Rita had almost had it with Roddy. The consistent mumbling and blushing…and how he would make it seem as if he was going to ask her something important, and then he would end up asking a stupid favor. Rita sighed and leaned against the wheel quietly. Why couldn't he just ask it already? It wasn't like she was going to say no to him…she hated seeing him upset. Why else would he not ask? ….he knew that she cared about him…and with all the clues she was giving him…he had to know that she had fallen for him….or did he? Rita almost fainted at the realization that maybe…maybe that was why he wasn't asking…he didn't know…

"oh my gosh…he d-doesn't know…that's why he wont ask!"

Rita stumbled backwards towards her bed and lay there silently thinking. Just then, Roddy walked up onto the deck. His eyes met Rita's and he almost blurted out "Rita will you go out with me", when Rita said,

"Hi Roddy…"

Roddy was somewhat shocked. It had been a while since Rita had actually acknowledged his presence. Usually, she just looked at him, nodded and went back to whatever she was doing before. But now, she was staring into his eyes as if trying to tell him something. After a few minutes of staring, she licked her lips and stood up. She smoothed her shirt down and looked at him shyly.

"I…I uh…um…"

"why is she stuttering…? She never stutters.."


Roddy blinked.

"You alright Rita?"

Rita blushed softly.


Suddenly the boat lurched forward and threw her onto Roddy.


Roddy held Rita close when he heard a loud laugh.

"Sorry to interrupt such a loving and tender moment…but I believe I have some revenge that needs to be carried out."

Roddy and Rita growled at the same time. Rita squirmed free and snarled.

"Get outta here ya big load of-"

Roddy grabbed her arm and covered her mouth, then he pulled her close and whispered in her ear.

"Follow my lead…"

Rita nodded.

"Now, you wouldn't kill Rita if she was busy right Toad?"

The Toad laughed.

"Of course not! But she isn't busy…"

Roddy grabbed Rita, spun her around and kissed her hard. He kissed her until she was lightheaded. Then Roddy stared at The Toad.

"She's busy now…let me go below deck with her and get her something to drink…since I dehydrated her…then we'll come back up and you can kill her all ya want…ok?"

The Toad groaned.

"Fine but hurry up."

Roddy nodded and quietly lead her down below deck.

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