Okay, a few quick notes. First, Leah can't imprint in this story, since she's a female and, well, if you read the books you know about her theory. Second, in this story, Leah is a grade above Bella because it works better. Also, Alice and Edward are together instead of Alice and Jasper. Now please enjoy the story.


I couldn't believe that I was actually doing this. Leaving my friends, the rez that I'd grown up on my entire life, to go to Forks High School. It was stupid. The dumbest thing I'd done in my entire life, but I needed to.

After Sam left me for Emily, I had to get away. To leave the stupid rez and the terrible memories, and go somewhere. With my extremely limited budget and my senior year of high school still in front of me, there was only one place that I really could go. And that was Forks. My dad was living with me in a shitty apartment a couple blocks from the school, and even though I missed my mom and Seth like crazy, I was still thankful that he'd gone along with this whole plan.

Thankful, but also terrified as hell. Being the new kid was bad enough, but I'd be the only Indian there. That was like having a sign over my head that screamed 'Hey, look, stare at the freak show!'.

I tried not to care about what people thought of me. Usually, I didn't care. But two hundred kids, staring at me, was not something that I was looking forward to.

Grimacing, I took one step towards Forks High School. Then another, and another. There were students bustling all around, but I doubted that anyone could tell I was new because of the shapeless black raincoat that I wore, which more or less matched everyone else's. I'm sure that the worn jeans and tattered Nikes just screamed rez-girl, but thankfully no one bothered to look closely enough to see them.

Before long, I came to the building that was supposed to hold the office. It was surprisingly warm inside, and thankfully empty of students. At least the secretary would be mature enough not to ask any dumb-ass questions.

As politely as I could, I introduced myself and asked if I could have my schedule. Something about my expression must've warded off chitchat because the old woman nodded and started digging through a folder.

That was when the door swung open. I was tempted to put my hood back up to avoid unnecessary questions, but it would've been too late. Doing my best not to groan, I glanced at the person out of the corner of my eye, planning to see whether or not I'd need to make a quick getaway, when I realized exactly who else was in the room with me.

Turning my back slowly to the secretary, I got a good look at one of the famed Cullens for the first time. Or at least I assumed it was a Cullen, given the description that I remembered from my father. Pale skin, good-looking features, bruise-like circles under the eyes. Almost certainly one of 'them'.

This one was a boy. Lean, wild red hair, a fake-smile, and yellow eyes that made him look plain-ass creepy. For the first time, I vaguely wondered if the rumors about the Cold Ones weren't true, because this guy definitely didn't look human.

The boy stared at me with his yellow eyes, and I swore that he was shooting me a warning look, like he knew exactly what I was thinking. I backed up slightly, telling myself that I was being stupid, that those vampire legends were the result of old guys smoking too much peace pipe, but it was kind of hard to believe that when you had a guy with honest-to-god yellow eyes shooting you cryptic looks.

"Miss Clearwater?"

I turned around to see the secretary holding my schedule out to me. Without another word, I took it from her and hurried out of the room, purposely bumping into the Cullen boy on my way out. He was hard enough that it hurt my freaking shoulder, and the knowledge made my blood go cold.

There was no way, no damn way, that the Cullens were actually vampires. I mean, for crying out loud, that was just stupid. Dumb. Hilarious. I was overreacting, letting the stories I heard get into my head. Honestly? Vampires?

Yeah, right.

With that conviction made, I quickly looked over my schedule, shoved it into the pocket of my jeans for later use, and made my way to History, my first class.

All eyes were on me the second that I was in the room, including the teacher's. Resolutely ignoring all of them, I made a beeline to a seat in the back corner of the room and sat down. Then regretted it.

There was another one of them, another 'Cold One', right next to me, and I hadn't even noticed. The first thing I noticed about this one was his posture. The redhead had looked relaxed, human, kind of. This guy was stock still, and when I looked closely, he didn't seem to be breathing.

It was like he was a statue. A very, very handsome statue. For as unimpressed as I was by the other Cullen's good looks, I was floored by this one's. Wild, but soft-looking honey blond hair, a leonine build that was seriously the hottest I had ever seen, and features like an angel.

That's how perfect he was, honestly. I didn't ogle guys. Never. But I couldn't look away from this pretty white boy.

He must've felt me more or less undressing him with my eyes, because a moment later, I found him looking confusedly in my direction. His eyes weren't yellow, like the other Cullen's, but darker. Ocher, kind of. Not half as unsettling.

He shot me a strained smile, revealing perfect white teeth. I mean, not just nice teeth, like you see in movies, but unrealistically straight, impossibly clean, teeth. And I knew. Maybe it's crazy, that I managed to figure it out so soon, but I actually think I should've known the second that I saw the other brother.

It added up fast. The rock-hard skin, yellow/gold eyes, inhuman beauty, freakishly perfect teeth, and the way that blondie didn't even seem to be breathing.

The Cold Ones were real, and I was going to freaking high school with them.


Sitting by myself at lunch that day, I made sure to keep an eye on the Cullens. As I expected, they didn't eat. Actually, the redhead spent most of the time staring at me, along with a tiny little black-haired chit that looked like a pixie. Edward and Alice. Those two worried me the most. Edward with his staring, and Alice because she just looked like a creep.

Thankfully, they were the only two looking at me. Everyone else was focused on the less fierce new student, Isabella 'Call me Bella' Swan. I ignored her, but I was glad no one else did. Apparently a little pale girl from Phoenix was more exciting than a poor bitch from the rez, and I wasn't going to complain.

As I choked down a disgusting slice of pizza that could hardly be considered food, I sent another look in the direction of the Cullens' table. For once, Edward's creepy yellow eyes were focused on the Swan girl, and Alice was talking to the blonde bitch who I was unfortunate enough to be partnered with in French. Unfortunately, the other two guys were staring at me.

Emmett was smiling. Not barring his teeth smiling, but smiling, like he wanted to come over here and give me a hug or something. That I didn't understand. The other guy, Jasper, looked pissed. I'd found out his name first, sadly, because even if he was a vampire, I honestly don't think I'd mind if he bit me. Every freaking part of him had me swooning like a little school-girl. I liked his hair best, though. His wild, long, 'I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket' hair. It just looked soft. Like you'd want to run your hands through it.

Then I realized what I was doing. Ogling a Cold One. A vampire. When I hadn't even looked twice at a guy since the whole thing with Sam.

It wasn't right. I narrowed my eyes at Jasper, cursing him for making me think such disgusting thoughts. He continued to glare back, looking largely unconcerned. Tall, blonde, and bitchy made a comment, and Emmett laughed like crazy. Jasper turned away from me, and I got up and left.

Unfortunately, I felt a presence right behind me as I headed in the general direction of my locker. When I turned around, it was Edward.

My stomach clenched with fear. This was just great. It was probably time for his lunch now.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said soothingly, even though he looked pretty damn annoyed.

I glowered at him. Why would he have thought that I was worried about him hurting me? My face hadn't shown anything, I was sure of it. My face never showed anything.

"Okay," I said, then hesitated. Should I play stupid? Would he kill me if he knew that I knew? Or would it be better to confront him about it. I wouldn't tell anyone, I hoped he knew. It was against the treaty, which I was going to have to take seriously for the first time in my life.

"You don't have to play stupid," he said. "I know that you've heard the stories about us, that you know what we are. I just came out here to make sure that you knew to keep those stories to yourself."

Wait. How in the hell did he-

"You're reading my fucking thoughts," I growled at him, taking a step in his direction. Vampire or not, I was going to beat the hell out of him.

"Yes, I am," he said smoothly. "However, I will make sure to give you as much privacy as I can as long as you promise not to reveal our secret to any of our classmates."

Say something? I thought at him. As much as I'd love to notify the population of your condition, I'm not quite ready to die yet, thank you.

"We wouldn't kill you. It would just make it necessary for us to move, and that would be extremely inconvenient. I am, however, thankful for your. Please act normally, and it will be easy to pretend that you know nothing about us."

"Alright, fine," I said dismissively, and that was that.


The next several weeks passed in a rush. Every day seemed to be the same. Get up ridiculously early. Walk to school. Ignore everyone and be ignored by everyone, especially the vampires. Do homework. Try not to think about Sam. And repeat.

The only break from it all was the weekends, when my dad and I would head back to the rez to see Seth and my mom. Seth would basically ambush me the moment that I set foot into the house, then pelt me with questions about school. I'd tell him how boring it was, that the teachers actually cared whether or not you turned your work in, and that all of the people there were uninteresting.

My dad would give me a grateful look when I kept my mouth shut about the Cullens. I had told him about Edward and how I finally believed the stories, and he just nodded, warned me to be careful, and reminded me that the Cullens didn't kill people, so I shouldn't worry too much about them.

As it was, both of us worried about them enough not to mention anything to my baby brother. I didn't mind not talking about them. For all I cared, the stupid family deserved to be ignored. Every single one of them.

Unfortunately, things were never quite that easy.

I started feeling feverish about a month after the school year started. Not sick, I assured my father, just… off. His eyes got huge, and he opened his mouth several times like he was going to say something big, but instead he told me to get some rest and that I'd be better soon.

Then he called Sam. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it sounded urgent, and I was scared to death, worrying that maybe I was dying or something, that my dad was begging him to come and give me a pity kiss.

And the saddest thing was, I was actually kind of hopeful. As much as it would've shrunk my ego, as much as I would have hated it, I would have done anything to kiss Sam one more time. Tall, strong, funny, brave, too-good-for- me Sam.

Apparently I wasn't dying, though. My dad told me I would be fine and sent me off to school the next day.

I wasn't fine. I couldn't focus at all, my head didn't stop spinning, and everything felt so dang hot.

I was miserable, and the cautious looks that the damn Cullens kept shooting me weren't helping. It was like they were worried I was getting ready to explode. Hell, maybe I should've been worried, if they were looking at me like that. Knowing them, they could probably smell some life threatening disease working its way through my system.

Jasper was the worst. Stupid blond. I swear that his dumb eyes, which had now turned yellow, weren't off me the entire day. Normally I wouldn't have cared. Maybe, I would've even liked it, but he wasn't staring at me or checking me out. It seemed like he was waiting for something, like he was worried.

A part of me was tempted to stomp up to the stupid angel of a vampire and ask him what in the hell his problem was, but I didn't want to get that close to him. I didn't know if he could read minds like Edward, and I didn't want to find out. Then he'd know that I was crazy obsessed with his hair, that his stupid perfect face haunted my dreams, and that I'd been lusting after him since my first day here.

So I ignored him, and all of the others, and focused on getting through the day without fainting, which wasn't as easy as it sounded. As the day progressed, everything kept getting worse and worse. I even asked to sit out of gym, which was my favorite class by far. I could hardly walk straight, let alone run. The spinning in my head was turning into a pounding headache, and a kind of burning pain was starting to run up and down my spine.

And my fever. Damn, that stupid fever. It felt like I was on fire. Everything was hot, I was sweating like a pig, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to leave.

Without saying anything to the teacher, I bolted. Ran faster than I ever had in my life, because suddenly the school was too small and too hot, and I needed fresh air.

When I made it out into the cool September air, I swore that it'd help, but I couldn't feel any change in temperature at all, and even the light rain seemed to sizzle on my skin. My fever was too high. I took several gasping breaths, trying to calm myself down, but it didn't work.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, a freaking freezing cold hand, and whirled around in panic, my instincts screaming at me to run. It was Alice, the psycho pixie girl, and she looked scared.

"You have to get away from here," she said hurriedly. "Right now."

I shook my head. No way was I going to listen to a stupid bloodsucker.

"No," I said, and my voice came out in a terrifying growl that scared the hell out of me. Alice backed up slightly, her golden eyes wide. Why was she scared of me?

"You have to go," she repeated in panic, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. "I- you're going to change into a werewolf!"

That was it. I snapped. If that crazy little vamp was going to get a kick out of making me panic, then she had another thing coming. All that I wanted was to tear her apart. My fever suddenly turned uncontrollable, and my vision flashed red.

Then it felt like I was tearing apart from the inside. Like my bones were cracking open, my muscles ripping in half. Like I was dying. It was the most terrible, agonizing pain imaginable. Everything hurt, and I was on fire. A sickly sweet smell made me dizzy, but I could barely focus on it over the sheer agony that threatened to take over everything.

A minute later, the pain was completely gone, replaced by something else. The sickening smell of bleach. The sound of birds chirping, students talking, cars driving, music playing… everything. And a feeling of speed and strength that made me want to run. Blinking slightly, I opened my eyes for the first time, and let out what was supposed to be a gasp, but ended up as a strange growl-like sound.

The world around me was unbelievably clear. I could see everything. It was beautiful, perfect, unbelievable. Then I saw Alice Cullen in front of me, and pulled up short, seeing the sheer terror in her eyes, how worried that she'd been, how much she wanted to get me away from the front of the school.

Because… because I was a werewolf.

No fucking way.

But when I slowed down to think, I knew that she was right. I could feel it. The way I was standing on all fours, the strange positioning of my eyes, so that my peripheral vision was ten times better than normal, and my long muzzle, built so that I couldn't speak.

Terror seized my chest, and I was scared, confused, disgusted. So I did what my instincts told me to. I tried to take it out on Alice.

A low growl escaping my throat, I jumped at the hideous smelling vampire and went for her throat, but she dodged me and ran, and I sprinted after her, unbelievably fast, knowing how to run on all fours without even thinking about it.

The bloodsucker led me past the school, into a forest, then turned on me. I kept going, straight for her, but she dodged me at the last second and said, "Leah, calm down."

Calm down. She wanted me to calm the hell down. No way, not with my instincts screaming at me to kill her, not with every muscle in my body wanting to tear her apart. She was bad, an enemy, and I had to take her down.

My answer was a low growl, and I went for her again, but this time I feinted left and went right, ramming right into her. When she was down, I took her arm in my mouth and got ready to tear, knowing that this was what I had to do.

Then I was rammed into by something that felt a hell of a lot like a truck. One second I was on the little black-haired vampire, and the next I was being tossed to the ground like a bag of meat.

When I got my bearings, I saw the terrifying vampire on top of me for the first time, and my heart stopped in sheer horror. His face and neck looked like a puzzle, torn up and put together again. That's how many little crescent shaped marks there were. Vampire bites, instinct told me. They screamed dangerous. I didn't want to fight him, I wanted away from him, because surely he was going to kill me. Surely this was going to be my last second to live, because this vampire warrior wasn't one to let his prey go easily.

Then my shock wore off, and I realized who, exactly, this vampire was. The beautiful, angelic features, amazing honey blond hair, and fierce ocher eyes.

Jasper Hale.

Suddenly, I felt disgusted at myself. He was obviously a murderer, not the same as the other Cullens. Not like them at all. Now I was going to be another victim, and I lowered my head, knowing that I was screwed, that there was no way I could possibly beat a vampire like this.

At least death wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't have to hurt over Sam anymore, anyway. I just hoped that he'd be merciful.

"Don't be so afraid, Darlin'. I'm not planning to hurt you," he said softly. It was the first time he'd spoken to me, and I was shocked by his slow, easy voice. There was even a hint of a Southern drawl. Not an evil vampire voice at all. "You just need to calm down and change back. Then you can go to your father, and he'll help you."

My father. Oh, God. Suddenly all thoughts of death were replaced by worries of what he was going to do, of what he was going to think. To know that his daughter was a freaky werewolf!

Then I felt waves of blissful calm coming over me, and, before I knew it, my panic and fear and anger were all dulled enough that I could took several deep breaths without going hysterical. My heartbeat slowed, I vaguely realized that Jasper Hale was on top of me, and that he still had pretty hair whether he was a murderer or not, and I focused on that unbelievably soft-looking hair until my muscles relaxed and I could feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation that ended in me becoming human again, lying exhausted and naked on the forest floor.

Underneath a freezing cold, unbelievably hot vampire. My eyes narrowed into a glare, and I hissed, "Get off of me, Hale."

He hastily listened, thankfully getting us out of the awkward position we were in. My cheeks flooded with blood as I folded myself into a ball, trying to cover everything that needed covering.

"Here," another voice said. I turned to see Alice standing beside me, holding out an unfamiliar bundle of cloth. A t-shirt, it looked like. "It's Emmett's. We didn't have any extra clothes, so it was the best I could do without running home."

As much as I hated taking clothes from them, it was better than sitting naked in front of Jasper, so I hurriedly pulled on the t-shirt, which fell halfway to my knees. It stank like hell.

There was an awkward silence once I was dressed. Looking at Jasper made me sick, especially because he looked so unconcerned about the general ruining of my life, but seeing Alice's eyes, full of pity, wasn't any better, so I settled for watching the forest floor.

"You should get to your father," Alice finally said gently.

Right. My father.

I nodded to the both of them, then numbly walked away, knowing that I should thank them, but not feeling like actually doing so.

There was so much on my mind that I didn't even feel guilty about it.


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