I LOVE Dharma and Grey and Criminal Minds. This, as tbird says in her own story - which I recommend if you like this one. "Only a Dream - is what my mind came up with.

Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner was looking forward to another day of his job at the BAU, or the Behavioral Analysis Unit. As the Unit Chief, every passing day was full of hardships and emotional struggles in which he was assumed to overcome, but each day was worth it. The lives he saved, the people he made happy, and the creatures of darkness he took off the streets were worth everything that he gave to the cause.

Everything, that is, but Haley and Jack Hotchner. His wife and son. Haley had left because he was no longer around when she and Jack needed him because of his work. He chose his work over his family. And Haley didn't approve of that.

And here he was. Single, divorced, solemn, and working his job. It was the only thing that kept his family off his mind, where it usually always ways.

But today, something happened that pulled something entirely new into his mind.

Aaron pulled into the lot of Quantico, parking his car and getting out. Before he knew it, some random blonde woman ran out of nowhere and smacked him across the face. As his skin redened and his eyes blistered the pavement on the ground, Aaron was puzzled and confused, and showed it when he moved his head to the upright position again.

The woman was beautiful - fairskinned, short blonde hair, eyes that stared him down for some unknown reason - and he couldn't fathom why she was so angry. Slowly, he asked, "Are you-"

"Grey Montgomery!" she snarled, her face like that of a wolf's. "I was waiting in the rain all morning! And now I find you HERE? What have you beening doing all day?"

Greg Montgomery? Aaron wondered as he asked, "I'm sorry, but who are you?"

"Greg!" the woman whined. "This is not funny!"

"Apparently it's not," Hotch flashed his badge. "Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. Who are you, and who is Greg?"

"Greg..." the woman was unsure of herself now. "Stop playing..."

"I'm not-"


The voice came from behind him. When the two turned to look, Aaron was shocked to see a slightly younger version of himself come out from behind one of the cars and walk quickly towards the strange woman in front of him. Whom he now knew as "Dharma". Confused, Aaron watched as the man and Dharma embraced, and the man pulled her back to kiss her passionately. Aaron started to inch away.

"Dharma, what are you doing here?" The man.

"Looking for you, of coure!" Dharma.

"Why here?" The man.

"I thought I saw you. But it was that guy-" Dharma looked over at Aaron, who was almost back in his car again. "Wait! Agent, um, Whatever Hotchness! Get back here!"

Aaron took this as a death threat and leapt into his car, pulling it into a sharp reverse. Somehow, he avoided knocking them over as he sped off.

Somehow, the man looked just like him.

The universe was a funny place.

Eh, it's terrible. And short. But it's all I could come up with. Review, please. :D