He looked like an angel as he lay in his bed.

So beautiful.

So relaxed.


I loved him, that Harry Potter. I loved him more than I loved anything else in this world. I loved him so much. Too much. This was it. I had been so physically sick this whole week, bringing myself to my knees in tears when the anxiety got too great…

Don't get me wrong…he loved me too. I'd say we were perfect, and we kept our perfect little secret exactly that;…a secret. I'll never forget the moments we shared, every little moment. We were beautiful together


Were and loved are the keywords here. I couldn't let him love me anymore. I'm a different man now…the mark on my arm proves it. I haven't showed Harry, because I want Harry to be happy…and that's why I'm here right now, standing over Harry's bed, looking down at my sleeping angel.

It just couldn't go on for any longer, it all had to end here. This was…this was for Harry's own good, this was so he wouldn't have to suffer, or find out the hard way. I can't live with myself seeing the disappointment and heartbreak in his eyes. It would certainly be there. Was this the cowards way out? No. It was selfless, it was for his own good…for his…own good. It…-yes. I have to keep telling myself that.

I leaned down first, oh so carefully pushing some of those soft brown locks from his forehead just for enough space to kiss him…one last time. I placed it right on his temple, my pale lips pressing to his perfect skin as gently as I could. He shifted a little but of course didn't wake up, I of all people would know what it takes to wake up Harry Potter.

I felt myself smile just a little, a very sad smile. It lasted for barely a second. I swallowed hard, trying to shove the painful lump in my throat back down. My hand trembled as I raised my wand to his head, right to the spot I had kissed just seconds ago.

The knot in my throat tightened and my heart was beating so fast I felt like I might pass out. I took in a deep breath, I could not cry. I had to hold my wrist to keep my wand steady.

I took one last look at that beautiful face, letting out a strangled sob and jerking my head away quickly as the word slipped from my mouth just barely above a breaking whisper.