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7:56. Zane checked his PDA again. He had only been waiting for a few minutes but time seemed to drag. He knew that wasn't really possible slowing dowm time would break the laws of physics. He was nervous and jusr a little bit scared, what if she changed her mind. Sure he was no longer a felon, but he sure as hell wasn't good enough for her. Come on Zane she has already chosen you, twice. Pull yourself together.

From the table he had chosen Zane had a full view of the door into Café Diem, he didn't want to miss Jo's entrance. They had agreed this was a date and that meant dressing up. Zane had done his part. He was wearing his best dark jeans with black polished dress shoes. The button down blue shirt matched the clor of his eyes (he had tucked it in!) and to top it all off he was wear a black suit jacket. He had even shaved. Pretty damn snazzy if he did say so himself. Now he was just waiting on Jo. She was so naturally beautiful she could have worn a paper bag and still have been the hottest women in the room.

The door to the café opened and Zane was breathless. Jo walked in, hair down curled slightly at the ends wearing a purple and silver cocktail dress. More makeup then she wore normally but not over done. Her eyes were scanning the room and when her eyes fell on Zane she smiled brighter then he had ever seen.

Zane let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as he stood to greet her. "You look amazing" He leaned in to kiss her check, first date he kept telling himself, keep it chaste, for now. "This is for you" handing her a long stemmed red rose.

Jo took the flower and sniffed it a wistful look crossed her face "And I thought chivalry was dead."

"I just wanted to make a good first impression." Zane smirked and pulled her chair out.

"A little late for that" Jo laughed.

"A joke at my expense, nice" he said sitting down at the side of the table next to her instead of across. It was easier to hold her hand from that side. "I heard about the relationship auditor. How's Carter holding up?"

"We had beer, ice cream and guy talk until about 3 this morning, if that tells you anything. He's upset; understandably it's taken them a long time to finally get to this point." She shrugged "It's not like Carter has had a ton of luck in the love department. Doesn't stop him from making fun of my former love life any chance he gets though." Jo finished blushing deep red. She really hadn't meant to say that last part. She tended to ramble when nervous.

Zane sat up very interested in what Carter had teased her about. "Past love life huh?"

"You know what they say all the good ones are married, gay, robots or you were sucked into a wormhole back to 1947 and when you make it back your relationship never happened."

"Yeah that's what they say." He paused. "Wait, you dated a robot, please tell me it wasn't Andy?"

Jo shook her head "No not Andy, it's a long story, for another time, tonight should be about us."

Jo must have some really good stories and Zane wanted to hear everyone of them. Reaching over her took her hand and squeezed it. Us, he really liked the thought of that.

Vincent arrived to take their orders looking like Christmas had come early this year.

"What can I get the happy couple tonight." Speaking slightly louder then he needed to, catching the attention of everyone in the diner.

Zane ordered the special and Jo simply said "surprise me." Vincent turned and walked back toward the kitchen, turning back once to look over his shoulder and smile at them.

Leaning over to Jo, his lips almost touching her ear, Zane whispered "Just a guess but I think he's going to go check to see who just won the Jo/Zane first official date pool." Drinking in her scent, lavender and tea tree oil, he placed a light kiss where her neck met her ear and felt her shiver.

"Someone is going to get lucky tonight."

"Oh god Jo-Jo I hope you don't just mean the pool winner."

Punching his arm she pulled away slightly and retorted "In your dreams Donovan."

He moved his arm to the back of her chair. "Always, Lupo, always."

Jo smiled; he was so predictable however it was comforting. Boy did she love to push his buttons to get a reaction.

Now he was playing with the ends of her hair.

"You should wear your hair down more often. You really do look amazing."

"You clean up pretty nice too."

The waitress arrived with their food. Conversation flowed easily between them as they ate their dinner. Zane loved Jo's deadpan humor and she laughed at his jokes and rolled her eyes at some of his most outlandish stories. Sure she had heard most of his stories before but she delighted in seeing the light in his eyes when he started to talk about MIT.

"Theoretical and particle physics, that's the real mind candy. I could spend weeks on a single equation."

Jo tried not to tense up. Please don't let him say the same make me feel stupid thing again.

Meeting her gaze and feeling the tension he finished his thought. "Although I have come to appreciate practical application as well as theoretical."

"Both have their merits." Jo replied letting go of the breath she was holding.

"Can't have one without the other, right?"

"Absolutely, like yin and yang."

"Like you and me?"

Jo snorted "Wow that was cheesy. How long have you been sitting on that line?"

Zane leaned back laughing. "Too much huh? I've been trying to work it into the conversation all night. I thought you might like a little sweet talk."

"If I wanted to date a character from a romance novel you would not be my first choice, in fact you wouldn't be in the top 20."

"Ouch Jo-Jo, that really hurts. I'm trying to be your prince charming here."

"Nah, you're my guy. I like you for who you are."

"My ego's too big and I'm overly critical." Zane replied.

Jo laughed "And I'm hypersensitive and over reactive."

"See, a perfect fit." He leaned over to kiss her. It was soft and sweet and promised of more to come.

Vincent cleared his throat to interrupt them. "How about a Vinspresso to top things off?"

"Sounds great, how about you Jo?" Jo nodded at Vincent and Zane added "to go please."

Jo cocked an eyebrow at Zane as Vincent turned to leave.

Zane rolled his eyes "Are you really going to make me beg?"

Jo grinned. "Guess that depends on what you have planned."

"Josefina, you agreed to a whole meal, you should know what comes next."

Vincent sat two to-go cups in front of them and gave them a knowing grin. Returning to the counter he pulled out a brown leather ledger.

Jo stood, picking up her cup and her rose she grabbed Zane's hand. "Dessert it is then." Zane followed her to the doors, wondering what had he done to deserve the goddess in front of him. He didn't know but if he found out he would do it over and over again.

When the doors closed behind them they heard Vincent's booming voice. "Alright and the winner with a $50 bet with 10 to 1 odds on today is… Grace Deacon."

Jo and Zane laughed all the way back to her car. Best first date ever.

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