I am!" Loch calls.

"I wanted to look at something else acually, you guys be safe."

They started climbing, and they wer a good ways up before I heard Lochs signal.

"Damn, my hands hurt..." He said. I immediatly cast a silent spell to make him fall off the wall, land with a thud without getting hurt and make some blood look like its comeing out of him.

It happened perfectly.