"So why are we here again?" Soul questioned his large, blue teacher as he let loose a barely suppressed yawn.

"To welcome the new girl." Maka said, answering for Sid.

"What normal girl wakes up before noon…?" Soul asked in a whining tone.

He was immediately Maka-Chopped by his girlfriend. "Are you saying that I am not normal?" Maka asked coldly.

Soul couldn't respond as he was nursing his bleeding head. Maka huffed and followed Sid-sensei out into the main courtyard leaving Soul to crawl behind them.

By the time Soul had recovered Maka was already being introduced to the new meister at the school. The girl was about Maka's age and a little shorter than Soul. She was curvy and had long black hair that reached her mid calves. She had a full red lips and big blue eyes that reminded Soul of a little puppy dog.

God she was gorgeous…. But so was Soul's girlfriend, the shorter, much less curvy girl talking so sweetly to the new meister.

"Oh Soul! There you are! This is Natsumi she is a meister, as you know. She is currently looking for a weapon but…" Maka let her sentence trail off, unsure of what to say.

"It's cool to meet you." Soul said politely, shaking her hand.

"You too." Natsumi said blushing slightly.

They all stood there awkwardly until Sid finally said, "Well. You'd best be showing Natsumi around…"

"Oh, of course!" Maka said with enthusiasm, nearly dragging Natsumi in her haste to leave the awkwardness behind.

Soul smiled as Maka showed Natsumi the school, following them at a safe distance. Maka was so beautiful when she was like this, not her serious battle field self, or her studious book worm self, but her compassionate, kind, charismatic self.

Natsumi saw him looking at them and smiled at him, revealing a beautiful white smile. He smiled back, although his stomach did an uncomfortable flip-flop… Why was he getting so nervous? It was so un-cool. Besides, he thought to himself, I don't need to be nervous around girls anymore… I have Maka. The thought made him happy enough that he simply had to grin his trademark shark tooth smile.

Maka saw this and smiled back. Now Soul really did get flip-flops in his stomach… Oh god Maka was gorgeous…

As Maka finished Natsumi's orientation Black*Star came along with Tsubaki talking animatedly about his next plans to "surpass god". Tsubaki was nodding every once in a while as he continued to talk, seeming genuinely interested. Soul shook his head. How did that, indicating with his mind the psychotically laughing blue-haired assassin, get that, this time indicating the tall and curvy weapon who was listening attentively, laughing along.

Soul caught up with the group in time to hear that introductions were being made. Natsumi seemed to take Black*Star's rambunctious greeting in good humor, which meant that Tsubaki already adored her. The group started talking enthusiastically, eventually meeting Kid with the Thompson sisters as the walked through the winding halls of DWMA.

Kid introduced himself, and to everybody's relief he didn't mention Natsumi's beautiful symmetry. The large group of friends ended up in Maka and Soul's apartment talking and laughing. This became a regular event as the newly added member of the DWMA became close friends with some of the most elite meisters and weapons in existence.

The weeks passed and Natsumi still hadn't chosen a weapon, and when questioned Natsumi would only shrug and say sadly, "Our souls weren't compatible."

Soul often wondered about the weaponless meister. She seemed to have some interest in him and she was pretty gorgeous… Soul shook his head firmly. He had Maka. And Maka was all he needed.

One day Soul found himself voicing his thoughts about Natsumi out loud.

"Why doesn't she have a weapon?" Kid asked. "The answer is obvious isn't it?"

"Erm... no?" Soul said, confused.

"Well… I just thought that since Maka... Oh that's right you can only sense souls when you are in weapon form with Maka. You see Natsumi's soul is… messed up I suppose you could say." Kid felt his lip curl in disgust. "I feel guilty saying so but it is quite unsymmetrical really… there isn't a single soul in the world that could possibly connect with hers."

Soul frowned, "Maka hasn't said anything."

"She probably feels bad." Kid said, "I mean her soul is certainly hard to miss…"

"Why would Lord Death bring in a lopsided soul?" Soul wondered out loud. "I guess to keep an eye on her… such a soul can't be completely right…"

As Soul finished his sentence he heard a sniffle from behind him. He whirled around, coming face to face with a crying Natsumi.

"So now you know!" Natsumi sobbed, "You know that I am an incomplete, lopsided freak!"

Soul looked at Kid for help but he had already left. Coward.

"Hey, Natsumi! I didn't mean what I said… You seem perfectly normal… You are nice, sweet, understanding, smart, the life of every party, and beautiful…"

"Y-you think I'm beautiful?" Natsumi said between sobs.

"Um… well don't tell Maka but… yeah…"

Natsumi smiled, edging closer to Soul, "Yeah that's fine… this can be our little secret…"

And with that last word Natsumi kissed Soul. Soul froze in shock, unable to move. He heard a gasp behind him and he feared the worst, thinking it could be one of his friends. But what he saw was even worse. He saw Maka.