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"I see something," Digger said as the party of owls passed over a small chasm. They had arrived in the canyonlands just hours ago, and were headed for what appeared to be a gigantic, distant fire. Soren remembered catching a glimpse of it when he and Gylfie had escaped from St. Aggie's. They knew they were in the right place. those thoughts, however, momentarily went astray when the young Burrowing Owl noticed a shiny object below.

Soren looked down and saw the dull glint of a Pure One battle helmet against the rocky surface, next to the body of a fallen Sooty Owl. He made a banking turn and descened to the ground, his battle claws clinking as he landed. The other landed as well, with some simply hovering in the air. "They were here," he said as he observed the corpse. He had been killed just recently, and by the way he was positioned, had been taken by surprise, with no struggle. Soren the turned around and noticed the rising black clouds over the distant forest fire. "We should go check out that smoke."

They flew low over the shallow river, past the many hills of stone and dead trees. As the owls drew closer and closer to the flames, they caught sight of a faint blue glow to their right behind a low uplift. "What in Hagsmire is that?" Ruby asked reflexively.

To both Soren and Gylfie, this light seemed somewhat familiar. They hoped it wasn't, but soon sinking feeling made its way into their gizzards. "I think I know," said the tiny Elf Owl. "I just hope I'm wrong. We have to go see."

The band and their friends glided to the top of the uplift, behind its ridge, and landed just at its edge. What they saw next left them utterly stupified. The flat plane in front of them was alive with a huge corona of blue energy. It was shaped like a crude orb, layered with flowing tendrils that occasionally lashed out like lightning. They could see the three elevated metal contraptions, from which the aura seemed to pour out of. In the very center on the ground, the band's ken eyesight made out what had to be the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, almost completely immobilized. soren already knew that it was the flecks doing this, and his questions of what the Pure Ones needed them for was finally answered.

The other owls stared in shock and amazement. The smaller ones, like Martin and Primrose, wilted and trembled at the sight. Otulissa, Shard, Pelli, and Ruby, stood statue-still with their beaks hung open.

"It's a Devil's Triangle," Otulissa finally said, both dumbstruck and somewhat amazed.

Shard looked at her with a puzzled look "A what?"

"A Devil's Triangle: An ancient superweapon used by the hagsfiends in the time of Hoole. They had non-avian servents gather small magnetic metals and configure them in a triangular pattern. Once the lids of their containers were opened, the Triangle could immobilize any bird caught in it."

"Well that's fascinating," Twilight rushed, "but right now I'd like to focus more on rescuing our Guardians."

"No, wait!" Gylfie stepped in front of Twilight, Shard, and Ruby as they took a stance for takeoff. "You can't go over there."

The big Great Gray huffed. "Well we can't just leave them there, writhing in pain." He pondered. "Can we?"

"Of course, not," said Ruby. "We have to do something,"

"She's right," Shard added.

"No, you don't understand. When we were at St. Aggie's, we saw the affect these things have on a bird. They do something terrible to your gizzard. Isn't that right, Soren?"

Soren, however, wasn't listening. He had been to busy staring at the forest fire off to the right. It seemed that the Devil's Triangle had been built rather close to the burning trees, pratically at the border next to a system of winches and pulleys that presumably held it open. Yet there was something rather peculiar happening. The aura of the Triangle had a radius that stretched slightly beyond the metal containers. But at the edge of the fire, the blue energy stopped, like there was some sort of invisible wall in between. Then a rather large waft of fire blew into the mix, and the flecks' energy retreated. It was the fire! Fire was the key! He spun his head around and looked at the old oil lamp he had seen earlier, hanging from a jutting piece of rock.

Suddenly, Soren snapped back to reality by a loud, piercing shriek that rattled his bones. It was the unmistakable sound of a Barn Owl screeching. The rest of the owls froze, and all looked ahead. The scream had come from a tall, weathered spire from across the Triangle, and they saw fuzzy movement. Soon to follow, was the sound of leathery snaps and repetative squeaks. They were bats. Vampire Bats. A lot of Vampire Bats. And they were flying straight for the Guardians!

"Uh...Twilight," Digger said nervously, "we've got bats inbound."

"Not to worry," Twilight said triumphantly, "I can down a hundred of those bloodsuckers."

"Well, how about a thousand?" the Burrowing Owl continued as the cloud of bats grew and grew. The rest of the band was beginning to wilt slightly. Primrose appeared the most frightened, firmly planting herself behind Otulissa.

"Well we won't find out sitting on our tail feathers, will we?" Twilight declared as prepared to fly again. Gylfie stepped in front of him and flailed her wings.

"Wait! Just wait!" she begged.

"That's it," Soren suddenly blurted out for all to hear.

"What's it?" Primrose asked shakingly.

"The flames. I think I see a way to free the Guardians."

"What? No, Soren, you can't fly into fire!" Pelli snapped.

"She's right; you can't" added Gylfie, who sounded just as worried.

"Look I need to trust my gizzard. Twilight, can you and the others take care of the bats?"

"Friend, I'll give you as much time as I can. But hurry, and be careful."

"No!" Pelli ordered. "Soren I won't let you kill yourself in there!"

Soren was feeling desperate right now. He knew what he had in mind was the only solution, but the risk was very high. This would only be the fourth time he had flown into a forest fire, and this time there would be no help from the rest of his chaw. Yet it had to be done. He stepped forward and met the other Barn Owl face to face. "Pelli, I've flown into fires before, so I know what I'm doing. Look, I know this is probably vey yoicks or even suicidal, but I don't see any other way to turn off that Devil's Triangle. I'm trusting my gizzard on this, but I need you to do the same. Can you?"

Pelli paused for a minute, obviously battling with both her brain and gizzard. She looked like she would cry soon, but she came back to her sense and said, "Yes. I can."

"Then let's go!" Shard hollared with a warrior's cry, as the others flew off towards the approaching swarm of bats. Now alone, Soren lept of to the oil lamp and gripped its handle in his talons. But he soon found to his frustration, that it had been binded in place with a leather strap. He quickly slice through it and the lamp came free, spilling a few drops of precious oil in the wheeled around with his load and flew straight for the fire.

Some distance away, the young owls minus Soren flew as fast as they could for the oncoming Vampire Bats. They were all scared, especially Primrose and Martin. Digger was feeling none too brave right now, either.

"Twilight, we might die here tonight, "the quirky Burrowing Owl said, "You're going to have to sing your best battle song ever."

The Great Gray sputtered. "What?" Twilight, for all his time with Digger, had heard nothing but sarcastic remarks or direct insults from him on his musical talent. Perhaps it was the fear of death, or the heat of the imminent battle, but either way, Twilight liked the sound of it.

"No, I'm serious," Digger pressed. "Give us your bravest, most inspiring battle song ever."

"Brilliant idea, Digger!" The big owl boomed. He took the lead and began plucking the string of his lute, careful not to slice them with his battle claw. In between which, the first Vampire Bat came within striking distance, and Twilight bashed it out of the way with his instrument. From there he began singing:

Into battle, we do fly

No matter if, we're going to die

Digger gave his old friend a baffled and worried look as he knocked an attacking bat to the side. "That's supposed to be inspiring?!"

"Now wait, we haven't gotten to the best bit!" Twilight yelled over the bats' flapping wings. Soon the little creatures had swarmed all around them, and the owls began to fight as hard as they could. Shard managed to grab two bats at once and clunked their heads together, before dropping them and slashing with his battle claws. Ruby was using her trademark speed to down as many of them as she could. she even grabbed on bat and thre him into another.

Gylfie and Martin were covering each other as best they could. They were about as big as the bats themselves, and could only fight off one at a time. Close by, Otulissa and Pelli were working in unison to corral several bats and proceeded to slash at them.

Primrose, meanwhile, was tring to avoid any form of conflict. She dodged the bats that came her way, flying in the most advanced maneuvers she had been taught. One bat that was chasing her, became confused by the eye spots on the back of her head, and became so dizzy it dropped right out of the sky. But another one came fright for her head-on, and the little Pygmy Owl found herself spinning around in circles the vicious mammal, feet locked together and wings flapping wildly.

Primrose shireked as the bat hissed and bared his fangs at her. But as if by insinct, or pure impulse, Primrose reached forward with her beak and bit thebat right on his fleshy nose. He sreeched in pain, before breaking off and flying away as fast as his wings could take him. Primrose churred to herself, bfeore her new drive to fight tooke her to her next adversary, as she heard the next verse in Twilight's song:

A nasty scary death,

That hurts quite a lot

Even if our wings are ripped clean off!

Metalbeka and Nyra watched with surprise and rage as the sudden arrival what appeared to be more Guardians, began to put a notable dent in their scheduled plan. they could some of their Vampire Bats flying away in terror, especially from the Great Gray, whose booming voice could be heard from their throne.

"No! No!" Nyra yelled with defiance. She glared at allomere, who looke more worried than confused. "You said you would bring all the Guardians!"

"But...they're not Guardians!" Allomere defendend, realising the situating himself. They were the other owls the one named Soren had arrived at the tree with, and a few others he recognized. It took no genius to understand that they had seen through his rouse, and had come to save the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

"Soren," the young Barn Owl Allomere had met earlier, Kludd, seethed with dreadful contempt as he stood next to him.

"They have no chance against the flecks," said Metalbeak, calm yet angered. He looked right at the old Great Gray and said, "Still, I don't think we can trust you anymore, Allomere."

Allomere's anxiety was replaced with anger, and he ruffled his feathers, taking a defensive step forward. "No. No, you promised me, you promised me I would be king of the tree!"

In front of him, Tarn, the Burrowing Owl under Nyra's command, screeched loudly, and four Flying Foxes grabbed at Allomere from behind. He screamed from shock and pain as their wing blades cut into his flesh, while they dragged him back into the mouth of a small tunnel in the rock. His echoing screams faded as he disappeared from view, replaced by the sound of metal scraping against rock.

Metalbeak simply churred. "You should know Allomere; there is only room for one king."

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