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SUMMARY: While trying to have a normal, safe life, Bella longs for something she can't understand and is considered unorthodox by most people. She's intent on being independent and normal by not relying on anyone else and not giving into her urges which she claims are 'primitive' and 'malevolent'. The forces at work are intent on causing mayhem in bella's life, is she strong enough to not give into the want that calls to her? Will the man she worked so hard to escape return and woo her then sweep her off her feet or will he remain just a horrible memory? Disasters lurk at every corner and Bella has no idea what lies in store for her.

I could feel it in my veins, the longing, the want, the resentment and betrayal. Who was that woman with the brown, mahoganyish colored hair with vintage waves. Her hair extended just below her hip and her eyes were red matching the color of blood.

Lips adorned with black lipstick and cheeks stained with black cherry blush. The eyeliner tracing her eyes with an infinite black making her crimson eyes stand out. Her black eyeshadow finished off the job with a lovely smokey-eye. Her skin was pale and was a perfect setting for her makeup. She looked so beautiful, like a real life doll.

The lace of her tight red dress covering only her breast and other private places as the rest of her body was left into view. The transparent sleeves of the dress travelled down her arms straight to her wrist and then flared out.

The mermaid style dress hung low on her shoulders and flowed down to her feet gracing her black platforms with red soles.

Ohh yeah, she was definitely going for the dramatic look.

She looked so confident, so self-assured, so...not me.

It couldn't be a mirror I was looking into, that's not me...it can't be me!

She smiled at me sinisterly and then spoke.

"Ohh but my dear, it is you. Can't you see Bella, I am you."

No, you can't be!

I raised my right hand up in front of the mirror and she did so as well.

She did everything simultaneously as me...it couldn't be...

Her white fangs then extending from her mouth, that's when she picked up a man I hadn't notice was there before. She looked at me smiling meanacingly with her eyes then bit into his neck pulling out a chunk of flesh and he screamed out in pain.

That's when I woke up...

Yep, short I know.

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