He was going to do it. He had to do it. It was his only chance. Roddy St. James was finally going to ask his best friend and long-time crush, Rita Malone out on a date. He had waited years to do so and yet every time he got up enough courage to ask, this is how it would go.


"Yes Roddy?"

"I w-was wondering if you…um…"

Rita turned around to face him. Her bright green eyes bore into his brown ones expectantly. Roddy suddenly lost the ability to speak and started fumbling over his words. He felt like his tongue had turned to jelly in his mouth. He couldn't breathe or move as he stared into her eyes. Eventually, he managed to look away long enough to mumble,

"if you…ah…um…would…"

Rita felt a small smile tug at the corners of her mouth as she waited for him to ask what she had been waiting for him to ask for several years.

"Yes Rodders?" she asked sweetly

Roddy sighed and gave up. There was no way she'd say yes…

"I was wondering if…if you would help me…help me find my pants…"

Rita's face dropped and she sighed. She knew what he wanted to ask…and it had nothing to do with his pants.

"Sure…whatever." She then turned to the wheel and gripped it angrily.

But this time was going to be different. He was actually going to do it. Right now, Roddy was sitting below deck near the engine waiting for Rita to leave the bathroom so he could take his shower. But Roddy was finding it hard not to concentrate on the fact that Rita was in the shower only a few feet away. Eventually, Rita came out of the steamed filled bathroom fully dressed. Roddy stood when he heard the door creak open, and almost fell back down when he saw her. The steam surrounded her as if she was an angel stepping out of heaven rather than a bathroom on a makeshift boat. Rita looked at him questioningly.

"Rodders, you're staring at me again."

Roddy shook his head to clear it as he mumbled,

"uh…y-yeah s-sorry…"

"are you ok Roddy? You've been very… quiet and thoughtful lately…"

Rita walked over to him and touched his forehead. Roddy sighed inwardly as her soft fingers gently stroked his forehead. Instead, he only shrugged.

"I just…I don't really have much to say Rita…"

Rita crossed her arms and sighed. She went back up above deck leaving Roddy below deck confused and angry at himself. He walked to the bathroom thinking hard. Rita and Roddy had slowly been getting farther and farther apart. She hardly ever tried talking to him and dinnertime was getting quieter and quieter. Roddy always wished he could say something to break the silence, but the only thing that came to mind was asking her out. Now, the only time they ever really talked was when Rita was asking him to clean up or telling him to tie things down. He wished that things were like they were before…when they would laugh and wrestle, just loving being around each other. But now…there was just uncomfortable silence. Roddy sighed as he finished his shower and climbed out. Only one thing was left echoing in his head.

"if I'm going to ask her, I need to do it soon…"

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