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Chapter 4

The warm feeling of sun on my face was what woke me. Slowly I opened my eyes and had to blink a few times before I was able to see clearly. Overhead, the sky was cloudless and blue; the sun bright and starting to borderline on being uncomfortably hot. Where was I? I closed my eyes, trying to remember where I was; then it was like I was punched by a Machoke, metaphorically speaking of course.

The rain, the cold, the arrival at Canalave, the Inn…. "The Inn! That man!" I gasped, jumping to my feet and taking in my surrounding, growing more confused by the second. I wasn't at the Inn, but was on a grassy hill that overlooked a small, narrow, natural harbor. Beyond that, the sea stretched out for miles in every direction; no matter where I looked, all I could see was water.

I would have preferred to face a dozen stinging mad Beedrills than face the stinging truth. I was stranded on an island, with no visible way of leaving. I'm going to go crazy, or die, I thought, looking down in defeat when my head snapped up. "Perhaps, I'm not alone after all."
I started to look down at my belt, hoping my team was still there, when I noticed something that made me temporarily forget what I was looking for.

From head to toe, I was clean, which like me being on a strange island with no idea how I got here, made no sense. I remember hitting that bed in the Inn soaking wet and caked with mud. Now I was dry and there was not even one speck of dust, dirt, or mud to be seen on me.

I was definitely going to lose my mind if I stayed here. Shaking my head to get rid of the thought, I reached for my belt and my fingers wrapped around a small round ball. "Yes!" It was Empoleon's ball, and I quickly removed it, feeling somewhat… better. I tossed the ball in the air, and instantly there was the familiar light, the sound of Empoleon emerging, and then the cry of Empoleon himself.

"Eraa!" he rushed to my side, and after taking in our surroundings, glared at me with a look that quite simply said: "WHAT MESS DO I NEED TO GET US OUT OF NOW?!" I glared back.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I'll listen to you next time. Creepy buildings- I'll be sure to stay away from them, now help me out please." He continued his glare and it was kind of freaky. Having a know it all, protective, and now angry Empoleon give you the evil eye is not a sight I'd recommend. "Look," I finally said, an idea coming to mind, "do you think you could surf me off this this island and back to Canalave or any place for that matter with people?" Empoleon looked around at the sea before turning back to me.

"Eraa-raa!" I blinked once then again before a sigh escaped my lips. I didn't know what was worse- the fact that his answer was no, or the fact that I understood him. I'd flip a coin on it later.

"Okay, do you at least know where we are?"


"…Any danger?"

"Eraaa!" Great, a big fat yes, despite the fact that all appeared fine and I had no idea what he was basing his answer off of.

"Well than, let's see if we can get an aerial view and opinion from Altaria." I reached for my Altaria's pokeball and stopped cold. It couldn't be, yet a look down at my belt proved it was true. Altaria's pokeball was gone. Actually, all the other pokeballs were gone. Roserade, Onix, Eevee, Toxicroack, and Altaria- my whole team gone except for stubborn, overprotective Empoleon who said there was danger.

Oh. Joy.

"There's no point in standing around here. Let's go explore, see if we can find some food and water, or maybe even a way off this rock. And don't object, or its back in the ball you go." Empoleon growled, but followed when I began to walk. I couldn't help but smile.

That was how you dealt with a Water-Type.

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