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Hello fello readers. this is my very first fanfic, so please be polite. I'm sure that many Ga'Hoole fans, like myself, were slightly dissapointed by how so little was copied from Katheryn Lasky's book series and put into the movie. So, here's my perspective of how i could have played out if more was taken from the books. enjoy

As the sun dawned on the Forest Kingdom of Tyto, a male Barn Owl alighted on the thick branch of the fir tree he called home. With a dead mouse in his talons, he walked across the limb and into his hollow. Once inside, he was greeted by the sight of his lovely mate, Marilla, and his three offspring; his sons Kludd and Soren, and Eglantine.

As Noctus joined his mates' side, he watched with amusement as Soren and Eglantine reenacted their favorite tale; The Battle of the Ice Claws. Soren, who by now was almost fully fledged, save for a few extra down feathers, was wearing a fake helmet woven from two leaves on his head. He made mock lunges and playful swipes with utter jubilance at Eglantine, who was quite literally a small fluff ball, wore a fake beak cover mad from grass. As they playfully sparred, depicting two owls in combat, their older brother Kludd, simply scoffed silently. About three feet away, Mrs. Plithiver, the owl family's blind Nest Maid Snake, with her extraordinary sensabilities, was the only occupant in the hollow that could detect Kludd's annoyance.

"My talons are upon you!" Soren said triumphantly. "Your time of terrorizing the owl kingdoms are over!"

"Not so fast," Eglantine retorted while trying to sound threatening. "Your no match my army of evil!"

"Well Perhaps," Soren mocked as he dodged one of Eglantine's tiny wings, which had just started to show signs of feathers growing in. "But I am Lyze of Kiel! And I have assembled my own army, the Guardians of Ga'Hoole!"

"Soren." Eglantine said in a whiney tone. "You said that this time, I would be Lyze of Kiel."

"Come on now, next go. Okay?" Soren asked, dropping his act for a more serious moment.

"Well..." Eglantine said dangerously. "I hope you're not lying, to Metal Beak!"

With that, Eglantine ran forward, letting out a cute battle cry. Her head collided with Soren's stomach region, nearly knocking the wind out of him. With a triumphant shove, he sent his little sister skidding a foot away from him, only to discover that her grass beak ornemant had been damaged in the tussle.

"My beak! Da!" She said, beckoning for her father.

The larger Barn Owl simply churred. "Okay now, enough, young owlets. Time for bed."

"Yes, please. enough stories about the Guardians." Kludd said, sounding exasperated.

"Oh now Kludd, stories a part of our culture. And our history; we learn from them."

"Even after the seventh-hundredth time we here them?"

"Yes, even then," Noctus jokingly mocked. "Unless, son, you already know all there is about history?"

"Well, I know that the Guardians win the battle!" Soren jumped in.

"Soren, it's just a story," Kludd scoffed

"It is not!" Soren shot, turning his head around to face his brother with a glare.

"Here we go again," Mrs. P whispered to Marilla, already knowing where this was headed, thanks to Kludd's less than admirable mannerisms.

"I mean da, have you ever seen a Guardian?" Kludd asked with a very serious tone, even standing up higher with emphasis.

"Kludd, just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't real. Noctus responded, calmly as always. "It's like feeling something in your gizzard. And through out gizzards, the voices of the ages whisper to us, and tell us what's right." He said in a most profound manner. While Soren and Eglantine listened to their father with foucs and admiration, Kludd, however, was unmoved: it was as if the words had passed through one ear slit, and out the other. However, Noctus' statement was true: An owl's gizzard was what allowed them to judge right from wrong; to trust others, and themselves.

"Well, that's enough for one night, dear." Marilla cut in. "Tomorrow's a big day; it's first branching for you boys." She said, motioning to Soren and Kludd. "Now off to bed." Afterwhich Marilla exited the hollow for the abandoned crow nest where she and Noctus slept.

"Yes, come along children, i've made the down extra soft for you, Eglantine," Mrs. P beckoned for the three youngsters.

As the climbed into their nest of twigs, mosses, and plucked down from their mothers' breast feathers, Soren noticed that his father was just at the hollow's entrance...

"Uh, Da?"


"Do you think that right before you go, you could, uh, mabye tell me and Eg here the story one more time?" He asked with a face that no parent could resist. While Eglantine nodded in agreement, Kludd's right eyelid was close to twitching, but instead closed his ear slits and pretended to pay attention.

"Well...Alright then." Noctus said, giving in. waddling to a corner of the hollow, he picked up an old book in his talons; its cover was made of mink fur, iscribed with gold letters spelling: Guardians of Ga'Hoole: Battle of the Ice Claws. Placing the book on a small stand, he focused on the text and began to read:

"It happened in the old ages; long before I was a hatchling. It was a time when the world was plauged by a group of owls who called themselves the "Pure Ones". They led a crusade against us, their aim to take over all of the owl kingdoms. The Pure Ones were harsh and relentless in their quest for dominance; what they couldn't take, they burned to the ground; those they couldn't enslave, they destroyed. Owls, the noblest of birds, soon found themselves humbled, and in utter despair. Those who fought back were imprisoned, while those who surrendered were left forever earthbound. All would have been lost to the Pure Ones, but for another band of owls, who rose from the Sea of Hoolemere, and from the Great Ga'Hoole Tree itself, a group of warriors, selfless and couragous, who had sworn an oath to make strong the weak, mend the broken, and vanquish evil: the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. They followed their leader, Lyze of Kiel, to the Northern Kingdoms, where the Pure Ones were planning their next attack. The Pure Ones, led by the evil Surtr, or as he later came to be called "Metalbeak", annticipated the Guardians intervention and prepared to fight. Once both sides met, the Battle of the Ice Claws had begun. The two sides battled fiercely, turning the sky alive with feathers, blood, and clanking metal. Metalbeak's forces were stronger in numbers and seemed to gain the advantage. As the battle became desperate, the Guardians all turned to Lyze of Kiel, who heroically, in one..."

As the story neared its climax, Noctus, noticed that Eglantine was clutching her owliploppen doll to her body. "Should I Stop?"

Soren's concentration returned and he gasped. "what?"

"Well, you know, you all look a little...You know what? I'm gonna finish this another time. Goodlight." And with that, Noctus hopped out of the hollow's entrance to join his mate, who had by now already fallen asleep.

"Soren! What happened next? I want to hear it from you this time!" Eglantine pleaded.

"Alright. When all hope seemed lost, Lyze of Kiel heroically, in one sweep of his talons, clawed the beak and feathers clear off the evil leader's face! The Guardians were victorious, and they returned to the Great Tree, where they wait to face evil again."

"How can we find the Tree, Soren?" Eglantine asked curiously.

"Well," Soren began. "The Great Tree can be found by any owl who is pure of heart, and guided by the spines of an Echidna mystic. At least that's what the book says."

Almost immediatley afterward, an audible groan could be heard from Kludd. "Can we just go to sleep already?"

"But I like the story." Eglantine whined.

"I know." Kludd huffed. "I've heard it a million times." He said turning around." Look you have a soft head, Soren; I think Da may have filled it with stories and dreams."

"There's nothing wrong with dreams."

"Well, that's the difference between us brother: I have mine when i'm asleep. Now will you please go to sleep?" Kludd said as he nestled down and closed his eyes.

Soren was slightly downhearted by Kludd's hurtful words. He always was different from the rest of the family. He never showed any interest in the traditions, and nobody was pleased by it. Accepting yes, but not pleased.

The Guardians are real. I feel it in my gizzard. soren thought as he tucked his sister under his wing.

"Soren." Eglantine yawned. "Da says that dreams are who we are." She softly said as she quickly drifted off.

He's right, Eg, Soren said to himself as the lethargy got the better of him and fell asleep as several rays of sunlight filled the hollow.

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