"Come on, Kyo! I got you a green card! Now we can make you a real NBA player!" Kyo's father said.

"Hey! Wait! I just got to be a girl! Look at my uniform!" Kyo exclaimed, but Mr. Aizawa was already pulling her away from her friends.

"Hey, wait…" said Chiharu Eniwa.

This can't possibly be happening! Eniwa and I just officially got together! thought Kyo.

But Mr. Aizawa wasn't listening. He was still prodding Kyo away from everyone else.

Suddenly, Chiharu grabbed a hold of Aizawa's hand. (Kyo's hand, not Mr. Aizawa.)

"You can't leave now."

The look on his face looked absolutely terrifying. It even caught Kyo's father's attention.

"Whoa. Who's the porcupine head?" he asked.

Eniwa blushed.

"It's grown longer! It doesn't look like that anymore! Dammit…." he yelled.

Imai stood in the corner of the gang.

Is this how it always is with her? he thought.

Yura stood next to him and nodded as if answering his silent question.

Imai stared at him.

"Dad, I'm not going to America." Kyo stated.

Mr. Aizawa looked completely confused.

"I thought you wanted to become a NBA player?" he asked.
Kyo sighed.

"I love basketball, but I love playing it with my teammates."
"But you're not on the team anymore, remember?" he asked.

"Yeah, I know, but I'll join the girls' team. It doesn't mean that I can't play with the boys' team on our spare time."

Yura, Imai, Chiharu, and Hamaya smiled.

Even though they realized that Kyo had lied to them about her gender, they would still always love her.

To them, she was on-of-a-kind.

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