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The owls collided together in a flurry of feathers, flesh, and metal. The Guardians were outnumbered three to one, but not even that seemed to deter them as they slashed an parried at their enemies. They Pure Ones made very basic offensive and defensive moves, such as voilent slashing and headbutts, or simple blocks. Even as the odds were stacked against them, the owls of Ga'Hoole practically fought against every owl at once, never staying on one target for long as they swooped and rolled around each other.

Nyra's style of fighting was similar, if not less refined. She battered Elvan and Bubo out of the way with her bare talons, sending specks of blood and down feather into the air. She banked back and came in for another strike, avoiding the flail and battle claws and landing another hit to both the Guardians. Just above her, there was the booming churrs of Twilight as he clubbed the living daylights out of Jatt and Jutt, tag teaming with Shard in the merciless assault.

Several Pure Ones flew in formation, three of them quickly taken out by Barran, Dewlap, and Poot. The on. As the remaining Pure One, a sooty, escaped the attack, he flew straight for Ruby in a headbutt. The Short-Eared Owl saw the incoming adversary and with her unmatched flying abilities, outflanked him and raked her battle claws deeply into his back. The owl, crippled by his spinal injury, fell straight down to Earth, screeching.

Boron was suddenly caugh off guard as two Tytos caught him by the wings, another clasping their talons to his and using gravity to secure their capture. The king was now literally being held up in middair as a Maked Owl flew for him with a headbutt. With the rushing adrenaline and his sharp wit, Boron pulled hi eft wing inward, jerking the Grass Owl that held it into the path of the feather projectile. Their heads collided with a brilliant clang as they fell. The huge Snow Owl shook the other owl loose from his wing and executed a full flip, using the Pure One grasping his legs as a blundgeon to clobber them both. He hovered, not seeing the crazy Burrowing Owl, Tarn, swooping in from behind. Before the crazy bird could sink his cold metal into the Snowy's back, he was knocked away by the speeding form of Ezylryb. Tarn was dazed for a moment, watching the Whiskered Screech fly off to Metalbeak's lair, and flew off to find an easier target.

Barran and Elvan got caught fighting against several Pure Ones at once, and no backup seemed to be readily available. But suddenly, a huge brown shape, tipped with a streak of white, came out of nowhere and took out two Tyto soldiers at once. It was a Bald Eagle! A second eagle, larger than the first, arrived and performed its own devetating attacks againt the Pure Ones. The Guardians were not sure just who these two eagles where, but Twilight could tell it was Streak and Zan, the two caretakers of Hortense.

"Who are you?" Boron asked as he and the male eagle flew in unison, killing a few more attacking owls that made a move for them.

"My name is Streak," said the eagle. "My mate Zan and I have come to help. We are friends of Soren."

"Soren?" Boron asked in surprise as he slashed at a random Grass Owl.

"That's correct. Another old friend of his sensed that he was in danger, and needed our help. It is our pleasure to deal with these evil beasts."

"Then you're welcome to!" Boron hooted joyfully.

Strix Struma was busy fencing with a Sooty Owl as they twirled around each other. The Pure One tried to grab the daggers out of her talons, but the old Spotted Owl was simpky too quick to be disarmed. As soon as her opponent struck, the slashed across his breast once, a trail of blood flew one way as the Sooty Owl's body went another. As Strix Struma flew back into the fray, she did not see the moon-faced Barn Owl swooping down from above.

"NOOOOOOO!" The sky was pierced with an anguished screech of defiance. Otulissa watched helplessly as Nyra viciously tore into her favorite ryb and role model's vulnerable back, sending feathers and blood everywhere. Several other guardians caught a glimpse of the horror, but where powerless to help as well. Strix Struma's lively brown eyes seemed to fade as her life force left her, and her body fell end over end into the shallow river below.

With a sudden burst of furry, Otulissa's plumage flared out, making her appear twice her normal size. She flew straight for the evil Barn Owl at full speed, her battle claws brought forth to rend the haggish brid's flesh. Nyra was caught off guard but managed to block Otulissa's attack, until one of her talons slipped and a single claw to raked across her face. Nyra shreed in pain as she tried fending off the furious Spotted Owl, finding herself slightly overwhelmed by her attacker's wild abandon.

"Wortmore! Stryker!" Nyra beckoned, holding off Otulissa as the two Barn Owls came in to strike. Nyra slipped away as the young owl bravely fought against the new enemies. Stryker kept Otulissa busy while Wortmore prepared for a headbutt, flying some distance for the proper momentum. However, the enraged owl knocked Stryker away with her left wing and flew at Wortmore before ducking under him and slicing across his belly, killing him.

From his spot by the moonblinked owlets, Soren watched as all of this played out as it had in his stories. This was the true nature of war, in all its bloody glory. But now the worst of it had come to light. One of the Pure Ones, a Barn Owl, had his helmet knocked off by one of the Guradians, and his face could be seen from that distance. It was Kludd. Soren watched with horror as he saw his brother continue fighting, trying to hurt and kill the Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

I can still save him. I have to, Soren thought, and he took off without a word. He could here Pelli call after him, but ignored her entirely. The mass of owls drew closer, forcing Soren to dodge between them. He nearly got sliced up by a few blades and claws here or there, but kept pressing on to find Kludd. But as quickly as the young Barn Owl had seen him, Kludd had suddenly vanished.

Soren's keen hearing suddenly detected the familiar flapping of Kludd's wings approaching from the left. He looked just in time to see Kludd swooping down on him, wings spread and battle claws unlocked. "Kludd!" Soren called to him, but it was too late. Kludd grabbed Soren by the feet, the edges of his claws digging into the skin between his toes. With his superior strength, Kludd swung Soren all the way around and released his grip, flinging his younger brother toward the forest fire.

Soren's body tumbled as he sailed through the air, the roar of the fire filling his ears. His instints overtook him as he fell below the blazing crown of trees, catching a large branch with a talon. He felt the heat on his feathers and skin, but he knew he had to gather himself before he could fly off. And shortly after her he had secured his perch, he could here Kludd's voice right behind him.

"Hello, brother."

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