Luke and I danced for what seemed like forever. My heart was beating fast yet it kept in time with the music. At first we avoided each other's gaze but occasionally I would feel his eyes on me yet when I turned to face him he would quickly look away like a shy little boy; I couldn't help but blush and smile at this and looked down at our hands. I suddenly felt his grip tighten and when I looked up at him he was staring right at me, his piercing blue eyes where hard to escape from.

"Cecily" he said in a very serious tone, which threw me off slightly, "I'm sorry I got so angry at you that day, if I hadn't shouted at you to get lost maybe...maybe none of this would of happened" I froze as I remembered the events of that day, how I'd wished for Luke to come and save me like he had done so many times before. I suddenly felt very sick and let go of his hands. I faced my head down as I felt my eyes well up. "Cecily-"Luke began but I interrupted him;

"I needed you Luke!" I shouted, and I meant it.

"Cecily" he uttered and put his finger under my chin to lift my head up but I couldn't look at him "Cecily" he said again but I just kept shaking my head. He suddenly pulled me in to a tight embrace "Cecily...I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through. I swore I would never let harm come to a loved one ever again and I have not been true to my word" my eyes widened as he said this. I slowly pushed him away and we stared at each other, I looked at his features; his beautiful brown hair, his honest human eye and the artificial eye which reminded himself and everyone else of his painful past and his mouth which I felt myself being drawn towards. Luke had his finger under my chin again and was slowly leading my lips to his I blushed and closed my eyes, our bodies embraced and our lips did the same, as my chest leant against his I felt his heartbeat in time with mine and I listened as they danced together.