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Also, this has spoilers, so if you've never finished the game but plan on it, don't read it.

You know who I'm talking about…


The Happy Mask Salesman? The shady, smiling man with the bag full of masks?

Don't you dare tell me he's not shady.

His smile just screams creepy. Also, who the hell walks around in the open with a cursed mask?

…The Skull Kid? Okay, well…he was possessed. He had an excuse.

The Happy Mask Salesman doesn't. Maybe the guy was on drugs or something. That permanent smile of his just isn't natural…

Back to the point. I wonder if that guy planned everything.

He was walking around with that mask. You realize he could've just buried it or something. Trust me, there are lots of places he could've hidden it. He could've given it to the aliens at the ranch (tie it to a cow or something), or you know…thrown the mask into lava. Evil or not, a mask is a mask. Then again, Majora could move on its own…

Wait, then why didn't it ditch him before? It could've found someone to possess on its own.


I bet the two planned the "moon falls in three days" event together.

I'm not crazy.

Seriously, it was suspiciously convenient, getting most of the masks. I asked the little old lady where she got her Bomb mask, and she told me it was from a "mask salesman". Kafei got his Keaton mask from a "mask salesman" too…Do you see where I'm getting at?

I also learned the Song of Healing from him.

Oh, and let's not forget, I told you before that the man was everywhere.

I've caught glimpses of him in Romani's Ranch, around town, around every owl statue I've found, and even in the dungeons!

I got the Giant's mask in the Stone Tower, right? I thought I saw him then, too!

It's not paranoia.

I have the Triforce of Courage and faced all kinds of monsters, remember? I swear I saw him. It's impossible to forget his face.

You know…maybe he's from the moon.

...Stop looking at me like that.

On the moon, the four giants and Majora were there – all little kids. The giants wore masks.

They all kept asking me if I wanted to be a mask salesman.

Hey, if aliens can abduct cows in Termina, then the Happy Mask Salesman can come from the moon.

It'd explain his weird powers. He could sense the emotions of the masks and said things like, "You've made a lot of masks happy," and "The evil in the mask has disappeared".

Normal people can't sense that, right? Cause I'm pretty sure Tatl and I didn't.

I bet you the Happy Mask Salesman came from the moon and wanted to have some fun with Majora's Mask in Termina.

…No, Navi, I'm not delusional.