The Malfoy manor, home of Draco Malfoy, was certainly a site to behold.  The house appeared to glare down upon its vast grounds, and even on the sunniest days of July, the land looked forbidding.  Today, the activities taking place inside the house matched the manor's character perfectly.

A malicious grin played upon Draco's lips when he thought about what he should do.  Earlier, his father had approached him to inquire what he would like as a sixteenth birthday present.  At first, he didn't know what he wanted. There were plenty of small odds and ends that he would like but he could get those from other relatives.  His father's gift was always expensive and often very rare.  Last year, for example, he had received a time turner, and the year before that, an invisibility cloak.  This year, though he didn't yet know what, he did know that he wanted something very unique.  He had been pondering this decision for over an hour before it came to him; he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it sooner.  He wanted the girl.  She was undoubtedly a very rare gift, but he had faith in his father to get him whatever he desired, and desired he did.  Yes, the girl would be just perfect. He left to inform his father of his decision.

            "Father," Draco said walking into Lucius Malfoy's private study where Lucius was enjoying a glass of wine, "I have decided what I want."

            "Have you?" Lucius said taking a sip, "And what might that be?"

            "I want Ginny Weasley," he said taking a breath.  He was worried that his father would scoff at him for desiring trash like a Weasley.  Lucius raised a questionable eyebrow at his son.

            "A Weasley?" he asked him, his voice dripping with superiority at the mere mention of the name.

"Yes father, but I won't pretend to harbor any real feelings for the girl.  What I feel for her is pure desire."   Draco supplied quickly and it wasn't a lie either.  If he had wanted a real, two-sided, relationship there were plenty of Slytherin girls he could date, but there was something about Ginny Weasley that made him desire her.  He knew it was beyond reason, but that hair was so tempting.  The way it flowed gracefully around her shoulders, and the way it glowed when the candle's hit it just right in the Great Hall drove him insane.  Or, perhaps it was because she was so innocent, or his need to conquer her obvious crush on Potter.  For some reason, Draco Malfoy wanted Ginny Weasley.

            "Very well son, you can have your Weasley slave."  Draco nodded smiling slightly, and returned to his room.

            Lucius watched his son's retreating figure.  Truthfully, he couldn't have been more delighted at the boy's choice.  Taking Arthur Weasley's youngest daughter would be quite an enjoyable task indeed.  He considered the best way to obtain the girl and finally decided that the best, and truly only way to get her was to Apparate into that shack they called The Burrow and steal the girl right from his bed.  He could use a special, rather dark spell, to take her back with him to the Manor.  It was a shame the Dark Lord had plans for the entire Weasley's family; otherwise, taking Ginny Weasley could be a rather large fun affair.  He smiled, there were so many Ministry members under the influence of the Imperious that he could keep the Ministry at bay for as long as he liked.  He may even be able to lead the search himself.  He chuckled to himself.  Yes, this would be quite the game.  

Later, well into the night, Lucius took one last sip of the wine he was drinking, put down the cup, grabbed his wand, and apperate right into Ginny Weasley's room.

Ginny was on the verge of sleep.  Her thoughts, like always, were on Harry Potter.  In a week's time, Harry would be staying at The Burrow with them.  The times he spent at the Burrow always aroused mixed emotions within Ginny.  On one hand, they were always full of blushing and embarrassment, yet on the other, when she and Harry were cramped into only the small spaces permitted by The Burrow, Harry was never far from her. Unlike Hogwarts where Harry was always busy and occupied, at The Burrow he had no choice but to be near her. 

"I'll get to fall for me, Harry," she said in a sigh and turned over, only to see a dark figure standing over the bed.  She recognized the black robes and mask of that of a Death Eater, but she hardly had time to scream.  The next thing she knew, slim fingers were around her mouth to stop her from calling for help, and the unknown Death Eater was holding her tightly to him.

He said a spell Ginny had never heard of before and the room around her begin to rapidly deteriorate another room appeared in it's place, this room, however, was quite ornate.  She was obviously in a Grand House of some sort.

"Where... where am I?"  She asked the Death Eater, and then a million other questions sprang to mind.  "Who are you?" she asked, "Why am I here."

The Death Eater took off his mask to reveal himself.  Ginny let out a scream when she recognized Lucius Malfoy.

"You, my child," Lucius said with a chuckle, "are at the Malfoy Manor, and you'll be our guest for a time."

"Why?" she asked harshly despite her fear.

"You'll see," he said with a cool arrogant smirk, then turning on his heals, he shut and locked the door.  Ginny fled to the door to try the handle.  It wasn't as if she was expecting it to open but instinct made her do it.  She cursed Mr. Malfoy for taking her without her wand, and then just because she could, cursed the ministry for not letting her do magic during the summer so she would have had her wand with her.  There was, however, a window out of which she could see that the horizon was beginning to lighten.  She considered jumping out of the window, but upon closer examination, it was revealed that the fall would be at least two stories. She surveyed her choices.  Let Lucius Malfoy have his way with her, or the ground.  The ground, she decided after remembering all of the horrid things she had heard about the Malfoy's, seemed to be a more pleasant choice.  Taking hold of her determination, she opened the window and prepared to jump.  Gathering all of her courage, she closed her eyes and pushed herself through the open window.  At least that's what she intended to do; unfortunately she hit something hard, some sort of barrier.

"Windows are not made for jumping!"  A voice rang out.  Nearly in tears, Ginny slouched against the wall, there was nothing to do now except wait and hope.