I don't own the charachters in this story except a few to be mentioned at a later time.

Takes place about a year after Rio ended. Blu and Jewel are "officially" mates. So now, enjoy!


Even in my dreams I'm scared to death of being a father. I'm awake from my dream to a noise outside. I peek out of the hole in the box. Tulio had built a "nest box" for us in a tree near the observitory. It was the squirrel living below us. Jewel, sleepng next to me, didn't move. It was weird thining back, that a year ago, I was living in Minnesota, but now I'm going to be raising a family. The sun was rising, so I decided to go find food. Carefully, I crawled out of the box. God forbid I wake my mate. With the pregnancy, she can get... b**chy. I don't know what I'm more scared of: being a good father or pis**ng off my mate. I shuddered at the thought.


The smell of passion fruit wafted into my dreams. Sleepily, I opened my eyes to see the small group of fruit and nuts leaning on the wall of our large nest. I looked around, no Blu.

"Yo Jewel!" I sighed. Nico, for some reason, has made it his obligation to visit me every morning. Pedro just came to eat our food. What could you do? They're friends, I guess. "How's it hanging, pretty bird?" Pedro, already nibbling on a nut, asked.

"Fine, I guess. I just want these eggs to come." I said, rubbing my slightly swollen stomach. Thunder boomed outside. "Oh, I hope Blu makes it home soon." (A/N: Blu's part.) Blu still wasn't home and the rain was really pouring now. I hope he found somewhere dry to wait out the rain. "So Nico, not to be rude but, why the hell do you keep coming here?"

"Ouch." Pedro murmured.

"Um... I... uh... just want..." He sighed.

"Ya' know what, never mind." Clearly he couldn't answer.

~Blu~ (A/N: This part takes place where it says "Blus part.")

I was glad I found a dry place to wait out the downpour. I didn't like being away from Jewel. I really didn't like the fact that the hollow I was in was home to 18 piranha/toucans. The feather kid was just about to throw a sharp piece of nut-shell at me as 17 other little piranhas tore my feathers out when a farmiliar bird took over. Rafael quickly became covered in 18 bouncing terrors yelling "Daddy."

"Hey Blu! Good to see ya' meu amigo. {meu amigo- my friend} What'cha doin here?"

"Got caught in the rain. Saw a hollow and, well, here I am!" I spread my wings at the last part. "So, uh, wheres Eva?"

Ralphie sighed. "She's on vacation."

I chuckled. "Can birds take vacations?"

"Apparently." Ralphie smiled.


I was trying not to show it, but my stomach as killing me. At this point I knew Blu was stuck in a tree somewhere. "So, Nico, have you ever thought about settling down and starting a family?" I asked.

"But Jewel, you're already pregnant with Blu's kids." I glared at him.

"Well... I guess it'd be nice to have someone to call "son". But, I'm not ready to be a father."

"What about you?" I said, looking at Pedro.

"Like Nico said, you're already pregnant with Blu's kids."

"What the f*** is wrong with you?" I hope my kids are more mature than these two idiots.

"Nah, thats how I roll. I'm a partier, not a family man." Pedro said while still eating the nut. At this point, though my stomach was almost causing me tears, I was glad that the rain stopped and Blu would be home soon.

"Well blue bucket of b**chy sunshine, it's been fun, but we gotta go." Pedro said. I slapped him over the head, making him fall from the box. Good thing he could fly.