Of Adoration and Essays

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Ichigo wished he could just get this essay over and done with. He had wasted ten minutes thinking, and now Ishida, who had finished ages ago, was smirking at him in a way that clearly mocked his intelligence. Ichigo resisted the urge to flip him off, but just barely. Ishida was a good friend and all, but honestly he got too cocky for his own good sometimes.

Ichigo was too busy starting his paper to find the irony in that statement.

A recurring theme in the novel is that adoration and love are two different things. The author seems to think that love lasts longer than attraction and affection do. He doesn't elaborate on whether he's talking about romantic love or not, so I think he's going on about love in general. It gets kind of confusing because I think you can love and adore someone at the same time. I'm not sure why he keeps acting like they're two completely different things. He does explain that adoration is more about wanting to coddle someone; you know to take care of them. Sometimes people want to be held and saved and taken care of so they dig the idea of being adored.

Inoue had finished her paper already and he could feel her gazing at him. He suddenly felt awkward, but wrote with new vigor.

When someone adores you they put you on a pedestal. They don't always see the parts of you that aren't good, and they don't always accept them. When someone is infatuated with you they don't acknowledge the things about you that they don't like. They want to make you happy, and take care of you, but they don't get you enough to know how too.

His hollow mask had shocked both Rukia and Inoue when they first saw it on him, but Rukia's fear of his inner hollow stemmed from her concern that it would consume him. Once he learned to control it and use it in battle, it became an asset, and Rukia didn't seem too concerned at all with it's existance. Inoue still seemed to tense up whenever he battled with it. Rukia had pushed him to deal with it, and he had. Sometimes when he was down, everyone walked on tiptoes around him. Rukia never let him wallow in self-pity for long. More than once she had bullied him into facing all the shit in his life, and he was better for it.

Love involves a great deal of acceptance. If you love someone, you take the good and the bad and you roll with it. You don't pretend the person is better than they really are, and as long as they deal with their problems, you trust them to have things under control. You understand them. If they can't handle something, you don't always rush to their aid. You don't always try to comfort them. You will tell them straight up that they're messing up, and that they need to get a grip on things. You might even be a little hard on them if you think they need to change.

He had mere minutes left to finish. People were packing up and getting ready to leave.

I agree with the author's point. Love lasts longer than adoration because it's more honest. If you love somebody you'd do anything, you don't just want him or her to be happy, you want them to do good in life.

The bell rang.

Rukia was waiting to walk home with him.

"Do you usually look so confused when you try to string sentences together?" Rukia asked silkily, with a mischeivous glint in her eyes. He scowled down at her.

"You're one to speak midget. You were concentrating pretty hard yourself. You looked like you had stuck a fork in the toaster or something." She opened her mouth to retort, but then her face settled into an expression of puzzled curiousity.

"A toaster? That's what Yuzu uses to cook bread isn't it? And what would sticking a fork in it do?"

"Never mind." She looked like she was about to ask again, so he cut her off. "Why were you thinking so hard anyways? You don't need to pass this class, you know?"

"No, I don't. I know that stupid. I just didn't feel like sitting for half an hour while Ishida watched you finish your final."

"Write anything interesting?" He was personally curious as to what she had to say on the subject, but she rolled her eyes.

"Did you?" She retorted. He snorted.

"Not really, no."

He wondered if she was lying too.

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