Summary: Sengoku and Bunta are seemingly in love, despite being in different schools, but will the meeting of Sengoku and Rikkai's 'baby' change all that?

Pairing[s]: SengokuMarui. Later on SengokuKirihara. Maybe some OOCness.

Rating: M [this chapter] Sexual Situations. [a lot actually] and Language [if I remember correctly]

Disclaimer: If I owned Prince of Tennis, then it would have nothing to do with tennis.

Lucky To Fall In Love

Chapter 1

Sengoku hopped off the bus happily, adjusting his tennis bag once his feet hit solid ground again. He walked off from the stop towards one of the last schools anyone would expect him to go to but he didn't care. He had a special someone waiting there for him.

He smiled as he went, trying to go as fast as he could to get to the one waiting for him but stopped as he passed a pair of street courts and saw the flash of a yellow, white and black regular's jacket. The boy on the courts looked short but then again, they were pretty far away from each other. He had black hair and swung his racket with such a force that Sengoku could hear the practice wall the boy was hitting against crack and wobble with abuse.

He knew the jacket belonged to Rikkaidai, but the redhead honestly couldn't think of anyone on the team that would fit the sight of this boy.

He thought of going over and asking, but the figure suddenly turned, seeming to glare at him before the boy's racket crashed to the ground and he came sprinting at Kiyosumi.

To say Kirihara was pissed was an understatement. He was tired of Niou's and Marui's teasing, just because he was 'the baby' of Rikkai. So what if he was the youngest? It didn't mean he was any dumber or less experienced than the others. How would he have become a regular if he was? And damn that Sanada for making him run around the courts the whole practice, just because he had hit a kid with a ball. That punk had deserved it; throwing a rock at him first. Of course, Kirihara had whacked him in the head with a racket minutes before but that kid still deserved what he got!

He served a few times against the street court's practice wall but found that ineffective towards relieving his anger. If there was no one there to absorb the attack of his Knuckle Serve, then it wasn't any fun to do. So he switched to just pounding the ball against the wall as hard as he could, pretending it was some idiot's face he was bashing in until he heard a cracking noise and watched the wall split where the ball had made contact.

He smiled, resting his racket against his shoulder as some of his anger flew away and he decided it was probably time for a drink. He turned to grab his water bottle but stopped as he noticed an unfamiliar redheaded boy watching him. He felt his temper flare again at having someone stare at him for such a long period of time. And the boy seemed to notice that Akaya was glowering at him but he just kept looking.

This kid rubbed him the wrong way. He had no idea who this person was, but he was already ready to rip him apart; especially considering the mood he was in at the moment. Adrenaline surged through his body as his irritated mood bubbled back to the surface and before he knew it, his racket was on the ground and he was charging at the strange redhead, his eyes narrowed.

He lunged at the taller body, knocking it to the ground before he sat up, straddling the other's stomach and whipping his fists at the kid's face, making harsh contact each time.

The boy's hands flailed, suddenly grabbing the mainly yellow Rikkaidai jacket before flipping the two of them over so he was on top. "Hey! What are you doing?" He shouted at Kirihara, clearly confused as to why he had just received a partial beating from a kid he didn't even know.

"What am I doing? You were the one staring at me like an idiot!"

"I was just watching you play tennis! Calm down! I'd hate to see you when you play a match with a crowd around!"

Kirihara grumbled, but deep down understood where the boy was coming from. Maybe he really was just watching him practice. After all, they didn't know each other, so it wasn't like he was purposefully trying to egg the junior on. "Will you get off me!" He yelled, remembering the compromising position they were still in. He shoved the kid off, then hurriedly sat up, wiping his face of the sweat that had formed.

"So… do I get an explanation… or no?"


"Why not? You're the one that hit me for seemingly no reason!"

"I'm just having a bad day!" Akaya blurted, then quickly crossed his arms and looked away from the other. "I was in a bad mood already and seeing you just made me angrier."

"But why? We don't even know each other."

"It doesn't matter." Kirihara turned his head back to pierce the redhead with his gaze. "From the second I saw you, I immediately hated you."

"Was it the hair? A lot of people say that." The boy reached up and playfully curled a lock of hair with a finger, seeming to be cheerful rather than angry anymore.

"No. It was everything about you. I don't like you."

"Awww, that's too bad." The stranger teased, getting back to his feet to dust his white pants off. "It's terrible knowing someone hated you from the minute they saw you." He held out his hand for Kirihara to take but the junior just ignored it and stood on his own, straightening his jacket and shorts once he was up.

"Are you done? Because I want you to go now."

"Well, I'm a little scared I'll get hit again if I stay, so I'll leave you alone." He picked up his bags and turned from Kirihara, waving over his shoulder as he walked away. "Bye!" He called, a smile on his face.

"Bastard." Akaya growled, going back to his stuff so he could practice in peace once more.

(Fifteen Minutes Later)

"Oh my gosh! What happened to your face Kiyosumi!" A redhead shorter than Sengoku asked, going up on his tiptoes to better examine the deep bruises forming on the lucky boy's face.

"Some kid beat me up." Sengoku half-lied, itching the back of his head as his lover fretted over his injuries, turning his head every which way to get better views of the purple blotches appearing in the skin. "He was just some punk that wanted money."

And that's all he did, right?"

"Yep. Aren't I lucky?"

"Of course." The smaller boy smiled weakly, then went back up to kiss the sores gingerly. "I hope they don't hurt too much."

Gum popped from the shorter's mouth as he used his shirt sleeve to wipe the blood from his boyfriend's split lip before he pulled Sengoku up the house's stairs to his bedroom. They both fell onto the bed, facing each other and smiling before gum popped again and the smaller boy began to chew it excessively.

"Got any for me?" Kiyosumi asked, opening his mouth in hopes of getting some of the sugary substance inserted in; a kiss the most preferred method.

"Nope. I don't share." The gum popped yet another time but when the next bubble was blown up, Sengoku leaned forward before it could burst and did it himself with his mouth, then he used his tongue to push it back into his lover's mouth where their tongues met and swirled around with the sweet-flavored treat.

"Kiyo-" The shorter tried to protest but Sengoku just pushed harder into the kiss, climbing over the other body as arms draped around his neck. Their tongues slid in against each other, a French kiss far more intense than their first one as they were now used to kissing that way. The boy being pressed into the bed moaned softly, squeezing the fabric of Sengoku's shirt until he realized that his gum had been swiped from his mouth. "Hey!" He shouted, sitting up as Kiyosumi stood from the bed, happily popping his new treat. "Give it back!"

"Why don't you make me… Bunta?" Sengoku smiled at the fuming little redhead and blew a bubble with the gum, only making Marui angrier.

"Oh, I'll make you!" He shouted, pushing off the bed to run, jump and tackle Sengoku to the ground before pressing their lips together so he could fish his gum back. "Give it!" He ordered, pulling on the Yamabuki uniform as Sengoku laughed at his small lover.

"You're so cute when you're flustered." He said, running a hand through pinkish hair.

"For the last time, I'm not cute! Now give me back my gum!"

"What do I get for it?"

"I don't bite your tongue off."

"That's it?" Sengoku pretended to whine, his lip sticking out in a fake pout. "Bunta, you're so mean."

"You're an idiot." Marui stuck his tongue out at Kiyosumi before moving back to unbutton his boyfriend's pants. The zipper was undone next, and then the white fabric was pulled down to the lucky boy's knees. "But I'll do anything to get the last piece of my favorite gum back." He said seductively, pushing up Sengoku's shirt so he could kiss the tanned, toned body beneath. His lips caressed the skin, teasingly making their way down to Sengoku's awakening arousal.

"Ahhh. I'm so lucky to have someone as seductive as you." Sengoku sighed happily, his hands resting behind his head.

"Hm." Marui hummed, opening his mouth to take in the other's growing erection, but stopped suddenly and motioned for the gum to be handed over.

Kiyosumi whined and quickly pulled the gum out of his mouth, holding it out for Bunta to take. The smaller boy closed his lips around the finger holding the sticky treat and grazed his teeth lightly across the flange as he pulled the gum off, popping it happily once it was back in his orifice.

"And like I said, I'll do anything." Marui smiled deviously, leaning down and giving a long lick to Sengoku's cock.

"Don't tease Bunta." Sengoku groaned, pushing his hips up for more.

"Alright, I won't." The smaller boy moved away and stood up, licking his lips before popping his gum. "Although… it's hard to resist the taste of you and my gum together."

"Awww, Bunta! You're gonna just leave me like this?" Sengoku wiggled his hips desperately, making his erection flop around. "You really are a teaser!"

"It's punishment for taking my gum." Marui smirked, taking a seat on the bed where he had a perfect view of the squirming Sengoku. "Besides, you know where the bathroom is. Why would you need me when you have a perfectly good toilet to sit on and a strong hand to do 'it' however you like?"

"But I want you." Sengoku suddenly pounced on the Rikkai student and pushed him into the mattress, kissing him deeply. "You're better than doing it alone in a bathroom." He murmured against his lover's lips.

"Kiyosumi!" Bunta was scowling, trying to push the taller boy off of him as his shirt was unbuttoned and ripped away from his body. "I thought I said I didn't want to!"

"I didn't hear that." Sengoku said, pretending to ponder the comment. But he quickly changed his expression and smiled, one hand pinning Marui's wrists above his head while the other undid the smaller boy's pants. "And as I recall, whenever you say 'no', you really mean 'yes'. All those nights you screamed 'no' when we were doing it but whenever I stopped to see if you were alright, you'd get angry at me for it and tell me to go harder."

Marui blushed at the thought, avoiding Sengoku's gaze. "That's different. We haven't even started yet."

"I thought it started when you pulled down my pants and licked me." Kiyosumi's lips attached themselves to his boyfriend's neck and planted wet kisses all over the skin, making the smaller boy flush even more as some of his erogenous spots were stimulated; he had a really sensitive body.

"I only did that because you took my gum!" Marui protested.

"But you led me on. How can you make a teenage boy, raging with hormones, aroused and then just stop, thinking he will too?" Sengoku bit softly and listened to the sweet moan Bunta released, his small body arching up into the pleasuring touch. The Yamabuki student chuckled as he felt a hardness against his stomach and he rocked his body to give the cock friction. "It would be the same as me stopping right now, leaving you the way you are."

Marui moaned as his nipple was licked, his breath already heavy although they had hardly done anything. "Sometimes… I really hate you." He panted, and Sengoku acknowledged he had won.

"Love you too." He smiled, rubbing their noses together.

(Two Days Later)

Kirihara adjusted his tennis bag on his shoulder, heading to the new street courts he had found only the day before so he wouldn't be reminded of that damn redhead every time he practiced alone. Of course, it was in the complete opposite direction of his house and took a long time to actually get there, but to avoid seeing that strange boy, Akaya would do practically anything.

He reached the courts just as the last group of players left and was relieved that he would end up being the only one there; he hated crowds. His stuff was placed on a bench and he stretched his arms and legs quickly, just to get them ready again even though he had been at after-school practice only an hour before. His regular's jacket was shrugged off as the sun beat down on him and he wiped the sweat already present from his long walk, before bending over to grab his favorite racket.

As he rummaged through the bag, he growled at the sound of giggling and looked up, expecting to see a squealing girl fawning over the cute tennis player bent over (not purposefully) like a stripper. But he had to do a double take as he realized there was no girl there… it was two boys.

He caught the sight of pinkish colored hair and a yellow jacket and immediately knew it was his senpai, Marui, but then he recognized the other boy too and nearly snapped his racket in half out of frustration. Apparently there was no escaping that redhead from Yamabuki.

The two walked along the length of the courts, Marui jumping all around the other boy and flailing his arms as if he was explaining something while the taller redhead laughed. Kirihara glared daggers at them, hating how comfortable they looked together. They were supposed to be rivals, not best friends. Besides, what kind of idiot would come all the way from Yamabuki to visit a Rikkaidai student?

They reached the forest just at the end of the courts and Akaya's eyes widened as he watched the strange boy grab Marui's shirt and roughly push him behind a tree. Being on the other side of the eight court line-up, the junior hoped it had just been his imagination tricking him into thinking Marui had been handled in such a way. But then again, that weird redhead had given him a bad feeling from the second he had laid eyes on him.

Wanting to see what was wrong but not wanting to get caught spying if the other two came back out from the trees, Akaya pretended to do a jogging warm-up around the inside length of the courts, getting as close to the fence as possible so when he passed by where his senpai and the stranger had disappeared, he would have a better chance at seeing what was going on.

He approached with his gaze on the ground, trying to hear any signs of stress from Bunta over the sound of his sneakers slapping the court surface but it was quiet for the most part. That is, until he was about twenty feet from the piece of fencing closest to the trees. It sounded almost like a girl's voice; in pain and breathing hard while a deeper voice spoke softly to 'her' but it was hardly noticeable over the seemingly distressed sounds of the more feminine vocals.

Kirihara's head snapped up and he tripped when he caught sight of the two that had disappeared only minutes before. He fell face-first into the greenish clay, hearing his nose crack slightly and he felt the sting of a new scrape on his cheek as he slid to a stop on his stomach. His hands pressed to the ground and he pushed himself up onto his knees, his body shaking with anger that was completely forgotten once his eyes flicked back over to the scene that had caused him the suffering in the first place.

Marui was pushed up against the tree he had vanished behind, one foot on the tip of its toes on the ground while the other was hooked over the arm of the other redhead as his hips moved back and forth against Bunta's body. The high-pitched cries were coming from Marui, but they weren't really cries at all, Kirihara determined. They actually sounded like… sounds of pleasure. Like his senpai was actually enjoying what the Yamabuki student was doing to him.

"I'm glad you're wearing such wide-legged shorts Bunta." The other boy smiled down at Marui. "Otherwise we wouldn't get to do it out here in the open." He looked down to where (Kirihara assumed) something was sticking up Marui's tennis shorts, following what had just been said. But… what exactly were they doing? He hadn't seen anything like it before; although he figured that he should know, seeing as Bunta -who was only a year older- sure knew what it was.

"Mmm… Kiyosumi…" Marui wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck, his noises only getting louder. "I'm so close already…"

"You're so sensitive Bunta. It's really cute." The one supposedly named 'Kiyosumi' grabbed something on Marui and moved his hand along it but their clothes blocked Akaya's view of what was being touched.

"I'm not… cute…" Bunta tried to argue the comment but it seemed he was too far gone in pleasure to actually succeed. "Ah! Kiyosumi! I… I'm coming!" His head flew back and he yelled out as the other redhead smiled, moving his hand faster until the Rikkai student had quieted; the only sounds escaping him being pants.

"Bunta, what should I do?" 'Kiyosumi' asked, his hips still moving at a steady pace.

"I can't walk around with it inside… but I don't want to waste it…" Bunta opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. "In here..." He said. "My gum's lost all its flavor… and I want to taste something…"

"You got it."

The two pulled apart and Marui got to his knees, pushing -Kirihara jumped as he finally caught sight of the thing he was most curious about. No. That couldn't be… could it? He looked down at his crotch, then quickly glanced back up as he heard a groan, coming from 'Kiyosumi'. That wasn't… his cock in Marui's mouth, right? Why would his senpai want to do such a thing? It was such a dirty place, yet he was seemingly licking and sucking at it like it was a freshly unwrapped lollipop.

"Almost there?" His senpai asked, moving his hand up and down along the length of the sizable cock before his mouth closed over the tip and he began to suck on it.

"Yeah…" 'Kiyosumi' breathed, nodding his head quickly and steadying himself against the tree with his hands. "Bunta… now…" He moaned out and Kirihara suddenly noticed Marui swallowing, his mouth still around 'Kiyosumi's' dick. After a minute, the smaller redhead stood up licking a white fluid off his lips and smiling happily.

"Mmm. That's the best flavor I've ever had." He said, going up on his tiptoes to kiss the Yamabuki student's mouth.

"You can have more tomorrow if you want." 'Kiyosumi' grinned, licking excess white off the tip of the shorter boy's nose.

"I want." Bunta said, popping the gum he had had since afternoon practice at school. "I have a better place where we can do it though. It will make it more thrilling, especially since there will be a higher chance of getting caught."

"I'm getting excited just thinking about it."

"Pervert." Marui giggled, leaning up to kiss the other again. "Bye. I'll see you tomorrow." He waved and was about to go when 'Kiyosumi' grabbed his wrist and pulled him back against the tree, pinning him as their lips were smashed together. Their tongues met and entwined and Marui's hands found themselves in the red locks of his lover's (Kirihara figured that was what they were after what he had just seen) hair. They pulled away some time later, breathing heavily all over again but neither seemed to care.

"I love you." 'Kiyosumi' said, brushing Bunta's hair behind his ear.

"I love you too."

"One thing though. Who's the audience?" 'Kiyosumi' nodded in Kirihara's direction and the junior immediately jumped up from his spot, not wanting to be caught by his senpai. He turned and ran as fast as he could to the other side of the courts just as Marui turned in his direction. He grabbed his stuff, and dashed to the bus station, impatiently waiting for the next one to show.

Marui turned around as he searched for the 'audience' Sengoku had mentioned and only saw the fluttering of a Rikkai regular's jacket, along with black curls of hair flopping around as the figure ran away. "Oh him? That's Kirihara Akaya. He's the youngest of the regulars on our team, so most of us just call him Akaya. He's our baby."

"Hmmm." Sengoku stared after the figure as it ran out of sight form the other end of the courts, before he turned back and kissed Bunta's lips one last time. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye." Marui kissed Sengoku.

They split up and went in opposite directions to go home.

(The Next Day; Morning)

Sengoku smiled as he lazily leaned on his desk, his eyes half-closed as he reminisced a most important event in his life: his first time having sex.

... ... ... ... ... ...

"Sengoku!" Marui giggled as he was pulled into the Yamabuki student's room. "Wait a second!"

"What?" Sengoku smiled down at the small boy he had wrapped up in his arms and kissed his forehead gently. "We both agreed that tonight was the night."

"I know that." The Rikkai male laughed again. "But I just want to make sure we're prepared."

"Look." Sengoku leaned back and opened his bedside table's drawer to pull out a bag. "Open it. Everything we need is in there."

Marui pulled away from his boyfriend and sat on the bed, untying the bag to open it. He reached in and pulled a bottle from it; it was lube obviously. Next came a packet of condoms, then another pack and Bunta's brow furrowed as he read the label. "Fruit- flavored?" He questioned, looking to Sengoku.

"In case we… you know, use our mouths but don't want direct contact. I thought you would like that flavor, so I picked it out."

"It actually does sound pretty tasty." Marui said, pulling out a box of tissues.

"For the mess." Kiyosumi smiled.

"Well, it looks like you really did think of everything."

"Then shall we?" Sengoku came to sit beside Bunta on the bed and waited for him to answer.


Kiyosumi's hand came up to caress Bunta's cheek and they slowly leaned closer until their lips met for the first time in a gentle kiss. It only lasted for a few seconds before they pulled away but it was still amazing to have their first kiss with someone they liked so much. They went back in again, kissing harder and wrapping their arms around each other before Kiyosumi decided to lick the smaller redhead's lips, allowing his tongue to slip into the gasping mouth and explore the orifice of his boyfriend.

Bunta was pushed down onto his back on the mattress, never once breaking apart as Sengoku's hands slid under the Rikkai uniform shirt to rub all over the skin of his short lover.

"Nnn…" Marui moaned as fingers brushed over his nipples before he felt Sengoku's lips leave his and his shirt was unbuttoned and tossed away. "You're acting like you've done this before."

"Thank you. But you know this is just as new to me as it is you." Sengoku's mouth attached itself to Bunta's neck and he placed hot, wet kisses all along the skin, receiving another moan.

"Sengoku!" The pink-haired boy shouted as his collarbone was nipped at and his hands flew up to run through red hair.

"Hey, let's call each other by first name now." Sengoku said as he trailed lower on Marui's body. "Something as intimate as this shouldn't leave us addressing each other so unfamiliarly."

"Okay." Marui smiled, then went right back to mewling and squirming as Sengoku's tongue flicked over a nipple, the fingers of one hand playing with the other pink nub. "Kiyosumiii…" He moaned.

"That's better." The tongue made a path down the smaller boy's chest to his stomach and dipped into his bellybutton before teasingly licking just above the spot where his boxers lay. Sengoku's mouth began to kiss again and he could feel how hot his little lover's body was getting; apparently he was really enjoying the touches Kiyosumi gave to him.

Fingers hooked onto Bunta's pants and pulled them off along with his boxers, leaving the pink-haired boy completely naked on the bed. He flushed deeply at being so openly exposed to someone and quickly covered his crotch but Sengoku pulled the hands away, kissing each of the palms before pinning them next to the smaller boy's head. "You shouldn't be embarrassed about this. We're both boys after all. There's nothing on you that I haven't seen before."

Sengoku's mouth sucked at the skin of Marui's thighs, trailing closer and closer to his crotch without actually getting there. The shorter boy was left whining and mewling as he experienced new pleasures never before felt on his body, but at the same time, he was becoming painfully hard and hoped Sengoku would hurry up and get on to something that wasn't so teasing.

"Nnn… Kiyosumi… just do something…" He breathed, rolling his head back and forth on the bed's single pillow. "Stop teasing me…"

His eyes squeezed shut suddenly when he felt something warm and wet enclose his cock, and his back arched off the bed as he felt Sengoku's mouth slide up and down the length of his erection. He never knew a blow-job felt this good. His breath was fast, his body was flushed, his hips jerked and thrust into the other redhead's mouth and he could feel his tip leaking pre-come profusely as his nerves were set on fire with pleasure.

"K-Kiyosumi… this feels… amazing…"

"Hm?" Sengoku asked, pulling away. He hadn't heard the soft words that were spoken and was rewarded with a whine when his lips left Bunta's cock. "What's wrong?"

"Unn… I told you it felt good… but you stopped…" Bunta squirmed on the mattress as the tingling of pleasure began to fade. "And I can't believe you didn't even use those condoms you bought."

"I didn't even think of those." Sengoku rubbed the back of his head. "I guess it doesn't matter anyways. I liked doing it directly."

"Pervert." Marui smiled, pushing back against Sengoku's lips as they met his. His arms wrapped around his boyfriend's neck and he giggled as his bottom lip was nibbled on before he felt Sengoku's hands slide down to unbutton his own pants so their erections could rub together skin to skin. "Hey, take them off all the way…" Marui whined, his mouth still pressed with Sengoku's. "It's not fair I'm the only one… and when you're still like that… it seems rushed…"

"You're such a romantic Bunta." Sengoku teased, standing up from the bed to pull his pants and underwear off, just like his lover had ordered.

"Shut it." Bunta stuck his tongue out. "I just don't want it to feel like we're doing this for the hell of it. Like there's no feelings. When your still half-clothed like that, it makes it seem like we're doing this just to have sex, not to become more intimate."

"Sure sounds like you're a romantic to me." Sengoku bounced across the mattress until he was over the smaller body once again and leaned down to kiss Bunta's mouth, only to be rewarded with a bite to his upper lip. "Ow!" He winced, running his tongue along his new wound. "What was that for?"

"Because you keep running your mouth instead of having sex with me. We're already this far and I want to continue so I can say that my first time was with you."

"Or maybe your every time." Kiyosumi smiled goofily.

" Just do it." Bunta sighed, wrapping his legs around Sengoku's waist to pull them closer.

"Here we go then." Sengoku contradicted his lover's actions and pulled the legs away, separating the two of them once more. Marui was about to yell at him for it, but his legs were suddenly pulled on and his knees were pushed up next to his head.

"What the-" He started, only to be cut off when he felt Sengoku lick from his entrance all the way up to his balls. "Nnn…" He moaned, hands gripping his boyfriend's sheets. "Kiyosumi… what are you doing?"

"What does it feel like?" The other replied, reaching for the bottle of lube that had been thrown to the floor some time earlier. His tongue continued to swirl around Bunta's entrance, feeling the muscles clench every time he swiped across them. His fingers were covered in lube before they moved to join his mouth at the puckered hole. A finger slipped inside and Bunta's back immediately arched off the bed; he was really tight and that digit was really uncomfortable.

"Are you alright?" Sengoku asked, looking up at the boy squirming to get comfy again.

"It's… weird… but keep going…"

"Okay. Here goes the next one." Another finger went in and a loud gasp slid from Bunta's mouth before he bit at his bottom lip, coming close to drawing blood. He felt the fingers spread apart, then move in and out quickly, leaving him whimpering and whining at the constant pain still throbbing in his backside. His erection was quickly diminishing, but it suddenly twitched as the digits lightly brushed something, something that felt… good. Finally. The spot was struck harder and Bunta was suddenly convulsing for a whole new reason.

"G-good…" He moaned, his hips jerking as the digits rubbed his prostate yet again. "Hurry up and put it in now…"

"Bunta, you're so cute." Sengoku smiled, leaning up and kissing his lover's lips before he sat back and rolled a condom on; the rubber being already pre-lubricated.

"I'm. Not. Cute." Marui snarled, but suddenly winced as he felt Kiyosumi begin to push in. "Ah! Not so fast…"

... ... ... ... ... ...


Said redhead snapped out of his daydream to find his teacher glaring down at him and he crossed his legs as he noticed the piercing eyes wander to his very obvious erection. "Yes Sensei?" He asked, head resting in his hand as it had been all period.

"Class is over! You may go!" The man said in an irritated tone, yet continued to stare as Kiyosumi got to his feet (hardly) and left the room with his hand over his crotch.

He was glad there would be no afternoon practice that day, meaning he'd be able to go see Bunta at Rikkaidai and have a lot more time to fuck him. But the only problem was, it was still morning and Sengoku was already hard just thinking about the cute, little, bubble-gum blowing redhead. He cursed for allowing himself to have such thoughts long before the two were to meet, but he couldn't help it.

Today made the two month 'anniversary' of their first time together (and first time period) and Sengoku couldn't help but remember how adorable Bunta looked writhing beneath him in pleasure. Not that he was keeping track of how long ago it was though. He wasn't some lovey-dovey girl that had nothing better to do than to make an anniversary for everything.

He leisurely walked into the locker room (late) for gym, finding half the class still in there changing and every one of them saw his cock stretching the crotch of his pants. Some laughed, some blushed, and some made fun of him, but he was already back to imagining his cute little Bunta and didn't notice.

... ... ... ... ... ...

"Sorry." His hands gripped the sheets on either side of Bunta's head to stop from just thrusting into the small body as he felt those tight muscles squeeze his cock. "It's hard though."

"I thought this was supposed to feel good…" Bunta squirmed around, only succeeding in making the pain worse. Sengoku stopped halfway in to lean down and distract his boyfriend with a kiss before he continued sliding in.

"Almost there Bunta." He said, pressing their lips together again.

Another few minutes and Kiyosumi was fully seated within his lover, who was panting and glaring at the tall redhead above him. "Why did I agree to this?" He growled.

Sengoku laughed awkwardly. "Because we love each other."

"Love sucks then."

"Bunta, please let me keep going. If I don't make you feel good, then we'll never do this again, okay?" Kiyosumi kissed Bunta. "Promise."

Marui huffed, looking away. "Fine." He popped the gum he had forgotten about, seemingly uninterested in continuing as Sengoku nipped at his neck to comfort him.

"Relax and it will be better."

"Try saying that when you're in my position!" Bunta snapped, wincing when he felt Sengoku's cock slide out of him to the tip.

Sengoku snapped his hips forward and moaned from the pleasure while his boyfriend did it from the pain. He pulled back out and thrust in, creating a steady rhythm as he tried to figure out the way to make Bunta feel good. He moved the small legs so that they rested on his own hips then continued pounding into the pink-haired boy's body. His face suddenly lit up as he watched Bunta's eyes widen and his back arch off the bed, his throat emitting a loud, long moan.

"See? I told you that you would feel good." He said, smashing his lips against Bunta's, who was already losing his breath as pleasure overran the pain. The assault on the smaller boy's prostate continued and he really went crazy when Sengoku's hand grasped his leaking cock and stroked it quickly.

"Ki-Kiyosumi… almost…" He moaned, looking up into the beautiful eyes of his boyfriend.

"Me too Bunta. Let's do it together."

The thrusting sped up, along with Sengoku's hand and only a few short moments later, the two climaxed -Bunta all over his stomach and Sengoku's hand, and the taller boy into the condom inside his lover's body. As the high ended, they remained still, trying to catch their breath and see normally again.

"Kiyosumi… I love you…" Marui breathed, then blushed as he realized what he had said.

Sengoku chuckled and bent over to kiss Bunta. "I love you too." He smiled. He sat back up and pulled out of his lover, watching Bunta twitch at the feeling. "Do you feel okay?" He asked concernedly.

"My butt hurts." Marui complained, turning onto his side as Sengoku tied up the condom and threw it in his wastebasket.

"If we keep doing it, the pain will eventually go away." Tissues touched Bunta's skin and he looked up to see Sengoku cleaning him of his own seed.

"Thank you." He yawned, then felt an arm slide under his to wrap around his chest. "I'm tired."

"Go to sleep then." Sengoku pulled the blankets over them and snuggled close to the smaller redhead to keep them warm. "I love you Bunta." He whispered, kissing the soft hair of his lover, only to realize the boy was already asleep.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Sengoku knew he failed gym for the day. After sitting against the wall all period with his hands over his crotch and his legs shifting every which way to find a comfortable position that didn't show off his erection, he was pretty sure that that dark look on the teacher's face was directed right at him. He was relieved when they were dismissed and he rushed straight for the closest stall in the locker room to at least try to solve is problem before the next class. His shorts dropped to the floor and he leaned over the toilet with one hand on the wall for support as he quickly stroked himself, trying to fantasize about his beautiful Bunta again to get himself to completion faster.

But he suddenly stopped and his eyes flew open as he saw that swish of black curls and those blue-green eyes staring at him. He shook his head to rid himself of the thoughts and really concentrated on Bunta again, knowing the bell would ring at any second and he still had to change back into his uniform.


Kirihara's gaze was on the ground; as it had been all day. He refused to talk to anyone and absolutely would not associate with Marui; he was far too embarrassed to confront the redhead and was utterly relieved when he was left alone by said boy.

He stepped out onto the Rikkai courts, his jacket all wrinkled and dirty on his body after his spill at the public courts the day before. He hadn't had the chance to do laundry that night and they were required to at least bring their jackets to practice. Today though, just so happened to be one of those days when you wanted to wear one, seeing as it was so damn cold out.

"Hey brat! What the hell happened to your face?" A voice suddenly said from behind him and he could feel himself turn red as Niou came to stand in front of him, laughing at the bandage taking up a whole cheek, as well as the one that ran over the bridge of his nose. He really should avoid his parents when he got injured.

"None of your damn business." He growled at the trickster, trying to sound normal even though he felt like a little kid inside; being all scraped up like he couldn't walk properly.

"Calm down, will you? I just wanted to know how you ended up looking like you got hit by a train."

"And I told you it was none of your gods damn business!" A hand connected with the back of Kirihara's head and he flew into Niou's chest. "What the he-" He stopped as he realized just who had hit him.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to curse?" Sanada asked in that monotonous, but still incredibly intimidating voice.

"You didn't have to hit me!" Akaya shouted, rubbing the back of his head. He then smiled sheepishly as Sanada got right up in his face, his expression one of a madman. "I mean, sorry Sanada-fukubuchou. I won't do it again."

"Get your racket and start practicing." Sanada ordered, only to stare back at Kirihara angrily as the boy laughed awkwardly.

"I uh… actually left my racket in the clubroom." He said, gulping when Genichirou got close to him again.

"Go get it then." He barked and Kirihara bowed slightly before running away.

"Jeez, if there's one person Akaya's afraid of, it's definitely you fukubuchou." Niou laughed as he stared after the 'baby'.

"Good." Sanada replied, turning on his heel to go direct the rest of the team. "Let's go." He ordered and Niou followed behind him like an obedient puppy to go join the others.

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