icefox94: for some reason, whenever I read anything that blackbeard says, I always imagine him sounding like Clancy Brown.

Ace: who?

icefox: he's been in a lot of things, but I'm most familiar with his roles as Baron Praxis in Jak II and Uka Uka and Dr. Neo Cortex in the Crash Bandicoot games. For Crash Bandicoot, it's mostly Uka Uka. I don't know why, but whenever I read fanfiction or fanart or manga or whatever and blackbeard is saying something, I always imagine him with that voice.

Ace: what does that voice sound like?

icefox: ht tp:/w m/watc h?v=dGJ ZilPVp0s take the spaces out and skip to around 3:30

Ace: okay

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icefox: I love those little sweethearts! If you're hurt around them, they'll heal you with a cure spell or give you potions! Sometimes during fights too. My archer fran was getting beat up by a flying monster once in the ozmone plain and my 2 swordmen basch and vaan couldn't block the attacks cause it would just fly over them and an ozmone hare was nearby and gave fran 1 potion and healed her twice with cure before basch, vaan, and fran were able to defeat the flying monster. That's not what I wanted to say though! D:

Ace: ^^() what did you want to say?

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Chapter One: The Capture

"Oi! Wait a minute Teach! I've been looking for you." says a certain shirtless pyromaniac crouching on the roof of an abandoned house, arms resting on his knees and eyes hidden from view by his orange hat. The ugly, fat, black haired man the words were directed to looks at the speaker with a smile that was missing teeth.

"Oh, Ace... Commander Ace!" Blackbeard greets, making Ace grimace.

"Don't... don't call me "Commander" any more. Only people who can respect others use that word. You're mocking me!" Ace says, looking at Blackbeard with slight annoyance leaking through his fading grimace.

"Oh, you're Firefist Ace." Laffitte says while taking a few steps forward.

"Yes, I am. Hello there." The fire user greets with a nod towards the pale man before directing his attention back to Blackbeard. "You... have become a fine captain on your own, huh? "Blackbeard Pirates" captain Marshall D. Teach?"

Blackbeard just grins and laughs. "Zehahaha. Whats going on Ace? Long time, no see! What's up? How did you know I was here?"

"Teach, let's stop beating around the bush. You've lived twice as long as I have; There's no way you don't understand the situation." Ace says a little bluntly, lacing his fingers in front of him.

"Alright. I understand... then... let me ask you one thing. Ace! Why don't you be my nakama? Conquer the world with me!" When Ace stays silent, Blackbeard continues. "I've already planned how to do it! Whitebeard's era is over! I will be the Pirate King! To start with... I'll finish off "Strawhat Luffy" in Water 7 just ahead of here, and deliver him to the world government myself." Here Ace's eyes widen.

"Luffy? What?"

"Hrmm? You know him?" Blackbeard questions, noticing Ace's widened eyes get hidden from the shadows of his hat again as he bends his head forward and starts to shake slightly. The Blackbeard Pirates captain is starting to wonder why his former commander started to shake when he gets an answer he never would have expected.

"Looks like I really can't let you roam around. He's... my younger brother! And of course I won't be..." Ace starts but pauses when Auger pulls his gun off of his back and shoots several bullets into Ace's freckled torso and skull, leaving fiery holes where the bullets passed through. The Whitebeard commander doesn't even flinch and stays crouched on the roof with a hand on his hat until his wounds heal themselves "... your nakama." Once the holes are gone, Ace lifts his head up to show murderous eyes, tilts his face slightly to the side, and smirks. "Heehee... We've got someone with bad manners here." The thought of punishing these nobodies makes his smirk grow into a grin. There was no way he is going to let anyone so much a touch his little brother. Not while there is breath in his body. Ace swiftly stands and pulls his arms in towards his sides, making his hands look like guns. "HIGAN!"


"Zehahaha! Sorry Ace! Looks like we are still going after your brother. He just attacked Enies Lobby with only 60 others to save one nakama and escaped a Buster Call, not to mention declared war on the World Government. His bounty is bound to go up higher than even yours in a few days. But don't worry. Since he is Ace's little brother, I'll turn him in to the Marines alive! Give my regards to Pops next time you see him!" Blackbeard says to the pile of bloody, beat up limbs known as Firefist Ace before walking away with his crew. The bloody pile trembles, then shifts until it resembles a fully intact yet heavily injured man.

Ace tries to push himself up on trembling arms but fails and falls back to the ground. He forces his eyes open to stare at Blackbeard with unfocused, blood stained vision. The last thing to go through the Whitebeard commanders mind is the hazy vision of Blackbeard laughing with his new crew and the fact that he failed to protect the most important person in his life, the one who gave him a reason to live.

'Luffy, I'm so sorry.'


(Aboard the Moby Dick)

"Marco, why are we going to Banaro Island?" A small, dark haired woman(?) asks. A blond pineapple haired man sighs. His small nakama has been asking him random questions all day and it was starting to get on his nerves.

"Because Banaro Island is an island under the protection of Pops. Since we are responsible for their safety if we don't hear from anyone living there in a certain amount of time we have to go there in case something bad happened that we can fix. Anymore questions Haruta?"

"No. I'm good for now." Haruta answers before skipping away to use Jozu as a jungle gym. The silent diamond user is use to such treatment and doesn't even pause as he went about his usual business with the child-like woman climbing onto his shoulders. Marco shakes his head and continues what he was doing before being interrupted by Haruta.

Soon their destination comes into sight. Marco is about to give off the usual disembarking orders when he is stopped by a large hand on his head. The phoenix peers through the gigantic fingers connected to the hand to see his captain's face staring at the island's shore. Marco follows the stare to find a familiar Striker almost hidden behind some rocks.

"Ace is here."

Whitebeard nods, then looks down at his 1st division commander and adopted son.

"I want you to go find him. I fear something bad may have happened."

Marco nods and, once Pops removes his hand, runs to the railing, jumps off of it, and turns into a blue and yellow phoenix. The fiery blue bird flies high over the island and freezes. Over half the island has been reduced to rubble by an unknown force. To Marco, it looks like everything was sucked into something that completely crushed it and spat it back out. He is just glad this is the uninhabited part of the island.

'I bet Ace is down there.' Marco thinks to himself as he almost glides over the ruins. He doesn't know why he thinks Ace is here. There is just something inside him telling him that Ace is somewhere in this destruction. After covering almost the entire area in his aerial search, Marco is about to land and search more on foot when he spots a red, black, and tan mass in the middle of a rubble free circle. Marco focuses his eyes on the mass and recognizes two familiar tattoos.

"Oh my Devil Fruit! Ace!"

Marco shoots out of the sky and lands next to Ace fully human. He feels his neck for a pulse then sighs in relief when he feels the weak and slow beats. "Good. He's still alive! Now to make sure he can be moved." Marco says to himself before checking to see if he could move Ace without snapping anything or making things worse.

"Okay. Everything seems strong enough to move. Let's get you to the Moby Dick."

With that said, Marco gently lifts Ace onto his back, turns into a phoenix, then flies towards the ship with the injured man. Once he reaches the Moby Dick, Marco lands as quickly as he could without hurting Ace and gently lays him on the deck of the ship. The nurses knew right away that something was wrong when they saw Marco flying back with Ace, so when the phoenix laid the fire user down they were able to prepare what they needed to save him.

"Marco, what happened to Ace?" Whitebeard asks as the nurses see to Ace.

"I don't know. He was like that when I found him. If I had to guess, I would say it was Teach." The pineapple blond answered. Whitebeard is about to say something in response when they hear a shout from the island. Both look towards the direction of the voice to see Haruta holding a familiar hat and backpack.

"I found Ace's hat and backpack in a clearing and Namur found his Striker. Have either of you seen him?"

"Yeah. I just brought him back." Marco answers.

"Ace is here? Where is he?"

"Up here. The nurses are fixing him up. I found him in a clearing of rubble not too far from here."

"Ace is here and hurt? What happened?" The small woman panics.

"I don't know. We'll have to ask him when he wakes up." The phoenix answers while agitatedly running his hand through his pineapple hair.

"Will he be alright?" Haruta asks while climbing aboard.

"He will be fine." Whitebeard assures her.

"How can you be so sure Pops?" Haruta asks her father, teary-eyed.

"Because it is Ace. He would never let himself die because if he died, he would make his little brother sad." The giant man answered. Izou, who was nearby, discreetly turned his head away and coughed into his fan. The cough sounded suspiciously like "brother complex".

"I guess that's not all that surprising. I remember asking him why he got so happy when he saw Stawhat Luffy's bounty poster the day the news coo brought the newspaper with his bounty in it. He said he was just so happy to see that he was doing okay and that he would be seeing him soon. When I told him he had a brother complex, he just laughed and told me he couldn't help but have one. Because of how reckless Luffy is, Ace is constantly worrying."

"Well, that would explain the relief but not all that happiness. That was too much just for mere excitement at seeing his little brother." Haruta frowns.

"That's what I said. Ace told me it was mostly because of his past. No one liked him or believed that he deserved to be born. When Luffy came along, Ace tried to push him away but Luffy was determined to become his friend. When Ace finally asked Luffy why he tried so hard, Luffy said it was because Ace was the only one he had and if he wasn't there he would be sad and lonely. Before Luffy came along, Ace didn't care if he lived or died. He just did what he wanted and treated others the way they treated him. Luffy gave Ace a reason to live."

"Oh wow, I never would have guessed." Haruta says, her wide eyes looking at Ace with sadness.

"Wait a minute. You said "when Luffy came along" at the beginning. How old were they?" Izou asks.

"I believe Ace said he was 10 and Luffy was 7." Marco says after thinking for a moment.

"So, they're not brothers?" Izou guesses, thinking the two were kind of like the Whitebeard Pirates in that respect. They were family but none of them were really related.

"Not by blood, no." Marco confirms.

"But I am in every other sense of the word." A slightly raspy voice whispers. Everyone present looks towards the origin of the voice to see Ace awake and mostly bandaged.

"ACE!" Everyone exclaims, except for Whitebeard who laughs his unique laugh behind a mug of rum.

"Hey guys." Ace greets with a weak smile.

"Ace, what happened?" Marco asks. Ace's weak smile turns into a mix between a frown and a glare.

"I found Teach."

"Hm. Thought so." Whitebeard nods. "I am guessing you fought and lost."

Ace nods as well. "Yeah. It was because of his weird Devil Fruit he stole from Thatch, the Dark Dark Fruit. His darkness pulls everything towards it, absorbs it, then spits it back out completely crushed."

"Crushed?" Marco thinks aloud, remembering what he saw of the island while he was searching for Ace. Ace nods again in confirmation.

"He can also use his darkness to cancel out Devil Fruits." Everyone's eyes widen at these words.

"Cancel out Devil Fruit Powers?" Haruta exclaims.

"Yeah, but he has to be in physical contact with you or it wont work. That's how he beat me."

"So he pulled you in with his Devil Fruit power, then attacked you when you couldn't use your own?" Izou summarized.

"Pretty much." Ace says.

"What do you think he is doing now?" Haruta ponders. At hearing this, Ace freezes. Marco notices this and leans forward so his face is closer to Ace's.

"Ace? What's wrong?"

"I know what he's going to do." Ace answers, clenching his fists at his sides.

"You do? What?" the blond asks. Ace slowly sits up with the help of Marco now that the nurses were done bandaging him up. He looks up at the blond commander, then his father, with angry and helpless eyes.

"He's going to turn Luffy in to the Marines to become a Shichibukai."


Some time later (Amazon Lily)

"Man, I'm so stuffed!" Luffy yells happily as he walks in a random direction in the forest. 3 days ago, Luffy and his nakama had arrived at Sabaody Archipelago to get their ship, the Thousand Sunny, coated so that they could go to Fishman Island then enter the New World. It didn't take long to find the coating mechanic, former first mate of the Pirate King Silvers Rayleigh. When the Strawhats found out it would take 3 days to coat the Sunny, they decided to do some exploring. Things happened and the Strawhat Pirates were separated over the entire world because of Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma's Devil Fruit powers.

It took 3 days for Luffy to arrive at Amazon Lily. He was found by Marguerite, a young Kuja warrior, and her friends after he ate a weird mushroom and brought him into the village to be treated, thinking he was female. When they found out he was male, they imprisoned him and tried to kill him. After he won a fight against the Kuja Empress' 2 younger sisters, the Empress agreed to take Luffy back to Sabaody Archipelago in the morning and the village's dinner turned into a big party thanks to Luffy. Luffy couldn't eat his meal in peace because of everyone's curiosity about males, so Marguerite helped Luffy escape his new fans and brought him to Elder Nyon's house to eat dinner. After much eating and talking, Luffy decided to take a walk in the forest to let his food digest.

After aimlessly wandering around for about half an hour, Luffy manages to make his way to the shores of Amazon Lily where something he does not expect to see waits.

"Zehahaha! Hello, Strawhat Luffy." a fat black haired man greets.

"Hey! You're the jerk from Jaya!" Luffy comments, completely bypassing the fact that the stranger knows his name. He does have a 300,000,000 beli bounty on his head after all.

"My name is Marshall D. Teach, but most people nowadays call me Blackbeard." the man answers Luffy's comment, not that he cares what his name is... wait. The name Blackbeard sounds familiar. It has something to do with Ace... That's when it clicks.

"You're the man that Ace is searching for. The one that killed one of his nakama."

"Yup. And now I'm here for your bounty." Hearing this, Blackbeard's crew pop up out of wherever they were hiding and aim their weapons at the rubber man. Luffy just grins and pulls his beloved straw hat further over his eyes.

"Shishishi. You can try."


In hour or so later

"Luffy! Where are you? Hebihime-sama would like to see you! Luffy!" Marguerite calls as she searches the forest for Amazon Lily's rare male guest. About half an hour after Luffy decides to take a walk, the feverish black haired beauty known as Kuja's Empress Boa Hancock has one of her warriors go fetch Luffy at the elders house. Marguerite tells the petite woman where Luffy is and goes off to find him. This was over an hour ago and Hebihime-sama must be getting impatient.

"Luffy, where did you go?" the blond Kuja ponders worriedly as she reaches the shores of the island. She looks around and doesn't see Luffy so she steps back to turn around when she notices something out of place. Walking closer, she realizes it is a battered straw hat. A very familiar straw hat with 3 stitched lines on the top and a red ribbon above the brim.

"Luffy's straw hat!" Marguerite says with a gasp as she runs over and carefully picks the straw hat up. "Something must have happened to Luffy! I have to get back to the village!"

With that said, she races off to her village, running as fast as she can with the precious straw hat clutched safely to her chest. It takes her a surprisingly short amount of time to reach the elders house and when she repeats what she discovered to the short black haired Kuja pirate waiting for her, she is rushed to the palace.

Boa Hancock's relieved feverish gaze tuns into a glare after she sees who is accompanying her short haired pirate. After the Kuja warriors explain what happened to the impatient empress, all hell breaks loose.

"WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN LUFFY IS MISSING?" Hancock screams, blue opal eyes livid.

"I looked all over the forest and couldn't find him! When I got to the shores, I found his straw hat! He told me that it's very important to him! It's his treasure! He would never just leave it on the ground! Something must have happened to him!" Marguerite cries as she clutches the well loved hat to her chest. Hancock's furious yet worried gaze rests on her beloved's precious hat before snapping to her petite pirate.

"Ran. Have all available Kuja warriors search for Luffy!"

"Yes! Hebihime-sama!" Ran responds then hurries out of the room to fill out her orders.

"We will look too, Ane-sama." Sandersonia and Marigold say. Hancock nods and they leave the room. Marguerite bows to the younger Boa sisters when they leave and is in the process of straitening out of it when her empress' voice brings her attention to the bed where the sick woman is resting against her humungous snake.

"Marguerite. Give me Luffy's hat. I will take care of it in his absence."

"Yes, Hebihime-sama." the blond Kuja warrior answers and hands the hat over. Hancock holds the straw hat like it is something sacred and gently hugs it to her chest, unknowingly mimicking Marguerite's earlier actions.

'Luffy. Please be okay.'

End Chapter One


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