On November 3rd 2002 at the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch….

"Wooooh! This is great!" Ginny and Harry had been touring Romainia for 3 months with Ginny's brother Charlie, and hadn't flown the entire trip. Harry had organized a quidditch picnic for Ginny to get comfortable on a broom again since she was playing Chaser on the Holyhead Harpies the coming season. Little did Ginny know, Harry had somthing else in mind, Harry had asked Proffesor McGonnagall for the Snitch Ginny had caught during the match she played substitute Seeker for Harry, right before their first kiss, the Professor happilly gave him the Snitch, though curious why he would want it. He then found the enchantment Professor Dumbledore had used on the Snitch he left Harry in his will, though the message on this Snitch was a question only Ginny could answer.

When Ginny caught the Snitch, message began to appear, "Ginny, will you marry me?". Ginny was shocked, she just floated there in the air for a second, then started nodding her head speechlessly. Harry laughed then said, "Then here's your ring." Harry then pulled out a beautiful diamond ring, surrounded by emeralds.