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Moon White Rose


Chapter 1

Why I insisted on going to Canalave City now, instead of setting up camp for the night and going tomorrow, I had no idea. It had been dark for some time and the stars where hidden behind a blanket of clouds. The moon was as well, but it would have been of no help tonight anyway.

It was a new moon. Her I was, walking in the woods, at night, with only a wimpy flashlight for light, and a covered new moon above.

Ah, the glorious life of a Pokémon trainer.

"What's next, rain?" I questioned no one sarcastically. I really should learn to keep my mouth shut. The sky was suddenly lit by a jagged streak of lightening that was soon followed by a deafening clap of thunder. In seconds I was soaked.


I took off running, but didn't even get five steps before my shoes were caked with mud. The rain fell harder, plastering my clothes and scraggly brown hair to my body so that not even a smidge of me was even remotely dry.

I hate the rain; the dark too, but I can hardly stand the rain and darkness TOGETHER. Suddenly, an extremely bright streak of lightening raced across the sky and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move.

"Empoleon! Come on out!" I threw the pokéball holding my Empoleon and in seconds he was by my side, making me feel much safer.

"Water Gun, now!" I ordered as I pointed to where I had seen movement. He obeyed, a powerful stream of water erupting out of his steel hard beak. His attack hit home, but no Pokémon jumped out. Over the sound of the pounding rain though, I did hear a slight moan, the bushes rustling once again.

Oh gosh, don't tell me it's a person, I thought frantically as Empoleon and I rushed over. However, when I parted the bushes, there was nothing. For a few moments I stood there, dumbfounded, when water got in my eyes, making me remember I was just standing in the rain like an idiot.

"Come on Empoleon," I said, holding up his ball. "Let's ge-." I was cut off as the sky once again filled with lightening.

It was in that moment I saw something I couldn't believe. Up ahead in the path was something dark. I saw a flash of red, a glimmer of white, and speck of icy blue. Then everything went dark as the lightening faded. Rubbing my eyes, I shone my flashlight everywhere, but saw nothing. I was however going to keep Empoleon out for the time being.

"Come on lazy, we're not all water types you know!" We both set off at a quick walk and just as I reached the spot where I swore I saw something, I slipped and landed face first in the mud.

I heard my flashlight shatter and mud covered me completely. Great, just great: I'm now officially the most unlucky Pokémon trainer anywhere.

Suddenly, I felt Empoleon's beak gently grab the back of my shirt. He pulled me up and rubbed his beak on my cheek in an attempt to get the mud off.

"Thanks buddy," I muttered, wiping away as much mud as I could, which wasn't much. I began to walk forward, but soon realized I wasn't being followed. Glancing over my shoulder, I could faintly make out Empoleon bent over where I had fallen, gazing at something on the ground.

"What are you doing?" I questioned. He swiftly snatched something up in his beak, and then rushed over to me. I held out my hand and he dropped it.

It was too dark to tell what it was, but it felt like wood. It was shaped like a square and was smooth for the most part. I could feel cuts on each side, like something was engraved. As I held it, the rain seemed to grow colder and fall harder. Also, it seemed to get darker, much darker.

"Come on- let's go." Empoleon and I took off; unaware we were in for a long walk and an even longer, darker, night.


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Moon White Rose